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  1. I respect your opinion and agree on some points. This AI cover I made however wasn't perfect and I think a careful ear can understand that there is some artifact in the voice. That said, I have requested the removal of the video for this very reason: The boy didn't even give a chance to comment... Only on that video. So I understood that he was in bad faith. Then YouTube writes like that even though I don't have the copyright but it's not my fault YouTube writes like this. I just wish he didn't say it was a confessions demo but AI cover.
  2. However the video has been removed. I don't like it when they don't put the author's name or worse when they try to deceive the fans like this way.


  4. MLVC Live & Remixed Tour by Skin Bruno. PREMIERE TODAY ON YOUTUBE. FOLLOW THE EVENT 🤗


  5. New big project is coming


  6. MLVC Live & Remixed Tour is ready!!! All live vocals and remixed tracks.
    I have to choose the date of the premiere on youtube and maybe also on instagram.

    This is the setlist:
    Act 1 - Survive
    01 Intro / Rain
    02 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (out as lead single on 2020)
    03 Express Yourself
    04 Bad Girl (with Frozen elements)
    05 I Rise
    Act 2 - Love
    06 Interlude 1 - One More Chance (Forever)
    07 Secret
    08 Material Girl
    09 Drowbed World / Substitute For Love
    10 Masterpiece
    Act 3 - Etnik
    11 Interlude 2 - Deeper And Deeper / Spotlight
    12 Frozen
    13 La Isla Bonita
    14 Nothing Fails
    15 Nothing Really Matters
    Act 4 - 80's
    16 Interlude 3 - Love Song / Keep It Together
    17 Sorry
    18 American Life
    19 God Control / Hung Up
    20 Live To Tell / Like A Prayer
    21 Everybody
    22 Living For Love / Papa Don't Preach
    23 Vogue / Give It 2 Me

    Stay tuned.
    Graphic by Nurmemägi Designs

  7. MLVC Live & Remixed Tour is my latest  project that will be released shortly. A tour with live vocals and 23 tracks all remixed. Rain, American Life, Like A Prayer, Bad Girl, Nothing Really Matters and many more. Stay Tuned. Follow me on Instagram for updates. (@skin_bruno)


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