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  1. herb ritts and steven meisel...............wow.. I have to choose just one of the two? I just can't do it. I just can't... I mean I easily can get rid off Steven Klein and Ricardo gomes and the others.. But I have to choose just one of Herb Ritts and Steven meisel?... That's just impossible. sigh.
  2. I agree that Guy Oseary is not the best manager. But the real problem is, if you ask me if these terrible worst choices Madonna has made in recent years are solely due to Guy Oseary's incompetence, I can never agree with that. We must not forget that We're talking about The Madonna right now, not the powerless rookie that the manager controls at will. Did he force to Madonna to ruin her body with that horrible, huge fake hip surgery? No, it's obvious that Madonna herself stubborn. Of course, if he was a good manager, when Madonna would have tried to ruin her body by herself with such terrible plastic surgery, he should stopped her. In that respect, it is clear that he is not a good manager. But it is unfair to put all the consequences of such stupidity on his hands. Because Madonna herself seems to be more responsible for making such a stupid decision.
  3. "Mentally unstable people don't have a "look".... "Mentally unstable people don't have a "look".... I agree with you. That sentence shows a very unpleasant, repulsive and very discriminatory view towards mentally unstable people.
  4. More appropriate terms include "mental health condition" and "mental health disorder." Huh? Are you suggesting that we should use the word she has mental health condition or she has mental health disorder? Seriously? And according to your own research it is simply used for someone who'ts mentally unstable. So. what't the point?
  5. I agree that it's not mental illness. But I'm very confused right now. Did I even say that she has mental illness? Answer is No. You're the only one use the hateful word "mental illness" here. I'm just surprised how my simple concern words that she seems mentally unstable can be turned into such hateful words a "mental illness" through your sneaky mouth. And who delete my post? And why?
  6. well, we're not talking about this is a masterpiece or not. We're talking about which version is better. To me, Rebel heart demo version is way better than MadameX version. Because only one good thing about this song is her sexy low voice. you know, this part. I'll be drinking Krug Rosé and sometimes Lemon Drops I'll be wearing diamond grills and Louboutins a lot Sometimes I can be extreme, I'm never gonna stop Keep this party going, we'll be dancing 'til we drop I really love her sexy low voice at this part but of course she ruined it with auto tune at Madame X album.
  7. Did you guy see Madonna's instagram stories? OMG...I mean... OMG..enough is enough! Who is the hell photoshop her photos? Look at her eyes and nose! I mean seriously? Someone tried to slim down to Madonna's face with completely different from reality, but it make completely shattered and twisted the balance of her face in the picture. Half of her face is completely twisted, so her face looks like Picasso's painting.
  8. maybe it is justice for Frozen sick sick very sick sick sick new sick sick remix or sick sick hung up with tokicha cha cha~~ cha cha ra cha cha~ remix?
  9. You know what? I wrote this before. If this new tour rumor is true then Madonna will hand over the job of director to someone else and she will only play the role of producer and writer. I got this impression from when she asking to fan movie VS new tour question. I was under the impression that the studio was forcing her to step down as director and Madonna was looking for an excuse to gracefully step down as director under the pretext of this new tour.
  10. I think I have to agree with extremeOccident. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the confession tour was bad. The confession tour was art itself. And I love it. But Madonna actually danced very little on that tour. If you observe carefully, as xtremeoccident pointed out above, in fact, only the last section is the we can call her she did actually danced. That tour had very intense dances and movements from start to finish, but if you look closely, they were all done by backup dancers, and Madonna was practically just walking around the stage except for the last section. The reason I clearly remember this is because I thought this at that time. "oh... so... as Madonna getting older, what we can get is these things.. most of time just walking around the stage.." Of course, Madonna broke my thought with a Sticky Sweet Tour later. So the best option we can expect from the new tour will be the confession tour. You know, kind of show which most of time Madonna is just walking around the stage But the show itself it is done so good and done so tastefully so no one care about that she is dancing or not. But the problem is that Madonna is sure to let fans down with a that boring sick sick very sick sick frozen and hung up style remixes with sad twerking with that huge fake ass. sigh...
  11. Imagine that the fans are so excited about making a list with classical songs and expecting Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones style remix, but all they get is a terrible sick sick very sick frozen remix and sad twerking with tokisha (whatever I can't even remember that name) hung up remix style boring remix list. That would be hilarious! lol
  12. yeah If that rumor is true then it will be greatest hits tour with a one new song.
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