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  1. Maybe @dubtronicalready did something like that 🤔
  2. Years ago I made a bad remix of Forbidden love (confessions) where I included parts of Forbidden love (bed time). Lately I wanted to do a mashup and I started working on it. It's not easy because the songs have different keys so one of the two must be either raised or lowered in pitch or else Come up with another alternative.
  3. We often use an artist's work without their permission. We use official acapellas, we use stems (some times made with AI) and we download demos that are leked by someone. This is also unethical. I believe that if someone declares that the work is done with AI and there is no profit behind it it becomes like any other unheathery thing we've been doing for years already. Then you may like it or you may not like it but if we have to respect an artist we shouldn't do many other things.
  4. I opened a poll on Instagram and I must say that there were very conflicting opinions. I'd like to make an album or an EP with some recent Madonna songs, From Music to Madame x for example, with 80s style instrumentals and Madonna's 80s voice recreated with AI. What do you think about it? Why is AI so controversial? Here is an example of a Sorry demo voice from the 80s version with the poll. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C72NBX5KB8s/?igsh=MXNveXNmdjJxdzE5ZQ==
  5. My own music sung by Madonna :)

  6. Madonna - Eternal Flame (Acoustic AI Cover)



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    2. Leona Helmsley

      Leona Helmsley

      love it.....

    3. Donna


      I hope you will be clear that this is AI generated and not a true recording of her and the song.

    4. lap


      Great AI with her 80's voice. Can't wait to listen to it

  8. I respect your opinion and agree on some points. This AI cover I made however wasn't perfect and I think a careful ear can understand that there is some artifact in the voice. That said, I have requested the removal of the video for this very reason: The boy didn't even give a chance to comment... Only on that video. So I understood that he was in bad faith. Then YouTube writes like that even though I don't have the copyright but it's not my fault YouTube writes like this. I just wish he didn't say it was a confessions demo but AI cover.
  9. However the video has been removed. I don't like it when they don't put the author's name or worse when they try to deceive the fans like this way.


  11. MLVC Live & Remixed Tour by Skin Bruno. PREMIERE TODAY ON YOUTUBE. FOLLOW THE EVENT 🤗


  12. New big project is coming


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