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  1. We have to be extreamly lucky for it to be a new album... but it's not impossible. Some people visualizes a very rare situation to release a new album and do a hits tour, and truly isn't the most common scenario, but also it's not rare Examples: Kylie released Body Language and she toured a Greatest Hits album shortly after Taylor released Midnights and is doing The Eras Tour Janet is going to release an album but doing a hits tour. Cher released Living Proof just before a Greatest Hits Tour Britney released Britney Jean and Glory just before or during Greatest Hits residency and Tour JLO released AKA and the next shows she did live (not very shortly after but still) was the All I Have residency consistent of hits. Pet Shop Boys released their Hotspot studio album and they went on a hits tour. etc etc etc
  2. hopes for M16 (or M15+I'm Breathless) before 2025.. yaaassssss
  3. is this official? no right? maybe it's obvious but many tours have many different posters... almost all in fact
  4. According to some twitter accounts She's Not Me is starting to do numbers on TIKTOK... i don't know which numbers because i don't use that app... but any chance to get a "semi hit" or a release like Back That Up To The Beat great... so stream or buy or listen on youtube... Imagine she releases She's Not Me jsjsjsjsjsj
  5. i hope the B-rolls start to leak again... one of my favourite leaked material
  6. First rumors of a new album coming before tour.. and now the first deluxe on July/August... someone is lying (or all are) lol
  7. If she wants to release a documentary for The Celebration Tour perfect for me, but PLEASE don't be a substitution for the "Concert Film/DVD" like happened the last 2 times she released a docu about a tour (even tho that was not the plan for The Re-Invention Tour DVD)
  8. Maybe the ones could have been "hits", and by "hits" i mean the biggest they can get depending how many singles had before in the album or in which year they belong, i mean i included songs from the 10's Physical Attraction (After Burning Up) Stay (Final single) Where's The Party (Final or from You Can Dance) Sooner Or Later (release week after Oscars performance) Bye Bye Baby (video release acompaning the release we had, it would not be her biggest hit, but at least higher for sure. I always imagined her on a boat and on the beach on this one, surely because of the single cover) Survival (After Human Nature, not that it would get very high in charts but a smaller hit in USA and a proper hit in Europe and Aus could be possible with this one i think) Sky Fits Heaven (US release, with a video, not long after DW/SFL European release) Impressive Instant (Release while Drowned World Tour) Nobody Knows Me (release on the European leg of the Re-Invention Tour) Future Lovers (release while The Confessions Tour was happening) Candy Shop (A hit because she would have promoted it everywhere that had a camera plugged) Gang Bang (with Tarantino video) Rebel Heart I Don't Search I Find (with a video)
  9. Madonna will release a new album called "American Life: Mixshow Mix" (Working title, for the moment) for RSD 2023 20th anniversary celebration i suppose https://recordstoreday.nl/album/american-life-mix-show-mix-working-title/
  10. Thay guy just responded to somebody who asked "is she performing or presenting?" he answered "presenting!!"
  11. this is getting interesting now... https://twitter.com/MadonnaLiteral1/status/1622335261601398789?t=4JKbBd8Cv09OkhMorvVaAw&s=19
  12. https://twitter.com/GossipBritney_/status/1620954171166834689?t=moSgFauerTNdT8hcwiJOaA&s=19
  13. i always had the sensation that she was doing the biopic just to avoid someone to do it. Not saying she wasn't interested but i always thought that one big reason was that
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