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  1. into the erotico

    I agree with you that she was seen through a feminist perspective from '84- to '89 and from, '90 to '94. There was a certain academic interest on her work and the many facets of it. But Madonna herself never took a feminist stance or had specific/ upfront views on her work. In '94 she declined an interview with the famous - then- feminist scholar Camille Paglia who was a hardcore Madonna fannatic. Instead, for reasons of prestige/image, she chose Norman Mailer for her interview. I never was a 'fan' of Paglia's but this indicates a lot for Madonna, back then. In '85, during VT, feminists argued that she sets women back 30 years. In '92, some argued again that SEX was for shock value. Madonna in the beggining was adamant but in '04, said something else. Again, as the years have progressesed she pretends to be a third wave feminist in order to save her name and legacy. When she was in her prime, career wise, she talked badly about ather pop artists and never was affiliated with another woman. So, i don't believe it. She milks them.
  2. into the erotico

    can someone please inform us about the main parts of the interview?
  3. into the erotico

    her face..
  4. into the erotico

    the pose..
  5. into the erotico

    ..'cause a i am sexual'.. (and other 80's figures)
  6. into the erotico

    i hope there is a better quality
  7. into the erotico

    there are rumors she had experiences since her studying days.
  8. into the erotico

    i think that this happens beacuse she tries hard to be relevant, in the know and have common interest with the young crowd she has around.
  9. into the erotico

    i too, disliked it in first place. I begun liking it when i watched the DWT dvd and i loved the maxi single!
  10. into the erotico

    she neverprofessed she was a feminist. Only few years back because she jumped into the sjw band wagon.
  11. into the erotico

    ..M, it is you!