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  1. That person is getting dragged mercilessly though. Any engagement it’s getting is for the wrong reasons.
  2. Whaaaaaat she got Peaches tonight? That’s awesome. I hope at least once on the US leg she’ll get a big star to be there and make all the gays on social media lose their shit. Beyonce or gaga or Britney.
  3. Initial reviews in the US press for the launch of the tour were overwhelmingly positive. Granted, these were major, national publications who generally have a reverence toward her, and local presses can have their own takes. We’ll see though.
  4. She played guitar for a time in the late 70s/early 80s. Steve Bray wrote in the liner notes of that Pre-Madonna release that she played rhythm guitar on “Laugh To Keep From Crying”.
  5. LAV 40th anniversary ‘Boy Toy’ grillz, “inspired by Madonna’s iconic belt buckle”.
  6. Yes, but only if like Elton she uses artists that are established stars, instead of trying to be edgy by working w/“newcomers” that are just nobody internet artists.
  7. It varies. Sometimes ticketmaster or whoever is selling them will make an announcement. Sometimes the artist themself will. Sometimes they’ll just drop them and figure people will find them if they go looking I guess lol.
  8. This is a thing they do sometimes. A block of tickets will be held for a mostly or completely sold out event that will be released right before it happens.
  9. You’re both wrong. It’s FINALLY the long overdue video for Angel. Duh! #justiceforangel
  10. I don’t have issue w/it, I just thought it was a joke. I was expecting to see one w/janice from the muppets next. Or Grimace.
  11. You guys I didn’t realize that chef dressed judge was real, when I scrolled past the pics I thought it was a photoshopped joke 🙈
  12. Yeah, I looked myself after I posted. To some extent they may have overestimated the demand, sadly. Like, Philly sold well, not so much Pittsburgh; MSG shows sold well, not so much Barclays, etc. Maybe the postponement is a factor. People just said screw it. I’d hoped the good reviews the debut shows got in the press here would reignite interest but idk.
  13. Are these *new*/standard tickets, or resale? If it’s the latter, everyone has those. Even Taylor and Beyonce. In Chicago all that are left are behind the stage or scattered tickets in the upper levels, then resale tickets.
  14. I’ve always sang it “mah luv’z a red vulva”
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