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  1. i'm not complaining it's just for a "obsession" of mine to want to archive everything that I was wondering about those things... if she starts to clean up her digital presence for the public it can be a very good thing, and I will be the first to support it
  2. omg tysm!!! i'm obsessed by those things so it's very useful
  3. yes, but only her can see the archive of the account I was talking about a "personal" archive by some fan... I have one for Ava Max, I love her so and she usually deletes/archives things, so I run a throwback account where I repost all the old posts, even the unavailable ones, thanks to my archive maybe someone has done something similar with madonna
  4. someone has tracked/backed up ALL of her posts since she started using IG? we need a TB archive
  5. spotontrack is the most reliable and "fastest", I used it last week to track dancing's done by ava max and they kept updated almost quickly all the playlist
  6. in this case.. it is? there are tons of xmas songs in the hot 100, without them it would be very high.. in 1 week they will all freefall and BM will enter in the hot 100 maybe it's not a bad idea to release BTU after xmas freeze
  7. frozen sickick remix live debut is coming I fear
  8. it's already arrived in my trusted vinyl store here.. i'll go get it tomorrow!
  9. For some time, artists can upload their music videos on "Facebook Watch", and even if I don't think it's available in Italy yet (I can't see the full videos, but only 30 second snippets without audio), I can still view the list of available videos, and I found that Fever HD video was uploaded 10 days ago. Still nothing for Rain at the moment. A curious thing is that they also recently uploaded two videos from ROL + Miles Away. All old videos were uploaded in July 2020 when they launched the platform. I don't know if they were simply missing from the list (although it seems strange to me for a song as big as Frozen), or replaced them with the ones that were there before (even if this upload of Frozen isn't even in HD). Another thing I noticed instead concerns the Canvas on Spotify. Surprisingly they worried about putting some of them for the "most important" tracks of these 3 released EPs, and one of these lucky ones was "Up Down Suite", to which they put a Canvas with pieces from the "Erotica" video. It would be nice to see a full video edited with pieces from the "Erotica" video or "Sex" film. Not to mention the hope that they will release "Goodbye To Innocence" (Original + Fever Dub + Demo) soon.
  10. just bought the only copy of the 3 CD set that arrived to my trusted record dealer! it's not "the best" like the 6 LP box set that I couldn't get ... but hey ... I'm a gen Z fan, but how good is it to be able to buy a record the same day it comes out, and not just listen to it in streaming?
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