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  1. But fnac france charges at the moment or when they ship like amazon? i know they do "pay authorizations" (that i have pendant there) but the real charge when happens?
  2. I Don't Search I Find 12" Remixed & Revisited 12" Madame X (Blond Deluxe Cover) 12" Madame X Tour 12" GHV2 12" or something that give us a cover on vinyl that never was available before
  3. 99% sure it's Frozen.. she called the last frozen remix with 070 Shake also "new song" on IG days before release so this is the same
  4. It only sais Madonna & Sickick so i assume theres not feats on this one
  5. If she's filming videos of an old song.. Why not filming videos for the dance hits included in the project that never had one instead of 3 times the same? Impressive Instant says hi. yeah yeah i know it became half viral on tiktok and all but...
  6. So this Frozen remix it's like "the first single" of the remix album?
  7. Since they are uploading promo remixes... do you think we will get an Impressive Instant digital single with a cover +20 years later? ????
  8. That makes you see that the Frozen remixes are nowhere near still. And neither the remix album because if they can't get out remixes of 1 song imagine 50 lol :(
  9. Dignity: Not even chart in the bubbling under>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..... the universe...>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Destroy a classic with an Ed Sheeran featuring for getting a TOP 10 in the Hot 100
  10. no. for what people on instagram said she was playing Club 69 mix of NRM and that single is not released digital still... maybe it could be an hour long megamix?. She said "Little Present" and everybody started talking about an album... mmmm... little present
  11. i said quite as a joke but then i thought: 50 (not counting the doble As) songs and many of them with a duration longer than the album version? how many cds are that 4? even 5? i don't think it will be released that way.. and let not start with the vinyls. Also those 50 #1s include Interscope material that they dont have the rights until 2025.. can they release an album with Warner material mixed with Inter's?
  12. i almost jumped.. then i remembered we were talking about Madonna jsjsjsjsjsjjsjss
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