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  1. Or let's focus on the fact that Andy Cohen caters to housewives, and has stunningly shallow ideals of the LGBTQ community. He is Perez Hilton with lotsa de casha. I know it's entertainment TV, but I won't be giving any credit on being an LGBTQ icon just because he's rich and famous. edit: And there was not an ounce of homophobia in the comment by @ScottyJ you quoted.
  2. That sample used in the the twitter teaser is "show me love" by Robin S. So it's definitely 90's house if that's a real clip of the S&M song.
  3. Lacroix, sweetie. Karl Lagerfeld designed the costume for showgirl section.
  4. I remember that Michael Bearden was the original DWT musical director and had been for her performances between GS and DWT, and she fired him and hired Stuart as musical director at the beginning of rehearsals. If my memory is accurate. Lol. If she has indeed swapped MD's and Stuart is back, this is going to be the most amazing show ever musically.
  5. With all the articles like rolling stone and billboard, about the video specifically, I'm glad the rollout seems to finally coordinated. Hopefully the directors cut of the video is coming too. Kinda feels like a relaunch. Or generate buzz for a new single? This deal is so hard to figure out how which direction it's going in. Obviously, straight up deluxe reissues are coming, but it's like it's all gonna drop at the tour's kickoff. It's just seems less random with American Life this time.
  6. I'm getting fuzzy dreams of the AL era and all the division amongst fans. Seems like the good ol' days. ❤️ I'm glad she's reminding people of the American Life album for the tour, I hope she'll do at least the title track in the show.
  7. Stuart also had Donna Delory's backing vocals to work with when he was MD. I've never really liked Kevin Antunes' musical direction, but there have been some gems in her live shows, but I agree about the arrangements lacking the "live" feel, particularly the live albums mixing.
  8. I decided to do chronological order instead of favorite album. They shift so much depending on my mood, so I just listed my go-to songs per album. Madonna-Physical Attraction Like A Virgin- Angel True Blue- Open Your Heart Like A Prayer- Till Death Do Us Part I'm Breathless- Vogue Erotica- Deeper And Deeper Bedtime Stories- Sanctuary tied with Inside Of Me Ray Of Light- Skin Music- Impressive Instant American Life- Intervention Confessions...- Get Together Hard Candy- She's Not Me MDNA- Love Spent Rebel Heart- HeartBreakCity MadameX- Crazy
  9. I wouldn't be mad to see a retrospective docuseries that also captures putting the current show together during these months leading up to opening night. Even if it's a straight-up, ToD/IGTTYAS type film, I personally find her voice and image way more interesting than a dramatized retelling. But I'm also a documentary fan.
  10. She's been releasing random singles since the Sickick Frozen thing, so maybe she has just a new song that could be an actual hit by July when the tour kicks off.
  11. If she's still doing the biopic, she could be working with JK to storyboard how to shoot the numerous performances required for the film. or a tour.
  12. Isn't it the new Hung Up? 😂 when she puts BIM on the setlist for 3 tours in a row, then we'll compare it CS. 😂😂😂 I'd say it's a just a blip on the radar.
  13. Whether she realizes it or not, what she's doing now is accepting being a legacy artist, while pushing forward and utilizing her back catalog to still be a current pop recording artist. She's just taking longest, hardest, most challenging kicking and screaming route to take us there. Edit; And I think the Warner reissues might be much bigger than we could imagine when the products finally start rolling out. Just a hunch. After all, SHE is curating them. #soon
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