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  1. yeahhhh, and she was in front of me during a lot of songs, like erotica or human nature
  2. finally back online on the forum after two months of total silence to avoid spoilers from everywhere yesterday I finally saw her for the first time ever and wow.... i'm speechless it doesn't feel real
  3. I hope it drops in price drastically like RHT vinyl... it cost around 70-80€ in the beginning, and now it's less than half from amazon etc
  4. we're all waiting for Madonna40 or similar... and here we are with THIS
  5. yeah but at this point or they're trolling us excluding only those two or they're fixing it... LS+B OGs have their own canvas, like LAV or Vogue as you said, but the versions on TIC not...
  6. now on Spotify all the songs in it have a new canvas promoting TIC, except lucky star and borderline
  7. if someone finds an italian site with the new boxset pls @ me
  8. I hope they put it on some Italian site so I can use the 500€ bonus for 18 year olds to spend on music etc I hadn't been able to buy it last year so it would be great to succeed this year (even if I also want some real reissues)
  9. i'm not complaining it's just for a "obsession" of mine to want to archive everything that I was wondering about those things... if she starts to clean up her digital presence for the public it can be a very good thing, and I will be the first to support it
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