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  1. RebelHeartbreak

    Hard Candy was the beginning of Demo Castellon as mixing engineer, you can hear the difference between the Pharrell tracks mixed by Spike Stent, and the Timbaland/JT tracks mixed by Demo. He is not good. I understand William Orbit’s frustration with mixing MDNA. Human Nature seems logical to release with the MXT dvd upcoming, I agree there’s been some market research happening, and like it or not, HN is the lone representative of the recent #1 album Bedtime Stories. lol. I have a feeling she’s going to go back to Warner, it’s just a hunch, but it just makes sense for both. She’ll get to be Homecoming Queen, and WB will have a full discography to market for her. And she can still make new music. I guess we’ll see if more songs get added. Either way, it’s a good thing.
  2. I guess never say never, especially with the sudden media interest in Madonna’s legacy lately with small/random news bits, especially from UK sites, so it could be true. The Ariana Grande “god is a woman” cameo was weirdly promoted and quickly forgotten, and “Champagne Rose” wasn’t very big either, was it? To go a bit deeper, to me it seems like her PR team is using some of the negative IG posts to gather momentum with posts about her legacy. Seeing the stories on my newsfeed list on Apple news looks like for every current story (neutral or negative, usually referring to IG) there’s another new story or pop culture site listing off her legacy songs, her legacy looks, etc. I guess it’s just the way PR works, especially when it’s so fast paced now, they can plant stories to balance out the negative. Either way, it appears like someone on her team understands algorithms! 😂😂 I also wonder that Guy O’s sudden reminder to everyone that he’s still Madonna’s manager is also a reminder to music executives that Madonna needs a recording deal?
  3. RebelHeartbreak

    How likely is a physical release after everyone’s been streaming so much more now? I ask because I haven’t watched an actual Blu-ray or dvd in a long time; mainly because I don’t have to. But, since Guy O is back on the M train, the LEAST he can do is get a quick turnaround on the editing and figure out how to launch this film. Or package the existing released live shows in some digital bundle beforehand. I will always buy physical copies, but it’s more of a personal collection now.
  4. RebelHeartbreak

    I like the hair tease posts. Even when they never show up again. Lol. We always see wigs around her, but she never really wears any of them, unless it's been for a photo shoot or party/event. It's strange to have so many around unless the kids wear them for dress up. The wigs we've seen her in have most likely been catalogued and archived with the clothing/costume it was worn with. I'm a hairdresser, so I've noticed all the reliance on extensions more than wigs, which work better for her, but in general Madonna's hair has always been the star of her eras, so the obviousness of badly color-matched, often too long extensions takes a bit of the magic away from the transformations for me. I like her glamorous looks, but her candid moments really do make her look ageless. It would be nice if she does make a deliberate change for the next era, is to just look comfortable. All the corsets and boobs and hair, it all just looks like a costume now. or maybe being a hairdresser during lockdown has me overthinking this. 😛
  5. RebelHeartbreak

    I was excited about Madame X until she introduced herself in person. So I'm not really sad to see her go. I wanted to like her, but she polished up her resume too much, and was more than she could (or wanted) to deliver once she got the job. I want to think that the show wasn't finished and the crazy schedule and injuries just kept her from evolving the show into a more unique and fluid experience from night to night, and that may be wishful thinking, but whyever the timeline of her injuries is, the show was a train wreck from the start. The path from mysterious Madame X to Mozart out da pussy jokes was like a rollercoaster stalling out in the middle of the ride. Excellent concept, great visual content, shitty attitude from MX starting with album promo interviews forward, and the shockingly amateur execution of the tour. I can't help but now think the only true successes of this era was the absolute lockdown on leaks, and the #1's on the album and dance charts. the wasted potential of all the Madame X personas is more confusing than anything. I hope the concert film changes my mind, but I'm okay with Madame X handing the reigns back over to Madonna.
  6. RebelHeartbreak

    This is not good. Contracts, especially in the entertainment industry, are always reported to Make the talent look petty, corrupt, or entitled. They're written to be extra specific and purposely vague, so I can't see anything leaking to be positive. For the hackers to know that using Madonna's name and her most recent contracts would generate publicity makes it more worrisome. I'm sure that these will most likely leak, based on the nature of the ransom demand, and Madonna has had these lawyers for a LONG time.
  7. RebelHeartbreak

    I went to four shows, my fifth would've been 2/18 in Paris...but, you know. Having more time to reflect on the tour I was fortunate enough to have seen 4x, but each show I saw was a different favorite, mainly because Madonna's mood(s).* But the one that got me out my seat every time was American Life. I've always loved that song and era, and the use of the video footage ON the staging, along with that amazing synth bass in such a compact space sounds like its zipping across and tearing through the air above her, and us. It really did create a tremendous assault to the senses. I'm happy that she's recognizing its existence after its omission from the Celebration collection. 9/22,NY.: I Don't Search... *mood was icy, but funny. 9/24, NY,: American Life *mood was scripted to be icy, but funny. She really sets up AL with the IDSIF performance. All those stairs and trap doors! Now I know she was in pain, so the mood was justifiable. 10/21 Chicago: Extreme Occident *mood was charming but condescending. I love Madonna when she's seems sincere, And she did during this performance, especially in Chicago. 12/8 Philadelphia: American Life *mood was weird. Injuries aside, which didn't really affect the show that much, but there were moments that she really came across like she wanted to sit and talk. Lll
  8. RebelHeartbreak

