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  1. roberMDNA

    well.. they were on facebook as i said
  2. roberMDNA

    yeah.. i suppose you wont tell me anything.. dont need to... the end.. enjoy the b-rolls you and everybody
  3. roberMDNA

    see? the first part of the story was true... see you when the other part gets demostrated... relax.. and learn to use internet to find cool madonna stuff
  4. roberMDNA

    do u wanna bet something? If you wanna find it do your research.. you lazy.. im not gonna post anything here that is not mine.. not accounts.. not videos.. not anything.. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH. If you dont wanna believe it ok.. im gonna take a screenshoot of your comment and i can promise you that when it leaks and see that the 8:55 thing is true i will show you how clever you are
  5. roberMDNA

    when it leaks youll tell me
  6. roberMDNA

    i saw on facebook a video of the Ray of Light b-roll unseen until now. But i don't know how to post a video here... I can tell you because a friend of mine showed me Ray Of Light and Frozen b-rolls that the new snippet posted from ROL are the part where Madonna does not appear.. i tell you... when i was watching ROL b-roll with him at the minute 5 i was like, joking obviously, WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS B-ROLL? MADONNA DOES NOT APPEAR? And the thing is that Madonna does not appear until 8:55 exactly... and at that point a disco ball appeared and the club scenes began... if i could show you i would.. but it was not mine and i don't have it.. when the b roll leaks you'll see that this is 100% legit. mark my words... and don't get me started with Frozen. a masterpiece really Ps: Don't worry about M not appearing until 8:55 that b-roll is the longest one with a duration of 1 hour 21 minutes... you have a lot of madonna there
  7. roberMDNA

    maybe the one who did the covers did not want to show "unseen" material on the covers for any reason?... like.. not showing LITERALLY ANYTHING from his selling material... or maybe not having problems
  8. roberMDNA

    Yes but M is obsessed with Human Nature only from that album
  9. roberMDNA

    But in amazon honestly you dont know what edition you are buying.
  10. roberMDNA

    Hi. Everyone... please i need some help hehhe...any one knows where i can get those reissues now?.. i'm getting some through discogs ebay etc. but i wanna know if there's a shop or something where i could get more? THAAAANK YOU
  11. roberMDNA

    Did anyone checked in NZ if the EP was released.. or people os to busy with Bedtime Stories?
  12. roberMDNA

    Pop/Disco/Dance a normal one
  13. roberMDNA

    any way to get it online?
  14. roberMDNA

    Paradise (Not For Me) on Ray Of Light
  15. roberMDNA

    Maybe it's a bit late but got to this thread today and i want to tell you something about the Barcelona recording (i think nothing new).. the show recorded was the 2nd night i think BUT some stuff happened.. Madonna didn't like the fake eyebrows used on the geisha act, also during that act there were problems on the screens.. on Mer Girl II and until the half of Sky Fits Heaven the monitors didn't work… and images (like flashes) of that scary bloody geisha that appears on the backdrop of Mer Girl II appeared, as error, on the first part of Mer Girl before Sky but like only flashes of that video (not flull) because the screens went crazy/out of control in the middle of the show