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  1. hahah yess, even worse i don't know why the tags on digital releases are a mess
  2. is someone has an apple music account? see if that la isla bonita tag is there as well
  3. hi guys i just notice that La Isla Bonita on The Immaculate Collection on Spotify has another Credit except Madonna it said madonna - chris lord aigebut when i listen it's the same with the cds why they put the name there?
  4. hi there, can anyone explain me how to read this board? i wonder if the 50 is for 50fps as 50 frame per second as if i saw in Mariah's Honey board
  5. The best things in life are always free … 

  6. In.France.with.Madonna.DOC.2022.FRENCH.WEB-DL.720p.H264 (GDRIVE) [Hidden Content]
  7. Can someone please reupload this? Thanks
  8. Finally Enough Love by @Brendonshayart@brendonshayAnimated by me
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