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  1. In these days I played the song to my sister and some friends (in different occasions) and they all started dancing and singing the "cha cha" part lol. I never got such a reaction playing them Living for Love or other new songs. I was really surprised cause I didn't like the song at first.. It's a hit for me ??‍♂️
  2. They need to put Medellin on the "This is Maluma" playlist on Spotify. It counts more than 1 million followers!
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    Favorite one so far!
  4. La Isla Bonita last saturday night!
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    Happy Birthday!!
  6. Confessions on a Dance Floor, I was 8
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    1: Ghosttown 2: S.E.X. 3: Borrowed Time
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    Haha why not! You're handsome ?
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    Thank you so much! :D
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    Happy birthday!!