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  1. I know it is week chart, but I think it is the week where Dua released the song on the last day to count for the chart. So the song had only one day to chart
  2. Is that with only one day? As it was released on Thursday
  3. This must be the album cover. It doesn't make sense to be for Levitating
  4. Looking for Madame X Tour scarf (unofficial) sold in Lisbon after the concerts Thanks
  5. Looking for Madame X Tour scarf (unofficial) sold in Lisbon after the concerts Thanks
  6. For the concert on March 3, VIP Medellin check in was moved to 6pm and the concert took place For the concert on March 1, VIP Medellin check in was at 4:45, no email from Ticketmaster, and cancellation was announced at Rex Club at 4:50
  7. Yesterday show was announced as canceled before 6pm
  8. Email from Ticketmaster received 5 minutes ago Cher Client, Les portes du VIP lounge pour les Medellin packages sont décalées à 18h ----------- Doors for the Vip Lounge for Medellin packages are delayed at 6.00pm Thanks for your understanding
  9. Started with Vogue. Very serious. No smiles. No jokes. Se was in pain, she was not having fun doing the concert. No beer chat, she sang La vie en Rose (two verses) with a musician. Polaroid 2500€, no jokes, just accepted the money and gave the German girl the photo. Audience trying to tell her that we love her but she only smiled 2 times. Introducing Future (no body is coming to the future) she almost cry She is a fighter, she is a warrior. She said we need very fews things from life, the most important health.
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