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  1. I just know she's so using these shoes on the tour, i swear-
  2. Hatred towards her is the worst and I don't support that, but sorry guys, I don't buy her post AT ALL. Distorted face by photographs? Yeah, maybe, because on the video she looks a little better. Still, it has more to do with reality than her photos on Instagram - that's what really distorts her face. It has asbolutely NOTHING to do with how she really looks. We fans have known for a few years how she looks like but general public? I don't think so. She hides herself, creates an alternate reality with her Instagram and when she attends a public event people are surpised. That's it. Again, I don't support any hatred towards her but I think if the situation would be different (maybe just a little bit) if she presented herself as true as she is. Plastic surgery is her choice and she can do the fuck she wants. It's her body, it's her choice. But still - with all the enhancements - she feels insecure and photoshop the hell out of her on Instagram. I just don't understand it.
  3. So tv is dead, right? Social media also - so what is alive?
  4. Even if TV is dated, it's all over the social media. My Instagram and TikTok is full of Grammy's rn.
  5. It was so much better than 2021's VMA.
  6. I know, I meant the "general" idea of the album.
  7. Were they number ones on Dance Club Songs Billboard though? Coz that was the point of the compilation.
  8. The real reason is that FEL includes only the number one hits.
  9. Key thing is that she knew how to push that buttons - she wasn't cringy. Now she is.
  10. Tragic. I'm sad. This is the same woman who did The Confessions Tour. The same woman who did Nothing Really Maters video. Etc etc etc. I just can't believe this. I like the remix but this video is just one of the worst things she has ever done. Madonna, stop ruining your legacy. Thank you, love ya.
  11. The remix is okay-ish but still I don't see the point of remixing her previous hit singles... I want new music :(
  12. This is actually me discovering this whole new remix for AL that I didn't know existed LMFAO
  13. It really is amazing. Usually I don't listen to remixes so the majority of that is totally new for me and I love it! Waiting for my physical copy of the 3-CD version, I've received the standard one this morning and the cover looks FABULOUS.
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