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  1. Thanks for these numbers. So the value of catalogs are... MJ $1.2 billion The Beatles $1 billion Madonna $850 million Springsteen $500 million Taylor Swift $500 million So let's add those $850 million to Forbes' estimates for Madonna (as they did for Swift): $1.43 billion would be Madonna's worth and it is thanks to her music as well 😬
  2. Ok but what about her catalogue's worth? And why the same rules do not apply on her to calculate her wealth?
  3. We've all heard it, over and over, on every single media: Taylor Swift is the first artist to reach the billionaire landmark only thanks to her music. But is she? First, a look at Forbes estimates of Taylor's worth : -$500 million from royalties and touring (which is a rough estimate) -$125 million from real estate (not music even though bought from music royalties) -$500 from the ESTIMATED worth of her music catalog (she sold 200 million records but is also a streaming multiple records holder) - but that's an estimate, that's not in her pocket at all. How do they know how much her music catalog is worth? Well, according to a source, they say...Taylor's PR? That brings us to Madonna's music catalog worth. Springsteen sold his for $500 million and he sold like 150 million records. We can easily say that Madonna's catalog is worth AT LEAST the same - she sold $400 million records, her streaming numbers are fair (better than Springsteen's, right?). But when you look to Madonna's profile on Forbes.com, you see that they estimate her wealth to $580, they are not even mentioning the worth of her music catalog, which is strange (since if you look on Taylor's profile on Forbes.com, they do mention it). Does that mean that Madonna's wealth of $580 includes her music catalog's worth? We don't know. But let's do the math, if it does not, that would mean we have to add it to their estimate which would bring Madonna's fortune way beyond the billion landmark. If it does, that would mean that Madonna is only worth $80 million? Who are they kidding? What do you think?
  4. You can buy it from Fnac website for only 143€ here
  5. I live in France too. Your comments are just wishful thinking. Christine and the Queens is in no way considered a has-been in France, he is very much considered in France, not always understood but he is a national treasure and people are quite aware of his international impact (as far as a French pop artist can be). Sales are not relevant, the artists you refer to, like Brigitte Fontaine, do not sell well either, far below even. You project on him a lot of negativity and you clearly don't like him but do not try to spread fake news about him, when that's just your opinion, not reality.
  6. Voted (but I added DYDI which is an official track and shouldn't be left apart - I love the track)
  7. Actually, you can usually buy them online the very same day after 6pm on this website : https://www.roughtrade.com/gb (as long as they have copies of course).
  8. That's the way I am, that's the way I've always been :tongue:

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