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  1. RebelHeartbreak

  2. RebelHeartbreak

    My Paris show on 2/18 was postponed, so I'm looking for 3 tix to London on either 2/15 or 2/16. Ideally for £250-£300 each.
  3. RebelHeartbreak

    I've seen it three times so far. 2x in NY 1x in Chicago ill see it again on 12/8 in Philly and was supposed to see it in Paris on 2/18, which I'm now trying to get 3 tix to London on 2/15 or 2/16... but I digress. I'd give it 3 stars. It's special, it's interesting, and it's pleasantly weird. I think the "intimate" tag it's getting isn't accurate. It's private. No phones in a small space doesn't equal intimate if it's the same scripted "intimacy" every night, which the 3 nights I've seen (and from what I've read of other shows) has been pretty much the same. Same small penis joke, same Mozart coming out of your pussy joke (which is shockingly not that funny, it's meant to be glamorously crass and vulgar...which is the only thing that saves it) , and it's the same slightly condescending tone used to lecture us on Roe V Wade and Cape Verde and James Baldwin. Not a total turn off, but definitely tedious when there's nothing really lighthearted to balance it out. It does have some magical moments, and it's strange to see her in this environment, so it has a surreal quality that only the Musical Theatre genre can create, BUT... it's really too bad that her musical director doesn't seem to have ever figured out how to make Madonna sound "live", so all the vocoder and pitched down song stems are only that much more obvious in this setting. I don't really think Madonna knows how to sing live in a theatre either, it's like she's so used to shouting over arena and stadium sized audiences that she forgets to pull herself back a fair amount of the time. I get the show, I like the show, but I can't say I love it. I'm not sure what happened, but it feels unfinished and rushed while still being over-produced with kitchen-sink logic.
  4. RebelHeartbreak

    When I attended the NY show on 9/22 by myself, I did expect her to be late...So, on 9/24 when I saw it with a friend who had also traveled halfway across the country (as I also did) why she goes on so late, as a first-time M concertgoer, he was a little confused with my non-answer... I just said "she always goes on late." When I said the late starts were getting old to a group of other fans we were talking to in the lobby, one of them started making excuses for her, like: "she's the queen! she can do what she wants!" followed by a bitchy "well, any FAN knows by now it'll be a late night." Etc. So after explaining that that show was my 22nd Madonna concert I've attended since Blond Ambition, he just started making more shitty comments and excuses for, as he kept reiterating, "the Queen." I'm 43yrs old, and I've been a fan since 1983 when I was 7yrs old. Obviously I'm not mad at her, because it's just part of the deal at this point for me, but a fan for any length of time has the right to be irritated or angry at this lack of regard for their time; whether they travel across town, across the country, or across an ocean. I wouldn't question anyone's request for a refund if they aren't willing to wait it out till she decides to start her show. MadameX theatre is very much like a Madonna concert in that respect, however she likes to define this show.
  5. RebelHeartbreak

    on 9/24 it looked like there was video equipment alongside the projection and lighting equipment in the tech booth in front of the mezzanine. and the booths on either side of the stage had what I assumed were discreet security and VIP audience members (or possibly other tour personnel...several people kept coming and going, and they seemed to be 'observing' rather than watching the show, if that makes sense? I'm sure an A/V person would know the difference of all the equipment, which didn't really seem like much up front or in the tech deck, but there were definitely a lot of pieces of what I assumed was audio equipment in the upper box sections. the benefit of staying in one venue for many nights gives the production the ability to know the angles and sweet spots for placing video recording equipment the audience may never see. Camera recording tech has come a long way in being small and discreet with plenty of capability to capture great footage in such a small and intimate space... so yes, gopros. Or, perhaps customized and super hi def ones not on the consumer market.
  6. RebelHeartbreak

    Having seen the show twice, this show can easily be filmed without much disruption to the audience. I wouldn't be surprised if there are remote cameras built into the set, and bodycams on performers. this show has both moments of stillness, and completely fluid and constant movement onstage. as much as I appreciate the fan footage and Fanmade edits of shows from the past couple of tours, it's hard to not notice that the broadcast/DVD/BR edits (particularly MDNA and RHT) are overproduced and frantically cut to try to find something new in an over-saturated market like YouTube and other social media platforms. One thing IS clear, though... Madame X is a Control Freak this era. She'll present this concert with her own chosen footage, or not at all. i still think it'll be a live broadcast, though,
  7. RebelHeartbreak

