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  1. I wish Animal had been the first single. Imagine Madonna in jungle/animal print attire, closed up in a cage... But then again 4 minutes was a safer choice for the charts
  2. I adored it when I came out (I was 13) and to this day I still think it has some strong songwriting (She's not me, Miles Away, Give it 2 me, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Heartbeat). The sound wasn't the most avant-guard, but that's only a problem if you care about that. I prefer Hard Candy to MDNA. MDNA shares the same problems with HC (late on a trend, not enough "Madonna") while also having considerably worse songs throughout.
  3. The streams have been put together, so there's that. Whether the digital downloads will count as True Blue album sales? I'm not sure but I think they will
  4. Because Madonna is stubborn and thinks only she is a genius and everybody else is out to censor her. She would have been a lot more seccessful had she stayed with Warner.
  5. Anyone with access to a New Zeleand Spotify account? I have to wait another three hours till Friday.
  6. I have the French 7" picture sleeve. I like it so much more than the artwork for the cassette single, but unfortunately it's the same picture as Keep it together
  7. I have three questions I'd like to discuss: - Why is the I Rise music video not on her channel? - Why did they upscale the TV edit for Music and not the official one that's in the music videos playlist? Why have two? - Why didn't Express Yourself get the HD label and thumbnail?
  8. Yes, I'm sure the writing of Hanky Panky is gonna be a major plot point in the movie 😂 Seriously though, the campaign started before she started writing the movie.
  9. I think he meant a True Blue Anniversary playlist, in the same fashion as the one we got for Like a Prayer.
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