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  1. Thought that was the case… queen does not have time to sign 4000 individual items
  2. Signed litho plate is confusing me. is it actually signed by her or only the 40 copies included in random orders?
  3. Oxana has been attending The Celebration Tour, collecting all the things Bob gives out to fans and posts them on her instagram account. For a person who tried suing Madonna, she sure is doing the most.
  4. Sorry I mean more ‘eurodance’ listen to Livin Joy - Dreamer, that sort of stuff, really in your face type of dance, ‘European dance’
  5. Donna Queen is giving the fans everything.. I’m a Queenster
  6. People hating on Madonna are gonna pull an MJ and pretend they never criticised her. MJ was bullied relentlessly and then in 2009 he got major praise. It’s the hypocrisy.
  7. This landed on UK news yesterday morning it was on the TV.. they should be thankful she shows up instead of cancelling last min like many artists do
  8. I don’t do that either… I spend $$$ on vinyl instead
  9. Then you lie and say you are friends with Lourdes Leon or Rocco Ritchie… they’ll be all over you
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