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  1. I wonder why there's Maverick logo in it? Csn somebody please explain? Thanks
  2. Can someone please help me for the full pic of the Cover 16 tracks? I'd like to make a ad video. Thanks
  3. I always wonder if Madonna working with Pet Shop Boys. Always love Sorry PSB Mix and Robbie's She's Madonna
  4. I love the Power of Goodbye era She was stunning in a haunting way
  5. I think this year we'll get 5 remixes with same base then she'll go with Frozen Remixes World Tour 2023
  6. My rendition of mDNA hologram cover sleeve. The on that her team made was so simple and un informative https://youtube.com/shorts/sgnH6GFfAKA?feature=share
  7. I think it'll called "Frozen World Tour"
  8. Yess. It said that Donna is Mirroring M voice on her tours
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