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  1. I just need a special edition with the demos and unreleased songs remastered. I just need this version of Goodbye To Innocence remastered, You are The One and Shame too
  2. Would luv to see this in person, shame it is only 17 photos (as far as I know) and not the entire book. Wish they used some unseen pics, like the beach/chaise session ones that never leaked. She looked so gorgeous with that long hair.
  3. Probably, yeah... but you're so cute I'll pretend I didn't read that hahahaha
  4. I've read LWMSM and, personally, tho it was very interesting to see Christopher's pov I don't know if I believe 100% in what he says. Anyway, the cemetery scene catches me every single time I watch TOD, it's deeply emotional. As for IGTTYAS, I watched it last night and, oh god, that Cabala thing is SO fucking boring, I couldn't stand anytime she say something about ''the light'', ''change'' etc etc etc We like to see the bitchy Madonna who don't give a fuck, not this spiritualized version of her.
  5. Can't wait for Rain (Radio Mix) and Up Down Suite to be on stream. Do you guys think after we get all the maxi singles on stream, she'll announce a special edition for the album? We need a commemorative edition with a disc only with bonus songs/demos/rarities/rain tapes
  6. I rewatched last night after a while and it still has the same replay value as it always had (at least with me). It's always a pleasure to follow M. backstage during the golden days when she literally ruled the world. What I just don't get is that Alek said that only the performance shown on film were recorded, for me that's plain b.s. as it would demand much more of a hard work to move the cranes plus turn on/off the cameras during the performance that were supposed to be recorded. The full concert in HD must exist and it is outthere somewhere. When we'll get it? God only knows. Also, I just love the Chanel store scene, french kissing between Slam and Gabriel, M. revealing that Sean is her true love during TOD game, the gay parade plus other golden moments like the ''neat'' encounter with Kevin Costner and obv the time she met Antonio Banderas (small dick alert, cause he's way too perfect as she claims and there must be something wrong). Wish we had something similar for The Girlie Show, it would've been fun to see more of her proccess behind the scenes, rehearsing etc.
  7. Please God let this be real, that's all I want holy christ! Please Madonna, hear your fans and release those damn songs we need them in full HQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. My God, after some years i'm hearing Celebration again and what an ATROCIOUS edit they did to Erotica, what the fuck?

    1. New_Boy


      To be fair, it was fixed on every future pressing and most (all?) digital releases.

  9. Who the hell is Emily? I always see you guys talking about her and i'm like ''bitch who is this Emily?''
  10. What about the audio, guys? Is it really remastered? If it is, then we can assume they're working on a full remaster for the album and, maybe with a little luck, we'll be getting some special treatment in the near future.
  11. Unfortunately I've never seen her live, she only came to Brazil 3 times and while I wasn't born when she came with The Girlie Show, I also couldn't go to Sticky and MDNA as I was still in school and my parents thought the tickets were too expensive and a waste of money. The first Madonna thing I've ever saw was the VMA Vogue performance in an old dvd with songs from the 70s/80s/90s - but I just got a real interest and became a fan after my cousin showed me the Sorry music video, after that I was hooked and started reading about her. Back in the day (2007/2008) I used to religiously watch Live To Tell performance at CT on repeat on youtube hahahaha First tour I ever saw was CT, I had the dvd a birthday gift from my parents and til this day it is my favorite tour of hers.
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