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  1. Just bought from a collector/reseller on facebook in group of fans. Idk if he ships outside Brazil, but I was looking on ebay and there's some interesting options there like this one below: https://www.ebay.com/itm/315293926952?itmmeta=01HVNFTJ6VN8VWZSE1PBKEX7Y9&hash=item4968fb8628:g:PdwAAOSwiIhmG~qB&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4PZypdTLErSJ%2FTEuiuGuM5%2BmcNtB0DkKKDjyzP9OnUTS9ERMgB58l22ACQ1N81tLPK9MNRYhu7VmYc5zUgcMw%2BZE8fu3CdBsrfecD6O6qC2sbbSe6RC1iwp%2FV2Rcu3wVarDOS6p7OaaOzw1%2FCYhwqDF3uoOrmdYYPRzXbYWKHYIwvt%2FjJwOGK8LtkCDZiCp9MpQDzaODEZEPJ1qVoSeP%2FpYJ5aj1Hj4jxbXTceqvGELypNuupTuQVcEYz7LTDzjopETeRUIhMQD7RsJmUVKcwY0SVL9TyBSOXM2a%2BcQwmkLM|tkp%3ABk9SR8Cj6q_dYw
  2. Wish I were born in the 80s so I could witness the release of this, I just love watching the old tv news reel about it. Idk how it was in America TV, but the way people treated it in Brazil was kinda funny lol
  3. Well, I guess that was the unexpected surprise Ricardo was cooking for us... tho it looks gorgeous, it's quite disappointing it isn't the tour book (which I believe half of you guys were expecting too). My ex-bf and a friend of ours are saying that this hardcover bible in front of her must be the tour book, but I highly doubt it.
  4. If that's it then I manifest a deluxe boxset for Erotica, including a cd and vinyl with the Rain Tapes remastered
  5. I would love to have something similar to BAT: Rio broadcast, oficial release on stream (or blu-ray) of a show recorded on arena and a documentary chronicling her 40 years on music plus the backstage scenes
  6. So happy for u, hope u have the time of your life in the front row
  7. Let's hope so. As I never went to her concerts before, how many of these do you think they usually bring for sale? I'm afraid there won't be many or any at all at the Rio concert, and to import right now in Brazil is getting quite expensive with all the taxes.
  8. About this book, it's a fan project called ''Madonna: 40 Years of Vanguard'' about her on the marketing perspective. I don't own it, but below's the description. I'm not sure if they ship outside of Brazil, but you guys can try. For now the only place available to buy, as far as I checked, is the publisher's website. ''Recently, Madonna extended her record with 400 million copies and US$ 1.3 billion in tickets sold, remaining the most successful woman in the history of the recording industry and with the highest revenue from tours. According to a YouGov survey in 2023, Madonna appears, alongside Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, as one of the most famous artists in the United States, recognized by 99.2% of the American population. With a 40-year career, Madonna is still alive, creative and marking her territory. Our book, however, is not an ordinary biography. We do not address her personal life, nor do we rely on tabloid gossip. Here, we narrate Madonna's life and work from the perspective of marketing – entertainment, heretical, personal. It's about her longevity in a culture accustomed to discarding. It's a book for fans, but also for students of social communication, marketing, social sciences, history, philosophy. Madonna enters the scene and inaugurates the status of "Pop Diva", placing her on the same level as the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. In a macho, sexist and patriarchal society, she is the first woman to occupy this space. You may not like Madonna, but you need to know her work ethic, disposition and pulsating creativity, which are responsible for keeping her in the spotlight for four decades and, most likely, for years to come. Like a Phoenix, Madonna defies gravity and promises to remain among us for a long time.'' https://loja.editoradialetica.com/humanidades/madonna-40-anos-de-vanguarda#:~:text=Aqui%2C narramos a vida e,ciências sociais%2C história%2C filosofia.
  9. Yeah, Rafael has a store where he sells some hoodies, shirts etc but I would be really disappointed if this actual tour book is a fan made thing from himself instead of a official one. I rather believe he has the news first-hand (like before with the concert thing). Now let's wait and see what he has in store for us
  10. Could you give me the measures of the crown patch and the logo patch, please? I really want this jacket, but as I can’t afford it I’ll try to do a reproduction with a cheaper one hahaha
  11. Idk where he heard that, but Madonna Online (same source that came first with the news of the Rio concert) said that we can expect a tour book too. I just hope it's true, I want so badly a program for this tour. ''One of the most appreciated and collectible items by Madonna fans is the program from each of her tours. Also known as Tour Book, they are full of photos from the featured era, including never-before-seen photo shoots made exclusively for these items, such as those seen on the Re-Invention Tour, Sticky & Sweet Tour and Rebel Heart Tour programs. As incredible as it may seem, The Celebration Tour was without its Tour Book. But fans' prayers were answered and MOL is pleased to inform you first-hand: with the tour about to be completed, the book will finally be released! A record of photos and facts about Madonna's career over her 40 years and it promises to be quite filling! Will it already be on sale at the final show of the tour here in Rio? Make your bets!
  12. Didn't knew that the biopic got put on pause due to budget concerns. I thought it was bc of creative issues with Diablo Cody. I was talking to my ex-bf about this today, he's a M stan too, and he said that much probably there won't be a biopic as the tour tells her story and she's doing it in the best way she does/can. Idk if that's right, but I would love to see her biopic being released, directed by her ofc bc no one can tell her story better than herself.
  13. Oh… I would make my way to the stage so he could fck me up there right in front of Mistress Dita and a million people on the crowd
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