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  1. Miss Piggy “Moidonna” two-page pull-out poster in “Muppet Magazine” from Fall 1985. https://twitter.com/MadonnaNationX/status/1357047474842726402/photo/1
  2. congrats, you admit it! 'I could do with a Madonna argument at a bar about now.' ..but madonna has to do something with her career/legacy before its to late
  3. sometimes i have a drink at a place that is mainly for gay/by people but is straight frendly. This is the only place that the people than work here (mainly young gay people) know who madonna is. The dislike her because they think is a has been, an old lady. They like Gaga, Myley, Billie, Beyonce all the newer ones but not her. I tried to have a discussion with clear arguments but not. If madonna dont do something very good she is simply gone for good. Also, she does not respect her legacy in terms not only of material (songs, videos) but also in terms of her and make up. She looks unflattering
  4. he is a fan like you. Maybe a truer fan than many of you all who kneel to everything she does. He/she has the right to express an opinion.
  5. artlover, i chose you! pm me your personal info
  6. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/01/the-secret-history-of-hollywoods-wildest-club-in-the-1980s
  7. 'My only cringe Madonna moment is when she didn't support M.I.A. for flipping America the bird at the Superbowl. America deserved it, it still does.'
  8. https://www.facebook.com/madonna/videos/151995536552740/UzpfSTQ0NzUzMzYyMjA0MTI3OTozNDQ0NDMyMzk5MDE4MDM4/?__tn__=-UC*F honestly, i couldn't believe it; she is so crass in this video. She reminds me some veteran ladies from the porn industry.. she does not respect her audience
  9. evil person, you mean. If your boss talked to you like that, would you excuse him/her?
  10. https://metro.co.uk/2019/07/15/madonna-slams-misogynistic-haters-following-raunchy-previews-of-madame-x-tour-10314172/ * 'stick it up your**' she says to one of her assistants without a reasen her atrocious behaviour
  11. 'Starting a "revolution of love" while wearing real fur that says "fear" on it...' 'Being a manifesto writing freedom fighter because your lingerie campaign got canceled...'
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