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  1. Well, She used to throw a costume party on her birthday, so maybe a rehearsal for that? something like this. I don't think there's something special thing going on.
  2. How can we blame Madonna for it~!!! I mean seriously. No one fucking care about that Material Gworl whatever except very few fans. But Break my Soul The Queens remix is actually get a attention Madonna desperately want it to! We can't blame Madonna abandon that shitty Gworl whatever and stick with Break my soul the Queens remix. LOL
  3. I agree. The Last song I heard from her was Run the world. So I'm really glad she is come back and Madonna's Vogue helping her come back.
  4. Well, Madonna continued to release those boring Sick sick very sick sick sick sick Frozen remixes constantly when she mistook those remixes got a good reaction. Unlike sick sick very boring sick sick yawn Frozen remixes that was only a little responsive on the TikTok site, this Break my soul The Queens remix really has a good response to the real public, so I just hope it will give Madonna a new inspiration. So who knows if Madonna will collaborate properly with real singers? I mean We're talking about Madonna, who got excited just because Frozen remix was a little bit responsive on TikTok and so constantly released many versions of those boring Frozen remixes over and over again. I think that Madonna is excited about this Break my soul's proper success and She gonna likely to continue working with famous singers.
  5. I was able to realize once again what a great song Madonna's Vogue is through Beyonce's new song. Madonna's Vogue breathed life into Beyonce's plain, boring new song.
  6. 1. Madonna album : Borderline 2. Like a Virgin album : Like a Virigin 3. True Blue Album : Papa Don't preach and Live to tell. (It is impossible for me to choose only one of these two songs.) 4. Like a Prayer Album : Express yourself. 5. I'm Breathless Album : Vogue 6. The Immaculate Collection : Rescue Me 7. Erotica Album : Erotica 8. Bedtime Stories Album : Secret 9. Something to Remember Album : I'll Remember 10. Evita Album : Don't Cry for Me Argentina 11. Ray of Light album : Drowned World/Substitute For Love 12. Music Album : American Pie 13. American Life Album : American Life 14. Confessions on a Dance Floor album : How high 15. Hard Candy album : Candy Shop 16. Celebration album : None. Zero. 17. MDNA album : Falling Free 18. Rebel Heart album : Rebel Heart (Avicii version) 19. Madame X album : God control
  7. 0:28~0:45 0:57~1:07 Yeah.. It sounds like Madonna's voice.
  8. 1. Madonna album and Like a virgin album era straight people loved Madonna. Especially women and girls did adore her. "Madonna wannabe" wasn't a just word that comes out for no reason. She had a lot of gay friends at this time, but having gay friends doesn't mean she also had a lot of gay fans. I mean yeah many gay fans loved her for sure but It wasn't at a crazy level. 2.True blue album era She cut her hair short and appeared like a Hollywood silver screen actress. The gays began to go crazy over her. The straight men were also crazy about Madonna, who appeared like a sexy Hollywood goddess. She was a sexy icon. 3.Like a prayer album era (include BAT and Truth or dare movie) This is where straight men slowly began to turn away from Madonna. When Like a prayer music video came out, Catholic straight men who believed in Catholicism began to turn their backs on her, and when they saw her kissing black Jesus in the music video, white supremacist men accused her of being a whore. But still, the majority of straight men saw Madonna as a controversial sexy female singer and still liked her. But for gays, at this very time, Madonna becomes the eternal queen of pop. 4.Justify my love era The heterosexual men began to afraid to say publicly that they liked Madonna after saw Music video. Madonna was still sexy but there was too much gay thing going around that music video! lol And this famous interview gave straight men who were confused as to whether they should keep liking her or hating her, giving them a decisive reason to hate her. Yes, Madonna was sexy, but not the way they wanted it. Madonna used her genius logic to shut the mouth of a ostentatious male anchor. Many heterosexual men do not like women who are smarter than themselves. 5. Erotica era. (include Sex Book and movie body of evidence) Heterosexual men like to see women naked. But at the same time, many men seem to be more aroused by having women take off their clothes and show some shyness at the same time. But Look at the Erotica music video, Sex book, Body of evidence. There's Zero shyness. Madonna herself was the one who controlled her body and her sexual desires. There was no shame in that. Numerous heterosexual men felt threatened by such an confident Madonna and turned their backs on her. Many straight men lost interest in Madonna as soon as they realized that she had all the initiative, not them.
  9. Whole demos of her full discography
  10. Oh, That's the reason you could't say sorry. That's make a sense.
  11. I speak as one of the blame of Ricardo, you are 100% right. I mean seriously. Another example, No one has forced Madonna to make a giant fake butt. It was just Madonna's own choice. We love Madonna so much that we're trying to ignore the fact that she made these terrible consequences and look for another victim to be blamed on her behalf.
  12. Everyone else understood exactly what I was saying. You're the only one who doesn't understand even this easy writing and whines. Or you're whining like a baby just because I have a different opinion than you. It seem like You have to check your teeny tiny ego before whines. LOL
  13. Funny thing is Tom Criuse and Cher dated and they first met at This Madonna and Sean penn's wedding!!!
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