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  1. I wonder if this means she's approving final mixes already. I was expecting 2018 to be dry in terms of M music and I'm so happy I am I was wrong.
  2. No ammount of promo would get her a hit without the right song. If a song is truly a monster hit and with the right strategy she could find success in this current musical landscape but at this point its a huge IF considering all things. I think its not realistic for us to expect a succesful single right now considering the current state of the industry and the power streaming has on whats popular. If I were her/her team I'd focus more on selling albums on presale and tour tickets than on campaigning for a hit single on spotify.
  3. The remix sounds pretty bad. But its the first underwhemming thing to come out of this era so I cant complain. Im still playing the album every day and only skipping very few songs
  4. Potro

    Congrats! I just now saw that the double cd released here has that horrid "exclusivo para Arg Uru Chi" Universal Argentina can choke I'm buying an import cd even if it's the last thing I buy.
  5. Potro

    just checked the store I usually order from and apparently we're only getting the DVD and 2CD editions. The only problem is both are over AR$500 which is rather expensive considering most studio albums are roughly $200. I guess I'll have to lick apples for dinner for a whole week in order to buy both
  6. Potro

    I'm pleading the fifth
  7. Potro

    I love how this thread is you all going through the different stages of grief. Some are in denial, some are angry, some are sad and some are completely apathetic. It's kind of hilarious.
  8. Potro

    Iconic (feat Mike Tyson) Bitch I'm Madonna (feat. Nicki Minaj) Illuminati Body Shop Best Night Holy Water (No Vogue sample) Devil Pray Wash All Over Me Ghosttown Rebel Heart HeartBreakCity Unapologetic Bitch Living For Love dont @ me
  9. @@Heartbrokencity I accidentally deleted this and kept the original version without BTT instead, and the link seems to be dead. Can you reupload?
  10. Potro

    well according to google he was born on June 6, 1931. If that is true then he's a Gemini
  11. wow thank you so much, I have actually never come across these recordings
  12. still working for me but the audio is out of sync
  13. This show still not being available for download is odd for sure tho, Showtime has aired it multiple times since last night and not one person has uploaded it in full. We're lucky a member here managed to record the audio in hq. I know it counds a bit conformist but all things considered it hasnt been 24 hours yet.
  14. She hasnt released dvds for her last 3 tours tho. At least M gives us a physical release even if they come a little late.
  15. I actually enjoy watching this show a lot. It's probably my second most watched tour. It's so raw and real and as much as I love the more polished looks of the CT, S&ST and now RHT, there's some kind of warmth to the Lisbon footage that the others lack.