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  1. same... since she's studying her past i just thought "well.... she's on the Music era today" I see hardly a coincidence that the word LOVED is exactly on the neck as in the video
  2. apparently what they released is a snippet and the "full remix" is coming.
  3. that's why i say "hope" because i don't think it will be more than 2/3 per year.. jjsjsjsjjsjs
  4. if i had to bet i would say Like A Prayer because it must be like almost done (remember it was about to be released) and Erotica for the 30th anniversary. Anyway i hope she goes a bit fast with this reissues because with 2 per year we would finish the 40 anniversary releases when we should be celebrating 50
  5. By an unreleased album between AL and COADF they mean the Hello Suckers material?
  6. Nothing Really Matters is not one of her biggest hits but absolutely not tanked (first of all because it reached TOP 10 in the UK, what i consider a hit, and other European countries) but the only reason it charted that low is because the physicals came late.. that's it, Nothing Really Matters did well.. a perfect example with this is Britney, the poor girl suffered from this like thousand times... her physical cds came late for the singles and songs considered her biggest hits have TOP 40 positions because of this (ex. I'm A Slave 4 U)
  7. One thing.. i don't know if it was discussed before.. but someone or some people stated that Ricardo Gomes told them on the MX premiere that Sodade and Crave will be released as extras (we don't know if that people talked to Ricardo really) but since on November 18 we are getting Madame Xtra maybe we are getting those performances next friday?
  8. Quicker than a ray of light, then gone for Someone else will be there Through the endless YEEEE-EEEEEEE-EEEEEAAAAAAARS
  9. The bootlegs being sold in "big stores" is out of control. Is normal to see bootlegs in second hand cd shops.. but at least here in Spain (and i also saw it in Lodon because i bought a Girlie Show CD called Australia in HMV) in shops like Fnac (is the equivalent to HMV or Virgin Store etc) you can see many bootlegs.. cds and vinyls.. i went today and i saw a vinyl from The Virgin Tour and a vinyl from the Blond Ambition Tour (and very awful as only contained from Where's The Party to Cherish) Believe me out of control and awful releases
  10. correct me if i'm wrong.. this cover that was just premiered is Cover number 4 that if you bought when was first available you have it (is the same) but now that cover is only available to suscription?
  11. the problem is that stealing platfoms call it docu and leads to missundertanding... also tabloids extracting info from forums and unofficial insiders and making that info "official" like with the focusing on injuries thing.. i always expected to be a full concert film because those things happened before and because madonna always showed on-stage material on the insta teasers.. but i understand what you think
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