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  1. RebelHeartbreak

    I'm curious if these nights may be designated for filming the show. Just the name "citi sound vault" along with "intimate shows" sounds like a broadcast or something, imo. If by intimate they mean just front of house and orchestra seats on sale, that could free up the balconies for cameras. I can't see her NOT filming it, mainly because the whole MX project has been extremely visual, so to not present to the gp with the ultimate visual message (she's been literally typing out in the videos, lol) Madame X would be the ultimate tease! Wishful thinking, I'm sure. It's probably a contractual thing with Citicard or sponsorship of the tour.
  2. RebelHeartbreak

    I'm so appreciative to all the work and effort it takes to maintain a forum like this one! I'm very happy to be back here celebrating this era together with everyone!
  3. RebelHeartbreak

    I am usually one of the defenders of her always performing Like A Prayer, mainly because its a signpost for many fans and non-fans alike, and she's also had bad results sometimes with performing this song, but i've never heard the song sound so forced vocally... it sounded like her in-ear monitors were acting up or something. And sonically, the music/arrangement does no favors to the song. Given the huge audience watching, perhaps it was nerves? Future isn't my favorite Madame X song, either, but it was fitting for the statement she's choosing to make. She just sounded (by her words in the Vogue UK interview) out of shape, and the cinching of the waist, pushing up of the boobs costuming choices dont always allow for vocal freedom, air intake wise. Just my opinion. Visually, she's on point as usual, i just hope she does some vocal training to get her voice up to performing in small theatres, because prerecorded vocals will be very obvious.
  4. RebelHeartbreak

    I've been a member since 1992
  5. RebelHeartbreak

    I like the idea of a residency. I live the big shows, but an intimate setting for multiple nights would/could create a more solid production because of the stage set up and breakdown wouldn't hinder stage effects, and the sound would be more consistent night to night.
  6. RebelHeartbreak

    My heart says American Life. My body says Confessions. Impossible choice. Intervention, Nothing Fails, Nobody Knows Me, I'm So Stupid. Get Together, Forbidden Love, Future Lovers, Like It Or Not. Theyre all in heavy rotation, still. I can't choose between these two albums.
  7. RebelHeartbreak

    I have no issue at all with a May single/summer album release. Of course I'd prefer it to be sooner, but this would be the first summer/Q2 release of a studio album since True Blue in 1986. For all we know, she feels it's a sunny, lighter collection of songs, and wants the release to reflect her mood? Or maybe she doesn't care for the release strategy she's been doing (with varying degrees of chart success) for the past 3 album cycles? Or maybe she has that film to direct prior to going on another album cycle? Or her new PR firm wants to maximize the press coverage leading up to it? I find it interesting all the tour rehearsal and concert footage she shared on IG lately was the Confessions Tour, which to me signaled that she may be looking at a new musical director (or returning to Stuart Price) It does appear with this album she'd rather do it right than do it quick, which is not a bad thing. It gives the general public plenty of time to become aware that she's still a recording artist that hasn't stopped making music....Or touring. If what we've been reading about the new music's sound is true, I'm very excited to finally listen to it.
  8. RebelHeartbreak

    listen to Mirwais songs "Disco Science" and "Naive Song". thats where #discogod comes from.
  9. RebelHeartbreak

    Promotion takes time. Photo shoots, video shoots (editing them) takes time. Launching a product takes time. For all we know, if the album is near completion, she's taking all of those variables into account and thoughtfully putting the whole package together. I don't think this is her last album, but this could be the last major-label contracted album we are guaranteed to have...ever. I'll happily wait.
  10. RebelHeartbreak

    i hope for a better release schedule and execution for the singles this go 'round. IF the remixes are uploaded to youtube prior to a release of a single, it needs to be a dub version or one that never gets a commercial release. not for sales necessarily, but i feel there hasn't been a decent remix of a song in a long, LONG, Long, long time. if she wants the remix on the cheap, then let the DJ do the promo work for her single, and pay them according to sales/streaming. IMO, the singles chosen from the past few albums have been very geared toward the Dance/Club chart to solidify her dominance of being the #1 Dance chart champ. Why they haven't chosen b-sides or alternate remixes to really amp up interest...think COADF singles here... i just don't think Madonna can do her own A&R. its pretty clear her new PR person is doing some market research and smartly reminding people of her past... daily. At the same time engaging the social media audience to give feedback. i don't mind the singles from any of her albums. ANY of them, from ANY album. Are there songs i wish were singles? Of course. But does it kill me the song Rebel Heart wasn't a single? NO. i just want a smart approach to things this time. I don't ever, EVER like hearing someone say "we're trying to figure out how to get it out there to the fans". its not easy, im sure. but it aint rocket science either.
  11. While theAretha Franklin "tribute" was on par with a someone's brand new best friend from the office making the retirement speech for her new best friend, i didnt find it offensive, but it did remind me of all the things people say about Madonna's old 80's heyday as being 'her at her best". Aretha Franklin was not an MTV artist like Tina Turner or Cher were. Same age group, sorry if that comes off as ageist, but Aretha had 3 videos i can remember. Pink Cadillac, I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) w/ George Michael, and a truly ridiculous cover of Jumpin' Jack Flash for that film's soundtrack. I always got the sense she was probably forced by the record company to make those, so she wasnt some early video pioneer, she just happened to make a couple of pop singles that needed a video treatment. anyway.... Her costume was extra. I didnt like it, but it didnt bother me either. Somehow it worked by the time she was done with her speech. I dont know how she does it.
  12. RebelHeartbreak

    HeartBreakCity This song is a prime example of "Madonna Magic" On paper its an eyeroll, cheezy lyrics and low-impact song title... Then hearing it, its sonic simplicity is a perfect choice for M's stellar vocal delivery. The "Now I----I-I-I-I-I-I-----I'm in the middle of Heart Break City.." chorus is one of those Madonna songs that I have lived for all these years. There's certain phrasing choices and the patented Madonna melodies that are like an audio fingerprint to my ears. Honestly the Rebel Heart album will remain one of my favorites for years to come. There are some amazing songs that no doubt will be overlooked down the road, but seeing HBC on the Rebel Heart Tour (esp w/ the LDLHA addition) will be one of those 'had to be there' moments, and it struck the same chord with me each time i saw it live, and it still does when i hear it on the album.
  13. RebelHeartbreak

    I disagree on both points here. Madonna's sense of humor has always gotten her in trouble, so for her to post that truly hilarious "master class" photo wasn't exactly "doing" anything to JayZ and Beyoncé, except maybe showing that she still has that same sense of humor and maybe Beyoncé and JayZ found it funny as well. Just because everyone is SUPPOSED to think Beyoncé and JayZ are Royalty approaching God-like status doesn't mean we all do, or even that they themselves do, I would like to think they have SOME humility left. Not to mention that their fleecing of the music buying public with their surprise (now) trilogy of "how to break and make a marriage" albums have been released, the queen of re-invention and mass-marketing and cross promotion made a quite on-point joke. And it was funny. The pics aren't bad. In fact I like the idea of seeing what angles, lighting, filters, etc Madonna likes to see herself from. She's had her photo taken for so long by so many people, that it's interesting to see her "selfie face". True, some are not good, but that's always been Madonna imo. Outtakes from photo sessions prove that she's not always in love with the "best" shots
  14. RebelHeartbreak

    The new forum looks great, and I've noticed faster page loading, as well. Thanks for all your hard work!