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  1. Thank you. These were some of the samples we sent too, You can see more how the final will look like.
  2. The difference is that you own the original digital file. Like you can get a print of the Mona Lisa, or get a screencap online, but you don't own the original. And that's the value. Until now the digital formats were consider less valuable because of this factor. But with a way to create a 'root ' or origin of a digital file on a the digital age, there's lots of interest and money involved. Musicians, photographers, artist work on digital formats and there was no way to have an original file that can be share but always shows the ownership. In Madonna's case it's gonna be one illustration of her that can have different add ons so you can customize it, like a paper doll. Like these were some of the rough sketches I did for them based on the same body with different hair/hands etc
  3. Non fungible tokens. If you ever play any games you are already familiar with them. It's digital content that you can purchase. Until now, there was no way of owning digital content. But with the bitcoin and the chain-link, you can create a digital file, save it in a wallet and it becomes 'anchored' to the an original place. That means you can purchase something digital and you have the 'original' file. Even if it's shared around the link is always to the original wallet. You can collect them all and carry them and there's a theme of creating collections, like the apes here. Or what Oseary wants to do with Madonna's . It's always the same image but it wears different clothes or looks. Because it's all linked and marketed to bitcoin there's a lots of noise about it and lots of money invested on it Still being a waste of energy like the bitcoin and there's controversy on artist platforms about doing them considering how things are with the planet right now. But overall is not about the artistry or art quality but more like a Silicon Valley fad to make money and keep being the cool kids .
  4. Yes I was scouted few months ago to do NFTS for Guy Oseary. They wanted a Madonna (blank) body that you could customize with hair, clothes , etc. They pitch it to them with some of my Madonna illustrations and some rough sketches I did. Guy didn't like it, he thought it was too comic and he wanted something like the Celebration art or similar geometric style. really dated generic graphic art from 2002. I told them I wouldn't change my style to suit it. I'm surprised they are going for the apes style after telling me , mine was too comic...but hey.
  5. I love the goth meets pop vibe. But I would be cautious of one night-stand that plays 'Killing strangers' at the time of going for it.
  6. I saw it twice in London and in both occasions had the coffin interlude. Lourdes projection was on a screen in front of Madonna, so it really depended of where you seat was. I didn't see it as coming from a vagina but a similarity to the lotus position (opening up) and the ritual dance from the original video.
  7. It has to do more with the fake eyelashes. They are heavy and give a darker shadow. Giving the impression of the eye being half closed or dropped down. But her face looks good, I think she looks better than in some of the social media snaps.
  8. It's not the same thing Black EYE peas been doing from day one?
  9. I don't think the humorous tone of my comment was appreciated. The hairstyle is a classic 70s disco doll cut. There's nothing deeper about it. My respond to not paying homage to Italian culture was a joke. But also Raffaella's hair and style has been iconic and impacting in different levels of creative culture, scene, music. So when you can say something is not a straight reference to her it could be linked to her impact and presence.
  10. I went to see it and I was surprised of how good she was at it. On stage she felt more grounded and believable than roles she did in the big screen.
  11. There's technology to duplicate them, even to print them and then take a photo again of that print on fresh film. They won't be perfect but they can look pretty accurate.
  12. On defense of the costumes. At the time there was a revival of Punk and 50s look in fashion. Lots of tartans, mesh tops, studs, leather and denim, leopard prints and big hair.
  13. I had a bad relationship with DWT because I moved to London in 96 and i was waiting to see Madonna live. And she didn't do anything. Then I was moving to the US and I was broke because everything I saved was for moving there. And she came out with the concert. And I couldn't see in the States because she finished it before I get there. I enjoy it it a bit more now, I like the darker side of it but some parts drag for too long.
  14. In the video when she is not wearing a wig she has a light orange colour. It's pretty easy to get back to blond from that tone without much damaged. And she did have a dirty blond/brown after.
  15. The short hair in Girlie show was perfect for the concept. All of the dancers mean to be androgynous, the whole show was about playing with genders and sexuality
  16. Because BAT is like Immaculate Collection you can't add more to it or say much
  17. A shorter edit to fit in the compilation album
  18. Bella Ciao was an antifascist song and Ciao Bella talks about moral/psychological unrest, about belonging and identity, about family and roots. If she moans over this would be quite uncomfortable.
  19. They are transcribed you need to translate them from creole, I found them in Italian
  20. It's another song touching the folk and genres she explored in MX (Batuka, Fado, etc..) It sounds like a Funaná but slowing down the beat and changing the gaita (accordion) for a synth distorted take on it. "The lyrics of the funaná generally talk about everyday situations, mentioning the sorrows and the happiness of quotidian life, but they also talk about social criticism, reflections about life and idyllic situations" And I think that's what she did, she talks about stopping war, hunger, pain, get word peace...same thing she's been going about always The naming of dead artist she honor is a way of paying homage to them obviously...I mean is not the first time she just list a bunch of dead people in her songs
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