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  1. Great show…she was moving so good too. Looked like she was having a blast…
  2. I just read there’s 2 new songs added. Music and another but the other wasn’t said what it was…
  3. Wonder what the unexpected surprise is next week that Ricardo put on his insta?
  4. I thought it was one of the twins too…
  5. I thought the long coat was a throw back to the girlie show performance of holiday…maybe not..
  6. Full song removed now…just this snippet https://www.instagram.com/reel/C3nfIgtMtkD/?igsh=dGl6ZjF4eHFtejBh
  7. Anyone heard the Madonna/Breakfast Club cover? In parts sound like M in others I don’t think it does. On Dankmadonnavideoedits on insta.
  8. Just heard a snippet of another version of Funny Gams..sounds completely different…it says demo #2. Would love to hear it in full.
  9. I can’t put them in order of favourite as they all mean something different to me: WTG BA GS DW RE-IN CT S&S MDNA RH MX Celebration
  10. Who do you think you’re talking to? Shut my ass? Shut your your own mouth until you can talk with some class. I won’t hold my breath.
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