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  1. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    That's an interesting point, although I think she would have gone down that route regardless of her kids. I think she just became insecure after American Life flopped and Confessions singles underperformed in the US. Also, maybe I am wrong but I think it was Nas that she worked with because Rocco liked him. Don't remember anything about Diplo.
  2. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    Oh but she didn't write it. It's a famous quote by Bansky.
  3. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    Anyway this song is garbage. It's really bland and cheesy and it's overproduced to the extreme that it sounds like just noise.
  4. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    But Graffiti aren't illegal, are they? That's the point.
  5. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    I think those are the correct lyrics
  6. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

  7. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    The only one I like is Fever. I mean, I don't have a problem with her doing a cover, even though I'd rather she didn't. But a whole album?! No thanks. Let Cher & Co. do that.
  8. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    He is a very famous director now. He directed Alladin for Disney
  9. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    Not interested in other people's songs
  10. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    Nothing fails is one of the best songs in her discography 🙃
  11. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    Not at all. Remember Warner Bros didn't prevent Spanish lesson... We have a really good understanding of the tracks she recorded that were rejected and we have never heard of any songs as bad as Bday song or Some girls from the 90s or 00's. Warner Bros didn't "filter" anything, she just didn't write stupid songs.
  12. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    Bad girl and Erotica are in the top 5 of her best songs ever and people don't seem to realise that
  13. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    Can't wait to see what she doesn't release for the anniversary
  14. Let'sGetUnconsciousHoney

    She stopped caring for a while. But now she's back ❤️ ❌