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  1. I saw this and cringed big time. Wow, that really is up there with one of the stupidest things I've ever seen her post on Instagram. God I wish someone would delete her account sometimes lol. EDIT: Here we go. She only has herself to blame.
  2. No. Why? Because i hate the thought of visiting Las Vegas. Also having it firmly planted in an american city feels a bit alienating towards her fans outside the US. That being said i don't hate the thought of two residencies in maybe New York and London?
  3. Hi god it's me. I request for you to please take away my ability to read. If my vision has to go completely for me to not witness this text ever again i am completely fine by that. Thank you.
  4. The queen just ordered an end to racism. Such a great move on her part.
  5. Wait....Gaga? How? You must be doing yoga because that is a stretch, baby.
  6. Girls, let's not pretend Masterpiece is about anyone but herself. 💅🏽
  7. This entire get-up is gorgeous from head to toe. I want that JPG top so bad. Her stylist has been on it lately, its all just so good.
  8. Not do sound dramatic or anything but if I don't get Marty & Chai on my island i'm going to die. Open. the. lots. NOW.
  9. Girl what kind of crunchy ass shrines have you been visiting? I have no memory of this. It's been a while since i played though, much less been to a shrine. Guess i'll have to play tonight to find these free spirit orbs you speak of. Oh speaking of which! I found this interesting article the other day, thought i'd share since we're talking about shrines and the old dudes: https://screenrant.com/zelda-breath-wild-sheikah-buddhist-monk-mummies-real/ https://voyapon.com/japans-self-mummified-buddhist-monk/
  10. LMAO what's wrong with shrines with water?? I'm more like that if I stumble upon a Lynel. I'm instantly like nope no ma'am we're not doing this today nope nuh-uh not happening *shuts off switch*.
  11. I love the shrines and am far from having completed them all, i might just pick the game up and play it for the first time in a while! I suspect BOTW2 will come out when the Switch gets a revision be it "New! Nintendo Switch", "Super Nintendo Switch", "New Super Nintendo sWIItch XL: The nU one" or just plainly and unlike Nintendo the "Nintendo Switch 2". Looking forwards to it nonetheless. Hoping and praying it will feature Zelda herself as a playable character.
  12. How in hell did i forget about the DLC?! No i haven't played it, i never got it when it released for some reason. I'm such a fake stan, ugh. Getting it as soon as i've cleared my current backlog of games (read: that's not happening, i'm just gonna add this on top of everything else in a week or so ).
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