    I've been to smaller venues that have had side screens, but they're kinda like overkill. if the views are close and clear from almost any seat, the live feed video screens aren't necessary, but also take up space for other stage elements that could be used for better stage effects.
  8. RebelHeartbreak

    I don't know why, but I just have a feeling (a wish, let's be honest!) that this could be an HBO live broadcast. Being a theatre show, and with multiple nights in the same venue, the camera placement, production editing, etc. could be worked out and easily executed for Ms Perfectionist's high production standards. 😉 Broadcast and streaming rights are easy moneymakers, and with the limited locations, a broadcast from Miami, Lisbon, or Paris could be easily managed. At this point, watching the last couple of tours' "concert film" treatment has left me cold. I don't hate them, but capturing a live theatre experience with the frantic editing and canned audio/audience noise just seems wrong.
  9. RebelHeartbreak

    I'm curious if these nights may be designated for filming the show. Just the name "citi sound vault" along with "intimate shows" sounds like a broadcast or something, imo. If by intimate they mean just front of house and orchestra seats on sale, that could free up the balconies for cameras. I can't see her NOT filming it, mainly because the whole MX project has been extremely visual, so to not present to the gp with the ultimate visual message (she's been literally typing out in the videos, lol) Madame X would be the ultimate tease! Wishful thinking, I'm sure. It's probably a contractual thing with Citicard or sponsorship of the tour.
  10. RebelHeartbreak

    I'm so appreciative to all the work and effort it takes to maintain a forum like this one! I'm very happy to be back here celebrating this era together with everyone!
  11. RebelHeartbreak

    I am usually one of the defenders of her always performing Like A Prayer, mainly because its a signpost for many fans and non-fans alike, and she's also had bad results sometimes with performing this song, but i've never heard the song sound so forced vocally... it sounded like her in-ear monitors were acting up or something. And sonically, the music/arrangement does no favors to the song. Given the huge audience watching, perhaps it was nerves? Future isn't my favorite Madame X song, either, but it was fitting for the statement she's choosing to make. She just sounded (by her words in the Vogue UK interview) out of shape, and the cinching of the waist, pushing up of the boobs costuming choices dont always allow for vocal freedom, air intake wise. Just my opinion. Visually, she's on point as usual, i just hope she does some vocal training to get her voice up to performing in small theatres, because prerecorded vocals will be very obvious.
  12. RebelHeartbreak

    I've been a member since 1992
  13. RebelHeartbreak

    I like the idea of a residency. I live the big shows, but an intimate setting for multiple nights would/could create a more solid production because of the stage set up and breakdown wouldn't hinder stage effects, and the sound would be more consistent night to night.
  14. RebelHeartbreak

    My heart says American Life. My body says Confessions. Impossible choice. Intervention, Nothing Fails, Nobody Knows Me, I'm So Stupid. Get Together, Forbidden Love, Future Lovers, Like It Or Not. Theyre all in heavy rotation, still. I can't choose between these two albums.
  15. RebelHeartbreak

    I have no issue at all with a May single/summer album release. Of course I'd prefer it to be sooner, but this would be the first summer/Q2 release of a studio album since True Blue in 1986. For all we know, she feels it's a sunny, lighter collection of songs, and wants the release to reflect her mood? Or maybe she doesn't care for the release strategy she's been doing (with varying degrees of chart success) for the past 3 album cycles? Or maybe she has that film to direct prior to going on another album cycle? Or her new PR firm wants to maximize the press coverage leading up to it? I find it interesting all the tour rehearsal and concert footage she shared on IG lately was the Confessions Tour, which to me signaled that she may be looking at a new musical director (or returning to Stuart Price) It does appear with this album she'd rather do it right than do it quick, which is not a bad thing. It gives the general public plenty of time to become aware that she's still a recording artist that hasn't stopped making music....Or touring. If what we've been reading about the new music's sound is true, I'm very excited to finally listen to it.