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  1. Has the full version leaked?
  2. I heard it 3 times on different stations yesterday…
  3. June 9th is release date according to mlvc podcast insta page
  4. Someone on MTribe has screen shot the page in her insta. It also shows like a virgin/billie Jean… very exciting
  5. Looks like she’s performing Bitch I’m Madonna going by the sheet of paper in her latest insta..
  6. I hope it’s not a rework of Human Nature….
  7. Been to every tour since ‘87. WTG was my first concert ever..still have great memories of it. I was so excited it didn’t recognise the songs until she started singing. Saw DWT in Paris…great experience… Not a concert but saw her in Up for grabs and that was something… also at the WE premier she walked right past my seat as she took to the stage…and Graham’s Norton at the Ally Pally promoting MX
  8. Exactly. We all know she’s had her face done. It looks plump cause my guess it was newly filled. But what doesn’t help is I think she’s had s bad lift. If looks like who ever did it pulled from her chin to above her ear which is why I think she should wear her hair down. But what do I know? Also I don’t think the grillz do her any favours by pushing her lips out. Having said what I just said I still think she doesn’t look half as bad as people are saying….which sadly is mostly her fans.
  9. She can’t dance like a 25 year old anymore! That’s not all age related though.. she’s had a hip replacement. That alone would stop her what ever age.
  10. Her face is overdone..but I think that’s something we must accept. Nothing we say is gonna change what she does.I hope she stood the over filling but I’m sure she won’t. The GP disliking her? I think the reaction to the tour discounts that.
  11. How do we know she can’t physically handle this tour? We don’t! I doubt she’s gonna try and dance her arse off to the point she’s in need of a new set of lungs. I personally think she is well aware of her limits now and will produce a tour to reflect this.
  12. Madonna did to her face what a lot of people famous or not do. She’s happy with it is as fans are not. I think she did recognise her physical limits and pushed them as far as she could for as long as she could. Her awkwardness or limited dancing ability is a product of her getting older but more so of her hip replacement. That’s not a quick thing to get over. She’s never gonna move the way she did but she will do what she can. We should applaud that. Can you imagine how she must feel knowing how she used to move and now facing the fact she’s can’t do it so well. It must be frustrating. When I broke my foot it drove me mad not being able to just get up as quick as I could. I was no where near as fit or agile as her to begin with. We assume she’s indestructible and ignores the criticism she gets. We don’t know how it affects her. It clearly does.This woman has taken and is still taking so much crap it’s unbelievable. A lot of it comes from us, her fans. We should be building her up not knocking her down.
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