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  1. She better be at the Met Gala or VMAs… the promotion would be 🔥
  2. i’m still wondering if there’s gonna be a live album🙄
  3. “includes 17 studio albums” …. does that mean she has another 3 album record deal with Warner?!!!
  4. I’m just praying that there is a live album cuz there has been no indication of it thus far😳
  5. her voice is stunning in this😍
  6. I pray that there is, I love her live albums because they give the studio album a whole new depth to me…. but idk how any of the contractual stuff works with live albums and tour films
  7. Do we think there will be a live album to go along with it?
  8. https://pagesix.com/2021/06/28/madonna-building-recording-studio-on-hamptons-estate/amp/?__twitter_impression=true According to this article, Madonna constructed a music studio in her Hamptons home🤷🏼‍♂️
  9. I mean not to bring it up, but isnt the Born This Way 10th anniversary being released on the 25th of June?
  10. I think it’s supposed to say TS 1989 duet… There’s a rumor that Madonna will be on the re-recording of Taylor Swift’s 1989.
  11. I hope she’s working with Dev Hynes. He co-wrote (though i don’t think he produced) “Long Time” by Blondie off Pollinator, which was an acclaimed return to form for the band
  12. He’s the creator of the critically acclaimed Veneno on HBO Max. He may be involved with the biopic or this I guess
  13. I would say Like a Virgin kicked off her controversial persona.... 1) the song itself 2) the performance at the MTV music awards when she was rolling around in a wedding dress 3) the lyrics of Dress You Up were considered very sexual 4) Papa Don’t Preach I feel those kind of solidified her controversial status, then came Like a Prayer music video, Justify My Love music video, SEX, Letterman, etc
  14. If she just got back from Africa, she’d probably have to quarantine for two weeks and that butts right up to the Super Bowl... so unless she filmed her parts, i don’t really find it plausible
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