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  1. Thanks in advance if somebody can help me. Does anyone know if there is an American or Canadian edition? In Europe the sell one from Czech Republic
  2. in other news https://twitter.com/Recylopse/status/1702230532313010634?t=EBRWcpJMOtWDLCQuXhPLlQ&s=19
  3. The shows of the 14-15 had only resale tickets? saying this because its not rare that suddenly the shows that accepted verified resale from one moment to another they stop accepting it and take them out and that's why now they are "sold out" exactly on the 1 month mark
  4. i read the UK Mix thread and the one who posted said that he just picked the "rumor" from a twitter user. So nobody relaible posted. It's not like when BlackoutZone or RideOrDie post on ATRL
  5. the second denmark link and the belgium link shows theyre sold pretty well.. the only one that is selling meh is the first denmark link show. that surely will be sold by that day
  6. not me opening those links thinking of adding a 7th show to my itinerary because "they are selling bad, so good places must be availables" to find out there are literally 100 seats left on some. help-
  7. Frozen On Fire Frozen Shake 007 Frozen DML Material Gworrrrllll Hung Up On Tockisha
  8. https://twitter.com/SiteMadonnaBR/status/1694047498908647769?t=OkGMU-Oeyp2f-NW_2DtW9Q&s=19
  9. From ATRL on general "Madonna" discussion: "Someone posted on Ukmix that when you shuffle songs from Madonna on Alexa, it says "this artist has a new album coming soon, would you like to be notified?". Is this true? Can anyone confirm or deny this?" Surely they refer to anothe maxi single added to streaming, but anyway...
  10. It's true that opening nights in the 21st century tours tend to change, but the second try of opening night never changed, and loves... this is the second try... do we remember Vancouver right? Fly high angel. Now seriously, she's keeping London octuber 14, that is because it's possible. If she's rehearsing in another UK arena week prior opening night and then they move the stage to the O2 what's the problem? Blink 182 were always gonna perform there before, opening night or not. She can do the dress rehearsalf by october 13 in the O2 perfectly.
  11. I think it was just a stand alone single to coincide with the tour. Like tour promotes the single and single promotes the tour kinda thing.
  12. i thought the reason for that many songs was it was 2 albums? Rebel CD1 and Heart CD2 (i cant remember if they were supposed to be released at the same time or with months in between)
  13. Hi. i was looking for the Sticky rehearsals in youtube and one user that had them uploaded like 1 hour ago this Confessions unreleased track: Is real?
  14. Do we know if a Drowned World show with You'll See is doing the rounds or something?
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