    I've wondered about the editing particularly of MDNA and Rebel Heart being SO overdone because there's been so many decent to high quality bootlegs available on YouTube well before those tours were even completed, much less ready for her to broadcast or release a "definitive" version. We all know she likes the element of surprise, but when every tiny detail of each show on each tour is already available to be seen, compared, and graded... what else can she do to wow us? First, the footage must obviously be edited to capture each angle shot, in real time, so that the at-home audience feels dizzy from the pseudo-360 degree 3-D effect.... but let's NOT put the backdrops as bonus material. They MUST be overlaid ON TOP of the HD footage. Lest we not "see" the show as it was meant to be. 😂😂. looks like the MXT is another case of using the entire toolbox of effects...perhaps she forgot she locked up all the additional film crew's equipment this time around? Lol it seems like it's a 'chicken or the egg' type of situation. Did she cause it, or did we? Lol
  9. RebelHeartbreak

    As brief as this era has been, it makes me wonder if it gets another bit of a relaunch in a couple of months. As flawed as this era has been, the MX album is still somewhat marketable. The best parts of the tour were the playful moments and her sincerity in her performances of the MX songs, except maybe Crave. But THAT is another story. It's like Ghosttown not being a regular song on the RHT setlist. IF there's anyone around her that's smart, or if she wants to retain interest in this era coming...ugh, full circle, she should release 'Crazy'' as a live video single (ala 'Like A Virgin' from ToD on MTV) and a "radio remix" to radio/streaming. Madame X is: A saint, A sinner, and, A feisty old broad. Voce nao vai me por tao lo-o-o-ouca Voce nao vai me por tao louca.
  10. RebelHeartbreak

    I agree the eyepatch was part of the problem as it's normal to move cautiously, or at least with trepidation, when you can't see where you're going. This move was cut after I saw the show in NY. Chicago 10/21 and Philly 12/8 each didn't have this choreography during Vogue. Honestly, Vogue was not a high point for me this time. The choreography to me was too much and not enough. It was nice to hear her sing it live though.
  11. RebelHeartbreak

    I am completely outraged. ...that I bought one.
  12. RebelHeartbreak

    She's going to finish the tour, and I hope the broadcast/streaming of the show will happen soon. Not #soon. Lol. I can't say from my experience of seeing the show 4x in North America that she's unhappy with the show or tour itself, I can't say if she's unhappy about anything, ever... but there is a very distinct difference with her message of the show (musically, theatrically, topically. It's all very clear to me she's making feminist statements throughout the show.) versus the attitude and demeanor her Madame X persona takes, which is a little beyond bitchy and just shy of condescension. She's not going to have a cancelled tour on her resume. So the feeling I've gotten is: if she has to suffer, the so shall we. There have been a few rare moments that she has to truly prove something, whether if she's been universally misunderstood for a project like Pepsi-gate, or the Justify My Love/Erotica/SEX period, or the American Life video, or killing it during the Confessions era with her riding accident, etc., and now with Madame X, she's not proving to everybody she can do it as much as proving it to herself. Even a senseless mistake like a chair not being in place, on an already injured performer, can be tremendously painful to her body, not to mention her ego. Nobody likes looking like that. This is not my favorite era, but I will always root for her to succeed. My hope for her is that she feels like she's accomplished more than she set out to do with this tour, but that she can also find contentment in the future with just performing her music; either as simply, or as complex, as she wants.
  13. RebelHeartbreak

    I hope she sorts out and recovers from her injuries, and then move quickly on to the next project. I would like to see her return to Warner Records or independently release new music. She could capitalize on her 50 #1’s on the dance chart with a digital release. At this point, I wouldn’t mind if she just released ep’s for a while. I hope the Madame X Tour doesn’t drive her away from theatres or smaller venues because I really think she has a good concept to build on. I also hope she gives it another go because one thing that seemed to distract me during the MXT was that she seemed frustrated, like she wants to enjoy this tour and can’t, so the audience gets put into the sometimes awkward position of being the sole reason she’s painfully suffering us. LOL. That said, I can’t see the inevitable greatest hits or classic album tour be too far off.
  14. RebelHeartbreak

    There's really no excuse that's good enough for the tardiness at this point. It's not like anyone attending the show can just go hang out at a bar until the show starts. And no, not everyone in Paris is sleeping at midnight on a weekend, but let's see how this goes over on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Having sat in 4 of Madame X's audiences, the waiting and the no phone policy do make it feel slightly hostage-like. 😂
  15. RebelHeartbreak

    oh, I appreciate the attention to detail they take, although it was slightly irritating to go get printed tickets from a pdf, even having "mobile entry" for a few places. I hope it's just opening night hiccups, and no one has to stand in the cold night for too long! I'm still irritated that she postponed my 2/18 show, it's was going to cost me $3000 to rearrange my trip to March, and $2500 to go to London and try to replace 3 refunded Paris tickets, along with round trip train/flight to London.