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  1. into the erotico

    This album is a clear departure from 'MDMA' and 'Rebel Heart'. It has the certain 'madonna' spark! It's experimental and i think that the general public won't expect something like this from her. I may not agree with everything she sings/writes or says but i see it clearly. Also, I saw a sneak peak of the cd artwork and i can say that it is the best we got since coadf. The only thing i do not enjoy are the covers; too serious, uber-photoshopped.. but we will see in two days time.
  2. into the erotico

    ..'M stopped working with other producers because she wanted a new sound. I see MX as a continuation of her work with Mirwais from MUSIC and AL...' i am thinking the same
  3. into the erotico

    someone, anyone?
  4. into the erotico

    everybody has it, except me
  5. you forgot to ad that anyone who dares to object to something not important eg. the grills, is a 'hater'.. you can see the rest
  6. into the erotico

    PLEASE, re-upload!
  7. into the erotico

    thank you so much! I am dying for such info!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. into the erotico

    sometimes, when i look at all those pictures i really can not comprehend how she managed to have such a long career and powerfull presence without loosing her
  9. into the erotico

    together, the went up the stairs. Why didn't she take a clear stance in favour of the Palestinians? Dystopia, to me
  10. into the erotico

    In '07 back she was so excited to meet Shimon Peres in Israel..she wrote an article in 'Yediot Ahronot' ('09) on the subjest of Kabbalah and how it changed her life.. about her past struggles with other religions. In '04 we had and over abundance of Kabbalah propaganda on her behalf..she called herself Esther. They called her an 'ambassador for Israel'. Now, she dares to put in the same place the victims (Palestinians) and the userpers (Israel) for an artsy-fartsy 'political statement'? If she wanted she could have taken a creal stance but she didn't because the entertainment industry is run by a certain ethnic group. The real meaning to me was higly dystopic; the end of the world as we know it, the fall of the churches (the ridiculous religious figures you mentioned) and the fact that in the future world (as the song cites) 'Not everyone is coming to the future'. That is the real problem with this extravaganza, not the fact that she sung flatly and without a soul. It happened few years back.
  11. into the erotico

    wow! i hope we get more 'blasts from the past'!
  12. into the erotico

    Madonna came of as cold and a bit intimidating in this interview. Some parts seem to me cringe worthy such as the one on her six kids and how she is a single mother.. yea right! she is a ultra rich lady that has aides that oversee her children. Or the part that she states that David (from Malawi) has her dna more than the others.. I immediately thought of Angelina Jolie that exalted her adopted children over the biological ones. So fake. She really has jumped to the meta-liberal bandwagon.
  13. his crime is that he do not agree with you
  14. into the erotico

    so, we have to applaud everything?