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  1. Not do sound dramatic or anything but if I don't get Marty & Chai on my island i'm going to die. Open. the. lots. NOW.
  2. Girl what kind of crunchy ass shrines have you been visiting? I have no memory of this. It's been a while since i played though, much less been to a shrine. Guess i'll have to play tonight to find these free spirit orbs you speak of. Oh speaking of which! I found this interesting article the other day, thought i'd share since we're talking about shrines and the old dudes: https://screenrant.com/zelda-breath-wild-sheikah-buddhist-monk-mummies-real/ https://voyapon.com/japans-self-mummified-buddhist-monk/
  3. LMAO what's wrong with shrines with water?? I'm more like that if I stumble upon a Lynel. I'm instantly like nope no ma'am we're not doing this today nope nuh-uh not happening *shuts off switch*.
  4. I love the shrines and am far from having completed them all, i might just pick the game up and play it for the first time in a while! I suspect BOTW2 will come out when the Switch gets a revision be it "New! Nintendo Switch", "Super Nintendo Switch", "New Super Nintendo sWIItch XL: The nU one" or just plainly and unlike Nintendo the "Nintendo Switch 2". Looking forwards to it nonetheless. Hoping and praying it will feature Zelda herself as a playable character.
  5. How in hell did i forget about the DLC?! No i haven't played it, i never got it when it released for some reason. I'm such a fake stan, ugh. Getting it as soon as i've cleared my current backlog of games (read: that's not happening, i'm just gonna add this on top of everything else in a week or so ).
  6. I'm kind of dreading US Snatch Game tbh. You never know with that episode lol. A force to be reckoned with, for sure!
  7. +1 on this. BOTW was my first Zelda game and it's one of my top 10 games of all time. A true masterpiece of a game.
  8. Bimini really is that bitch. I mean: "my implants got held at gunpoint in south africa" ?!? And then that Iris Van Herpen inspired runway? That catapulted her into the top-2 with Lawrence for me.
  9. New Super Mario Bros definitely feels much longer, and it had some challenging levels. No i haven't tried Bowser's Fury yet, i'm about to have a go at it tonight i think! Have you played it? Regarding AC: It's really not a game for everyone. For me it's very much a digital "dollhouse" style game, it's mostly about decorating my island and making areas look pretty by collecting cute items and villagers. I bought it on a whim, never thinking i'd like it much but here i am one year later with 200+ hours into it. A game i recently played that i definitely recommend if you guys haven't
  10. Oh i'm either on it several hours a day every day of the week or off it for months. I enjoy it's wholesomeness. Just bought 3D world for the switch and is it just me or is the main game REALLY short and way too easy? Like I'm enjoying it, but I'm already at the final level when it feels like I should be half way through.
  11. Don't Cry For Me Argentina. "One More Chance" or "Voices"?
  12. Any of y'all play Animal Crossing? 👀
  13. Lola is out here trying to get canceled by the Madonna fandom before she's even got started. I live.
  14. Yay! Can't wait for this. Also i'm glad to hear she's back to fake fur.
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