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  1. Does anyone have a spare large Bitch I'm Madonna blue t-shirt to sell? The one with her face all over it? it was in her online shop for a while but they don't make it anymore :(

  2. There's clearly a lot of people here who don't have to worry about money which is great for them, but saying to someone 'just spend the money' when they may not have a lot is a bit shitty. I know I could never justify spending £30-£40 on a DVD just to get one extra bonus. I have bills to pay and food to put on the table. I'm not saying us poorer folk 'deserve' anything such as this bonus but just remember that some people aren't as well off as you when they're asking for it.
  3. I feel great sympathy for you, but you can't expect the rest of the world not to drink or use alcohol to appease you. I personally have been sober for over 9 months now after some bad experiences I had but I can't expect my friends not to drink around me just because I don't like alcohol.
  4. You can tell the S&S vocals are overlapped on top of the RHT vocals. Listen to S&S again and then re-listen to RHT. You can hear the 'clapping'/metronome noise from inbetween Ray Of Light and Hung Up. It's really strangely edited. They've cut the word 'mine' off in 'next to mine' so it just goes 'mahhh'. You can also tell because the audio changes from inbetween where she's singing on RHT and where she gets the audience to sing solo on S&S. It's such jarring editing. I hope it's been removed for the DVD (which it won't have been) because it ruins the performance.
  5. La Isla Bonita, True Blue and Who's That Girl are awful.
  6. The audience sounds coming in very abruptly in Living For Love are awful.
  7. I have "I'm gonna carry on living for love" tattooed on my arm. The demo leaked just as I was starting to feel that I could pick up my crown and put it back on my head and now it serves as a reminder that I need to start loving and not focus on the negatives too much.
  8. Yeah but it's been sampled twice too, much in the way that Where's The Party was sampled for Confessions.
  9. Heartbeat featured on S&S, was sampled during Best Friend on MDNA and sampled again in Like A Virgin for Rebel Heart.
  10. Well SOMEBODY cut out Dress You Up, Lucky Star, Into The Groove, La Vie En Rose, Unapologetic Bitch and Holiday at my concert...
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