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  1. I think this year we'll get 5 remixes with same base then she'll go with Frozen Remixes World Tour 2023
  2. My rendition of mDNA hologram cover sleeve. The on that her team made was so simple and un informative https://youtube.com/shorts/sgnH6GFfAKA?feature=share
  3. I think it'll called "Frozen World Tour"
  4. Yess. It said that Donna is Mirroring M voice on her tours
  5. I wonder how the MV will. 2 minutes 13 secs i think it would be her shortest MV ever to be shot. I bet there'll be so many of her Ass coming soon
  6. I feel like I'm being pranked I started to think that 50s remixes will also a mess. A big ones I don't mean sound pessimistic but i don't think it will as good as we expect M died in 2009
  7. Already released here in Indonesia Are we being prank or what? We've been waiting for quite sometime but only like this? I hope this is only a joke
  8. I don't think 50s remixes would be released as a physical especially 2 CDs or more. We're hoping true blue 35th to be released as a physical but never come to light. I guess she's making the 50s remixes is trying to provide TikTok as a future content
  9. I'm shocking that RSD of Who's that girl is like surprise rather than waiting for her "soon" remastered or reissue album for her 40th anniversary
  10. Do you think Madonna is really that exciting about Frozen's SickKick or it's just for a Promotion Purpose only? Cause it seems she's obsessed with the song ... Frozen almost everyday
  11. 1. Open your heart Extended Version - for me this is the top of her best 12" production 2. Causing a Commotion Silver Screen/ Movie House 3. Like a Prayer Dance Mix 4. Borderline New Mix 5. Papa Don't Preach Extended
  12. Too much for her to handle wkwkkw Just give her Secret (Junior's Luscious single mix) or Miami Mix of Don't Cry for Me Argentina
  13. Still Soon once in a Blue Moon hehehe Even though, She should probably just teasing with the real remixes snippet that will feature in official release. If she just repost fan made remixes some fan might get confused or probably disappointed if the official remixes not as good as fan made But i hope this remixes is awesome Though I'm not sure, 50 songs is kinda ambitious project even for a megamix
  14. Madonna repost video from skin_bruno on IG story. I always wonder why her team is not creating their own proper promotion 50s remixes
  15. Why Emily seems so In love with SickKick version? Meltdown and Widescreen mix are much much better
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