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  1. Foreigner

    The commercialized tracks are not copyrights concerns ? Maybe more than the unpublished tracks. This is a false reason. The problem is the resellers.
  2. Definitively my best EY version is the remix used for video <3
  3. Foreigner

    Ain't No Big Deal by Madonna (Revenge.../Dress You Up/Papa Don't Preach/True Blueb-side) was recorded for her first album, produced by Reggie Lucas in 1982. I think the first is "Revenge", because DYU was released in japan in December 1985
  4. Who's That Girl is the fist reedition with a best quality cover than the original. The others are the hideous quality
  5. Foreigner

    HQ here :
  6. Foreigner

    "Deseperement" LOL
  7. Foreigner

    The end is cut, like the "demo"
  8. Foreigner

    Person, who possesses it, wants to be buried with it, like the others rarities
  9. Foreigner

    Does anyone have information about the interview in this cd please ?
  10. Foreigner

    No debate for these demos of MDNA from ? Turn Up The Radio Demo1 Turn Up The Radio Demo2 Superstar Demo#3 Masterpiece - Demo 1 (early arrangement) I Don't Give A - Early Demo1 (No Nicky & No Choir) Instrumental I Don't Give A - Early Demo1 (No Nicky & No Choir) Love Spent Acoustic (Demo#1 RUFF) and this one : I Don't Give A - Demo Rock Fake or real please ?
  11. Foreigner

    Thank you for this information
  12. Foreigner

    Anyone can tell if the "Bitch At Work" remix is official or a fan-made please ?