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  1. i wonder what are the religion signs in Forbidden Love Backdrop i recognize Jew, Christian, moslem, hindu and ying and yang does anyone know what are the rest? Thanks
  2. hi there I wonder where is the source of Frozen (Odyssey Mix) is it from Promo , Fan Made or unreleased material from William Orbit Thanks
  3. My Renditions of Keep it Together Commercial Promo Ad
  4. i watched it but the statement not in this video
  5. hi there fellas I think i have read or watch an article or Interview about The Power of Goodbye Music Video, she mentioned that she never set a foot on a beach during the shoot, the one that we see on the video is a body double. but i forgot where I read or I saw the Inverview does anyone know about her statement above? could you please remind me what article or interview it is Thanks
  6. my covers of I'm Breathless songs one of my fav album
  7. yess they just add "Mix" tag like Causing a Commotion Single Mixes of it's Remixes for example I guess but think it could called Single Edit as well
  8. true, that's why there are Tagging like Edit - album edited down Remix - with additional or changes here and there Remix Edit - the edited down or structural changes of Remix ( cause it would be weird if it's tag Re-Remix, I don't think M has tagging like Re-Remix on her singles) The beauty 0f M's releases
  9. No it's not edit of Album Version you can clearly hear the difference on Synth instrument on part " just Try to understand .." the album version is plain, while on the video is clearly bold and more dynamic . CMIIW
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