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  1. i don't think she did anything in the 80s/90s besides the lips in 1990, it all seemed very natural if she did idk. she looked her age
  2. Can people just answer the question in the OP and make another thread for the things *they* want to talk about, i'm scrolling down to find a comment that answers my question for no reason all this time
  3. Is anyone subscribed to his Patreon page? Can you upload his full reactions to us?
  4. jazz / guitar ballads and rock before the evita lessons
  5. Spam her team on IG to release OFFICIALLY the remix on Spotify and promote it with playlisting. TikTok can make Frozen re-enter BB Hot 100. A 40 years old song re-entered top 10 cuz of tiktok.
  6. Do they have talk about her music, performances etc in interviews or idk? I haven't read anything about her father.
  7. that tiktok frozen remix is getting more daily streams on spotify than ANY madonna song currently and madonna with orbit aren't mentioned ANYWHERE madonna is basically losing popularity cuz they don't credit her in her own song, who cares what will they do inthe 40th anniversary, the trend would've end along with the chance of her getting a boost in streaming
  8. Remember that video being everywhere when i was a kid but i didn't know who she was until 2008 when i became a fan. I was like "oh she's the hoe with that pink outfit"
  9. i think vogue or material girl fits better libras
  10. Does anyone have billboards of Madonna from the 80s/90s in the street? Like this one
  11. why she keeps proving that she still can sing well but she won't i-
  12. she said she regrets declining the role so maybe it was cause of the main female role, idk
  13. idk what they're talking about, the spam about that emily in many pages made it realistic
  14. penis and vagine jokes + artists are here to disturb the peace quote are coming to be mentioned 50 times
  15. will the tour be released in streaming services like spotify? also i doubt it will have physical release since it will be in paramount+ lets see how they will promote it now in streaming services cause they failed hard with madame x also i hope a performance to be on youtube, future one maybe
  16. It will happen in the future, new generation of fans-journalists is coming and i doubt they will be objective when it comes to lists like these
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