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  1. I know! Lol There’s nothing new to “sell”, and chances are the extras will be released to streaming as the anniversary dates of the singles approach anyway, right? And as I’ve already compared from the prior releases, a WB digital release is basically equal to the HQ CD rips we’ve had for years, or for some of us, in our CD players. LOL. but I’ll probably still buy it. That’s the kinda fan I am, and I’m beginning to resent MYSELF for it! Lol
  2. Like I said, I’m looking back to my 13/14yo self. I was lucky to have a good selection of local record shops and a also be a hub for WB promotions, which I NO clue would be usueful information in 2021! Lol. I’m not saying I’m right, I’m not saying anyone is wrong, I’m just sharing my memories and experiences. I could be wrong, but I was like a Madonna Savant back then… and kinda still an. Lol. She had a lot of output back then, and WB was always on top of promotions and servicing her new works to radio and club DJ’s. My former partner had SO many promo maxi’s on vinyl and CD because he was the DJ at Viilage Station (the only gay dance club in Dallas, and Arcadia, also in dallas, and a converted music hall/dance club.) maybe I should just let it go. I just know what I saw and remembered having to make a choice between vinyl and cassette! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Okay. I used to go to a couple of local record stores in Dallas that sold imports, so maybe that’s how I saw it. One store called “Bill’s records and tapes” is where I got the Dear Jessie cassette single when it was released, which was confusing to me because I had no idea it was released in the UK instead of Oh Father. Lol. edit: the Oh father single was released on 10/24/1989 in the US, and I remember the world premiere of the video on MTV around that time as well, I’m not saying you’re not right, but my memory is is long and accurate, and the Keep it Together single was released in January of 1990 in the US, and shortly thereafter, in late February/early March 1990, MTV began teasing the Vogue video between commercials. So a 1990 release date in France of Oh Father was way behind what was happening in the US market, which I did in fact see a 45 sleeve of Oh Father when it was relaeased. I’m 45yo now, so I’m of course recalling old memories, but WEA (Warner-Elektra-Atlantic) did amazing and incredible promotional work back then, up until the early 2000’s when most markets closed their offices. Dallas has a WEA office that I actually got quite a bit of free promotional stuff from (and eventually befriending ) the Warner/Sire rep that always gave me info about the next singles, or that they had no info, etc. I sometimes got sent what was leftover from the promo stuff for DJ’s, including the red double vinyl Fever single, and the DJ only pink vinyl pressing of Bedtime Stories for free because it wasn’t for sale. I only say this because I know there are still things that pop up that the general market didn’t get at Musicland, Sam Goody, Tower Records, etc. like I said I mostly went to record stores that were local, so there’s definitely some room for discrepancies in my timeline, but I’ve also found that Discogs isn’t the end all, be all of “official releases”.
  4. The 45 did come in a picture sleeve in my market. I was 13 at the time, and my budget made me have to choose between the 45 and cassette single, which I chose the latter, which I still have. Since it wasn’t a “hit”, it disappeared quickly from the shelves, but I clearly remember it being available with a picture cover, because I was also confused that the b side was “Pray For Spanish Eyes” instead of the LP listing of “Spanish Eyes”. I remember pulling the 45 out of the sleeve to double check on the label.
  5. This look is exactly how I think she should present herself. It’s youthful, and sexy, but it’s also timeless…which can also be seen as ageless. All the over-costuming, and gimmicky styling choices have taken away from her beauty. I’m not a fan of the grills, but I also don’t hate them…but they aren’t necessary with armor-like corsets and boobs pushed up to her chin, and overly structured clothes that she’s clearly uncomfortable wearing. Eyepatches, and overdone hair/wigs also take away from the simplicity (yes, even with the procedures and surgery) and beauty of her face. Madonna in daisy dukes and a demure sweater with simple hair and fishnets is exactly how my kind of 62 year old woman should look…if she wants to. Edit: obviously I don’t think this is a “forever look” but she definitely looks more comfortable and carries herself like she KNOWS she’s sexy. Bea Aukerland should never be allowed near Madonna’s body again. And there’s a few designers I’d steer clear of if I were her stylist. Ricardo Tisci and Jeremy Scott, are examples.
  6. Hahaha. If only there was fast forward option for the Polaroid auction. Lol. I honestly hoped that MXT would’ve been a live broadcast on HBO, the theatre aspect and being “in the moment” nature of the show seemed very much like the right way to go, but the problems plaguing the production, as well as the injuries, made that impossible. Oh well. Maybe next time. DWT was the last live broadcast she’s done aside from promo gigs, and I agree it’s not a good tour video. There were SO many elements that were missed opportunities, specifically Sky Fits Heaven. It was truly amazing to see her flying around the stage. But at least there’s an acceptable document of the tour.
  7. I love this song so much. It was such a surprising song in the album, and the live treatment on the CT was so beautiful and inspiring.
  8. I hope that the fans that didn’t ge to see the show live enjoy the finished product. I think the heavy editing will actually be a benefit. I saw it 4x and it was brilliant and beautiful, and also over-long and *gasp* boring at times, too. seeing Drowned World live was unlike any video could capture, but Madame X, IMO needed some polish and glitz. And I hope that all the fans that didn’t see it live get to see a truly entertaining and brilliantly executed “show”.
  9. Holiday Lucky Star Like A Virgin Material Girl Into The Groove Live To Tell Papa Don’t Preach Open Your Heart Who’s That Girl Causing A Commotion Like A Prayer Express Yourself Vogue Justify My Love Deeper And Deeper Fever Rain Secret Take A Bow Bedtime Story You’ll See You Must Love Me Frozen Ray Of Light Nothing Really Matters Time Stood Still Music Impressive Instant What It Feels Like American Life Hollywood Nothing Fails Hung Up Get Together Jump Candy Shop Give It 2 Me Miles Away Masterpiece Girl Gone Wild Turn Up The Radio Love Spent Living For Love Ghosttown Bitch I’m Madonna Rebel Heart Medellin God Control Crazy Crave
  10. Just cutting the Polaroid and beer bitch moments saves about 20 minutes. Has anyone timed just the actual song performances minus the banter? each time I saw it, the Polaroid banter kept getting longer and longer. Lol. At least she admitted she was buying time! 😂
  11. Hi, Pud! I agree that we want as much Xposure as possible for Madame X. Which netflix could’ve offered her, but I *hope* that paramount+ has the good sense to bundle all of the MTV Madonna archive moments to augment the Madame X Tour experience.
  12. I understand all of that. And I would be disappointed if she did go that route, I’m just saying it’s not a necessity for me as a fan as far as the delivery of new music is concerned. Especially since she seems invested in continuing to curate her image whether it’s for publication, album promotion, or for social media. Just as an example, I was glad that the UK Vogue issue had an exclusive photo shoot for Madame X,, and that it was a good interview, but I couldn’t find a physical copy of that issue in my city, but I own it digitally, which sucks, but at least I have it. My back catalogue of magazines goes all the way back to her first cover of Rolling Stone, and every issue she’s been on since. Every Vanity Fair issue, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, interview, Time Magazine, The Face, Q, etc etc. And also, if I listen to the Like A Prayer album, the 180gram reissue is great, but my original copy still smells like patchouli, so my preference is to listen to that copy, as it takes me back for a full sensory experience. the 360 deals seem to flood the market with “exclusive”, “limited edition”, “ultra deluxe” etc. because it’s so heavily tilted towards merchandising. If that the future, fine. But it’s not a necessity for me to enjoy new Madonna music.
  13. Lol. I know. but there was a time when those words did apply to her. Even during the SEX book and erotica era, she maintained some dignity through the shitstorm.
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