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  1. This is an interesting thread to read. first off, I'm glad the MX era is officially over. Lol. The show was nice to see her having fun, which in the live setting is impossible to not be charmed and elated by, so a bunch of phone videos from not the best angles or audio positioning in the venue are always gonna be hard to watch without being critical. I love, LOVE, love Madonna's live voice because it's authentic and flawed and surprising in her delivery. I also have never minded if she lip syncs or uses a backing track during higher energy songs for choreography. I think the MDNA tour wore her the fuck out physically and probably emotionally too. But it was great. Since RHT, she's definitely simplified her dancing, but I don't think she's ever going to be able to just stand and sing, even with a guitar strapped to her chest, because movement is probably a reflex when she's singing at this point. But, to see her quickly getting back into shape in real time, in front of an audience, looks promising and is kinda brave imo. *my little conspiracy theory is that she is showing Julia Garner the real deal in terms of being "MADONNA" and the fandom, I bet that's pretty hard to just explain to someone how that must feel.
  2. Call me optimistic, but this is basically a promo show for the FEL launch coinciding with pride month and a fundraising event. The whole WoW NFT thing could just be an opportunity to budget her show, which if it's filmed could be used later for the physical album launch, which was mentioned earlier. I don't understand why her team won't put full (official) concerts on her YouTube channel, or at the very least all the promo gigs she's done since the MSN Brixton livestream for the Music album. all these little gimmicks of largely obscure platforms aren't doing her any favors in terms of exposure. it's a shame if this is another elitist event, but I'm sure the audience will get a nice long lecture about pride month. Lol. Also, it already seems like her return to Warner will also be a return to proper promotion of her music. OR.... maybe this is a just warmup gig for something upcoming.
  3. I wonder if Madonna finds this casting news making headlines similar to 1995 when she was cast as Eva Peron? I hope none of us fans tell Julia to "go home" once filming starts. 🤣🤣
  4. This is great news. I thought she would be good as Madonna even since I saw her in Ozark. She definitely strikes a good resemblance to Madonna. now...who's playing Paula? Lol.
  5. I figured that as well, but a promo gig for a new release could count too? Wishful thinking? Lol
  6. The pride show in 2019 was basically a MX/MXT promo show, so I would think this will be along the same lines for FEL. Warner announced "special events" as part of their deal with the reissues campaign, so let's all just hope this is also a promo show (with a production and venue budget, which would also require some legit rehearsal and preparation time) for the album launch the next day.
  7. This is a great way to kick off the reissues campaign. Into the groove as the first preorder track is a very wise move, too. Everyone loves that song, even if they won’t admit it! Lol. also, it could get casual fans to hear music from eras less popular. if they’re rereleasing the entire catalog, this is a good way to get people familiar with her entire body of work represented.
  8. I think it kind of bookends nicely with the YCD reissue a couple of yrs ago.
  9. The one song that I feel has an unnecessary rap segment, it’s Nas’ contribution on VVV, which is probably the most heavy handed and self indulgent “featuring” raps on any of her songs. I feel like the entire song is hijacked by Nas. I’m a Kelis fan, so it’s hard to hear him drag their drama into a Madonna song about her own perseverance and survival. But that’s just me. the other features add something to the songs, particularly the masterpiece that is the “Waiting” remix feat Everlast on the Rain maxi single… or Meshell On IRBYL on bedtime stories..,or Nicki Minaj in IDGAF and BIM.
  10. I’ve never really thought of M needing a “comeback” until after the MXT. her popularity always has a waning period, usually due to her usual antics or throwing her political opinion(s) out there…but she’s always brought herself back to being popular, if not returning to relevance (which I’ve never thought she lost anyway). If promoted correctly, I think the reissues can hit the right note with the older GP that may have forgotten about her music, or only think The Immaculate Collection is worth a listen. Then there’s the younger GP that only get Madonna as a legend with no motivation to seek out why she’s a legend in the first place. There’s a real opportunity to solidify her status as the musician that paved the path for so many other artists that have followed. Hopefully it’ll translate to a “comeback” , as I’ve no doubt these will presented as “new” releases. the LN/Interscope years seemed more of a quantity over quality issue with her albums, especially with the blatant gimmickry of Deluxe and Ultra Deluxe editions of MDNA, RH, and MX. Not to mention the necessity for fans to purchase imports for a single bonus track, or different cover art.
  11. I think we’ll get some info in the new year. Since the nostalgia movement is already happening, this could be a really interesting and unique way of reintroducing the music of the ultimate pop nostalgia artist. I think a lot of M’s music has been lost on the GP for her personal life and antics, but also from a lack of awareness of her new music. she basically has the opportunity to hop around throughout her career and not have to keep it chronological, that’s why I’m betting on LAP and Erotica as the first two deluxe editions next year. It’s a strong start to the reissues campaign and will be easy promotion because those are such notable eras in her canon. I think the debut album will be 2023 for the 40th anniversary.
  12. I know! If we’re not, then I won’t say how much I love it and how funny the lyrics are. Lol
  13. Inside of Me samples Alliyah’s Back and Forth, produced by R. Kelly, so a credit is listed in the BS booklet. But as far as I know that’s M’s only affiliation with him.
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