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  1. I was 12 when I became a fan in 2006, so this is the taste of a 12 year-old overwhelmed with 20+ years of music to discover all at once lol 1. Lucky star 2. Material girl 3. Papa don't preach 4. Like a prayer 5. Bad girl 6. I don't remember any particular songs standing out 7. Ray of light 8. American pie 9. Die another day 10. Hung up (I listened to this song until I ruined the CD) 11. She's not me 12. Best friend 13. Rebel heart demo (on the album, I'd say Ghosttown) 14. Crazy
  2. - Erotica - Open your heart - Ray of light - Crave (acoustic) - Madame X (Allie X cover) - Lucky star - Frozen - Rebel Heart
  3. This makes sense. I forgot some people actually buy these instead of streaming
  4. I disagree, I think it makes more sense to put all remixes of the same song together. Release Fever with all the fever mixes. I don't want Fever remixes with the Rain artwork.
  5. Vogue LIKE A PRAYER (my favourite of this song) Nobody knows me Nothing fails Frozen Lament
  6. I heard Sorry was written after a fight with Guy Come alive = her children Crave = mahlik? Batuka = world leaders, especially Trump Ghosttown = Rocco Looking for mercy = Mercy James lol
  7. Nah, these are tacky. There's much better things I'd prefer
  8. Thanks! I think I missed these too: Superstar, Buenos Aires, God Control (is the Offer Nissim remix official?), Come Alive (is the Tracy Young remix official?)
  9. I don't know much about remixes, just getting into them now. What non-single songs received official remix treatment? Right now I know of: Waiting, Nobody Knows Me, I love New York, Let it will be, Sky Fits Heaven, Masterpiece. Is that it?
  10. So at this point I think it's safe to say these aren't happening this week. The release would now be less than 24 hours away.
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