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  1. If you write in Test of Time on Spotify (I know it was just a joke from a fan on twitter), it does actually show Madonna..🧐
  2. According to a couple tweets, she was in the studio with Lil Uzi Vert
  3. https://open.spotify.com/album/5VioT7O24nsLbaJTYXCXLc?si=8OR3XE4RShGUidVAbj0ULg&dl_branch=1 here is the track list
  4. I’m hoping that Madame X Manifesto and Coffin aren’t chopped…. maybe they count as 1 track (ex: Coffin / Batuka)
  5. I’m still praying there’s a live album??
  6. She better be at the Met Gala or VMAs… the promotion would be ?
  7. i’m still wondering if there’s gonna be a live album?
  8. “includes 17 studio albums” …. does that mean she has another 3 album record deal with Warner?!!!
  9. I’m just praying that there is a live album cuz there has been no indication of it thus far?
  10. her voice is stunning in this?
  11. I pray that there is, I love her live albums because they give the studio album a whole new depth to me…. but idk how any of the contractual stuff works with live albums and tour films
  12. Do we think there will be a live album to go along with it?
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