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  1. I decided to do chronological order instead of favorite album. They shift so much depending on my mood, so I just listed my go-to songs per album. Madonna-Physical Attraction Like A Virgin- Angel True Blue- Open Your Heart Like A Prayer- Till Death Do Us Part I'm Breathless- Vogue Erotica- Deeper And Deeper Bedtime Stories- Sanctuary tied with Inside Of Me Ray Of Light- Skin Music- Impressive Instant American Life- Intervention Confessions...- Get Together Hard Candy- She's Not Me MDNA- Love Spent Rebel Heart- HeartBreakCity MadameX- Crazy
  2. I wouldn't be mad to see a retrospective docuseries that also captures putting the current show together during these months leading up to opening night. Even if it's a straight-up, ToD/IGTTYAS type film, I personally find her voice and image way more interesting than a dramatized retelling. But I'm also a documentary fan.
  3. She's been releasing random singles since the Sickick Frozen thing, so maybe she has just a new song that could be an actual hit by July when the tour kicks off.
  4. If she's still doing the biopic, she could be working with JK to storyboard how to shoot the numerous performances required for the film. or a tour.
  5. Isn't it the new Hung Up? 😂 when she puts BIM on the setlist for 3 tours in a row, then we'll compare it CS. 😂😂😂 I'd say it's a just a blip on the radar.
  6. Whether she realizes it or not, what she's doing now is accepting being a legacy artist, while pushing forward and utilizing her back catalog to still be a current pop recording artist. She's just taking longest, hardest, most challenging kicking and screaming route to take us there. Edit; And I think the Warner reissues might be much bigger than we could imagine when the products finally start rolling out. Just a hunch. After all, SHE is curating them. #soon
  7. Reading this thread. SMH. madonna is apparently here to disturb the peace. She has set a high bar for herself, and I'm guessing she knows that she won't ever be that "important" again. And if I were her, I'd be relieved to know that I could do and say whatever the fuck I wanted to because I've already set the bar NO ONE will ever be able to cross...Because it's too high. This video is just another blip, and something we're going to talk about in a couple of years like it's Candy Shop. Or American Life. What she's doing now is tapping into the underground mainstream, and although it's not my cup, I'll still take a sip. I've said for years and years on these forums is that it's like being on a forum for victims of an abusive relationship, or like someone having Stockholm syndrome. This video is NOT a big deal in her career unless it goes to number 1 and she has the last laugh. The whole "Social Media Fandom!" shit is probably laughable to her. As it should be.
  8. I've no problem at all with her experimenting with different sounds/genres or newer "underground" artists. I've no problem at all with her using strong or provocative imagery to make her point(s). I do have a problem with the stunning lack of quality control surrounding her lately. She's essentially launching a sub-par photographer/video director's career with a bunch of rehashed ideas and truly horrible styling choices. I'm all for avant garde artistic expression, and sometimes that doesn't gel well with a lot of people. Adding a new line or two to mashup someone else's song into one that she has consistently "reinvented" already just doesn't really say anything to me as a listener, or as a fan. I'm used to some head-scratching moments from her especially if the videos don't quite match the song for me, but the output is usually still high quality and makes me think of the song in a different way. Similar to how a book can be better than its movie version, or vice versa. I don't hate this, it's just not intriguing or entertaining for me. If some like it, and get something from it, then she's done her job.
  9. I like the pink hair. And pretty much anyone and at any age is gonna have to pull out the whole makeup bag to make the look work. It's not just the AARP crowd. As far as her boyfriends are concerned, she's doing her thing. I mean, wasn't she French kissing 2 younger female friends in the back of a car just last week? Lol Sitting on a young man's lap for a photo is so very tame by comparison.
  10. Great article. Thanks for sharing it here. I remember that A&B were unknown prior to the WIFLFAG video mix, but I had no idea it was so specifically mixed for the video, or that it was what inspired the video itself. I'm surprised they didn't mention that the video single being released after MTV banned it. I've always loved WO's work with Madonna. Even MDNA. TY's mixes aren't usually my cup, but I don't hate them. Shep's sound was so all over the place, not sonically, but literally: on the radio, MTV, the clubs (which I was too young to go to at the time), but there is still a unique sound that he achieved with Madonna's songs that I instantly fell in love with. And its why his Immaculate Collection mixes still sound timeless, save for the QSound effects.
  11. Madonna can still sell out stadiums, it just depends on how many. She could do 6 major market stadium shows (Paris, London, NY, Chicago, LA, Miami, etc) and still call it a tour, and it would sell out. Maybe not immediately, but by show time it would. Even if she's a bad girl on social media. Lol. As a fan, I'm not discouraged by the immense shitshow that was Madame X and how it was managed and handled. Before anyone says anything about injuries, there was also that "unforeseen technical stage setup" rescheduling fiasco that screwed a lot of fans over too, including me. But, that's now a bygone era known as the late LN/Interscope years. I've never been disappointed in a Madonna concert, so I highly doubt she doesn't know how to be onstage at a decent time, put on a great show whether she's dancing or not, singing live or not, in a good mood or not. If anything good comes out of MXT, it's that even many of the diehards are put off by the diva "they come to me, they wait for me" shit, and don't want to have jet lag after traveling to a show in the same timezone. True story. She always delivers, but keeping 50000 people waiting isn't gonna fly. ...but, I still have faith. edit: all that said, I don't think she's gonna tour again until after the biopic is at least in post-production.
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