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  1. Just heard a snippet of another version of Funny Gams..sounds completely different…it says demo #2. Would love to hear it in full.
  2. I can’t put them in order of favourite as they all mean something different to me: WTG BA GS DW RE-IN CT S&S MDNA RH MX Celebration
  3. Who do you think you’re talking to? Shut my ass? Shut your your own mouth until you can talk with some class. I won’t hold my breath.
  4. I’m not excusing or justifying anything…thanks… there’s no difference to what he saying or doing compared to what her own fans are saying. So don’t YOU try to excuse or justify her fan base..
  5. He’s an idiot. But He’s only saying what her own fans are saying.
  6. He’s in the sound desk. At Wednesdays show my Son got a selfie with him, shook his hand and had a chat. He’s seems very approachable and willing to give you his time.
  7. I remember just before Erotica album was released HMV had GTI listed on the track listing in their new release free catalog
  8. I know…I love her tour programmes.
  9. The woman working in the pop up shop yesterday said there is no book. Whether she knows 100% or not I’m unsure. But if there was one I would’ve thought it would be available by now or at least we’d know it was coming.
  10. Yep…I think the padding is there to protect the removal of implants..it’s definitely smaller..
  11. I knew it was going to happen…I was in contact with TM and the o2 back in September when I noticed the changes to the floor plan, they apologised but it’s not the point. Did you end up with a better seat?
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