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  1. Frankly speaking, if this was Madonna before she had a fake butt then I would laugh at the worried fans. I would tell them. "Oh common! this is Madonna The queen of pop and queen of tour! Trust her! And just have fun! it's just pure little fun remix before tour! she will not use these shitty quality remixes on her new tour!!" But after Madonna ruined her beautiful body with that horrible fake butt, sadly it's true that I honestly have doubts about Madonna's judgment. The scariest thing at this point would be that none of us can guarantee she won't perform "sick sick very boring sick frozen remix version" and "material yawn gurlllll remix version" and "hung up taik~~ i don't even remember her name horrible remix" version on the upcoming new tour.
  2. Well, Well, Well, to me this is same level of bull shit like that NFT scam. LMAO
  3. Thank you~ I bet Universal studio had already decided to drop making the film and notified Madonna at that time. So Madonna voted for her fans to make excuses as if she couldn't do a movie because of the tour. I mean there was a reason for not officially announcing that the main actress was decided.
  4. By the way, This video gave me another idea. Listen at the music in this video, it's Madonna's hit songs and the classical instruments make it cohesive like a long one piece. Especially that Power of goodbye part.. I love it so much! So This is just my idea, but through this kind of classical remix touch, she maybe could release the entire greatest hit songs like a "confessions on a dance floor" album without breaking them off like a long one song.
  5. Yeah, It's too obvious. Some fans are keep bringing Finally enough love album and keep insist it is greatest hit album. But actually it is not actual greatest hit album at all. it just dance club hit song album. There's so many hit singles missing in that album. For example, Papa don't preach, who's that girl, cherish, rescue me, take a bow, crazy for you etc etc etc~~~ So I bet that If this new album rumor is true then it must be greatest hit album with just one or two new singles.
  6. I really like this video because you can see what a real recent Madonna face look a like unlike that useless Ricardo gomes's ridiculous and horrible photoshopped instagram photos.
  7. Well, Well, Well, I told you so guys. I already wrote this before. "If new tour rumor is true then Movie is gone. or At least Madonna will hand over the job of director to someone else. I got this impression from when she asking to fan movie VS new tour question." I can't remember exactly when but it was around Aug 2022.
  8. Anyway That's my point too. Finally enough love is not a actual greatest hit album So this rumored "new" album gonna be actual The greatest hit album. So I don't get that why some fans are expecting actual "NEW" album with "whole new songs". That's my point. that's all.
  9. wow. I didn't know that papa don't preach and who's that girl were not Number one hit single.
  10. Oh my gosh. Isn't is too much obvious already? It must be greatest hit album with just one new song. (I mean if fans are lucky enough) That's it. I mean there's reason why Finally enough love album has so many missing hit songs. You know for example papa don't preach, who's that girl, cherish, rescue me, crazy for you, live to tell etc etc..etc etc. "hey bitches~ buy this one! Because this is the real greatest hit album~ you bitches~~." LMAO. I mean that's too obvious already. by the way this is my humble opinion. lol
  11. Honestly I doubt it is true. But if that is true I can feel that we gonna have the celebration sicksick remix album. You know very boring sicksick very sicksick remix album.
  12. I have to agree with this. I mean It's acceptable if Madonna fans says that "Oh Madonna did it first!!" because they are just fans. So that's acceptable and understandable reaction. But when Madonna bring it up herself? It just...how can I say this... well... she looks really desperate.
  13. I think she looks not bad. All she needs is just A new great trainer and exercise and a healthy diet to making body for upcoming new tour.
  14. I don't know who fabricated this picture, but this is not a good idea.
  15. This is the original photo before it make to grotesque by Photoshop. Madonna and Kim petras.
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