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  1. Grillz make her look and sound older, idk why she keeps wearing them
  2. It’s just a mix of: bad picture, grillz and unflattering sunglasses
  3. Yes it was during the changing part. “What do you call a man with a small penis?”
  4. Wow thanks for sharing! During the Q&A she confirmed she had a hip replacement? Is the “small penis” joke included?
  5. The Blond Ambition speech?? Didn’t expect that at all
  6. What distinguished this tour and concert film from others was its smaller scale, consisting entirely of theater venues instead of stadiums or arenas. And that intimacy may not necessarily translate to the film, Madonna told the Guardian. “There’s a lot of moments where I talk to the audience, but we had to cut a lot of that down for time.” “Covid shut us out at the end – we were going to film more shows.” Obviously the last shows in Paris…
  7. Lmao she really hates Las Vegas residencies she looked fire at the after party
  8. Sorry that’s all I can get! Let me know if you want this for other albums
  9. American Life Looking for Mercy or I Rise?
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