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  1. Would be nice if they included Impressive Instant also in this, they released *promo only* remixes in some of the singles so she could just put this on streaming too WITH A SINGLE COVER after all this years. Not very possible and i don't think they will but still... Madonna loves the song apparently.
  2. I hope there's a new album before this movie thing starts, like how the Celebration Tour jumped out instead of the movie
  3. I want her to release the DVD/Blu Ray of the Tour (with the arenas footage) and a new album
  4. In last years' Classic Pop Vol.2 magazine number dedicated to Madonna they stated that a Forbidden Love (1995) video was totally done but unreleased, anyway i don't think that video exists (we would have seen at least a photo in the last 29 years and nothing)
  5. That's exactly why i said Madders Site, do with that info what u like jjjj. But anyway i was showing you.
  6. Just saw this. "Madders Site" do with that info what u want jjjjj
  7. What calls my attention is that... are they filming the DVD (or whatever support you love the most) without the big cranes with cameras or spider cams like past tours?
  8. i love all your pics i have one from the future dvd:
  9. 5 years!!! Please @Madonna release an album
  10. the way i JUMPED for 1 minute VID-20240320-WA0005.mp4
  11. @Dazedmadonna said not long ago that there was no album or ep coming anytime soon in the "New album" thread if i remember correctly. And I trust him because he was right with Celebration Tour setlist days prior opening night (including breaking the news about Like A Virgin being an interlude, for more context)
  12. Sorry if this was discussed before or if it's obvious but... that ginger person there is M?
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