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  1. Which channel do I have to stream on GloboPlay?
  2. Anyone knows how to watch it from Mexico? I have a VPN and I made myself a Globoplay account. The app is unavailable here.
  3. I signed up with Google (cause the other option asked me to scan a QR code to download the app which is unavailable here) and it's asking me to pay. I'm stuck there
  4. Ok so I'm a little lost here. I have a VPN (Strong VPN, which I actually recommend, it's expensive but useful) but I have no idea how to watch it. I'm in Mexico and the app is unavailable on Apple TV and basically any App Store. What's the best way for me to be able to watch it? Which website? Thanks in advance 🥹🙏🏼
  5. If anyone taped Don't Tell Me on the fifth Mexican show please dm me cause I may be in it. I had a special moment with her
  6. Kind of unfair they won't be selling any at the actual shows. I don't even know how expensive they were but I did want one of Mexico City :(
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/C4rvlTPs4G9/?igsh=bmx2aDVveDNvM3Zk Is this for real? When did the Mexico City rosaries go on sale? The shows haven't even happened yet. I thought they were sold on each city and the remaining ones were put on her store later. I'm confused :(.
  8. Does anyone have Madonna & Kylie pics in HQ? :( I've looked everywhere and nothing. From the show and backstage
  9. Agree 100%. They're both my Queens. And they do have a lot in common even though they couldn't be more different. They're both survivors and have been thriving in an ageist/sexist industry and for that alone they should get nothing but respect. History was made tonight!
  10. Surprisingly I've read only positive things on SayHey this time. It's "MadonnaNation" that's nasty. I got kinda banned for correcting a troll who said Kylie's been bitchy to Madonna 🤣. I'd heard the rumors about that forum but oh lord. M has some nazi minded fans out there.
  11. Both Madonna & Kylie have nasty trash fans (trust me, I'm on fan forums of both and oh boy) but they don't represent the fan bases. Most of us actually love both. Those who only love one of them should at least respect the other. Kane is an prudish asshole and complains about pretty much everything Kylie does these days. That said. Today is a great day for those of us who love both of them 😍.
  12. I have a feeling she'll bring Lenny Kravitz on stage. I hope for a backstage pic of them at least.
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