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  1. InfinityWithin

    I happen to have a Cher phase.... so THANK YOU!!!!
  2. InfinityWithin

    Fantastic! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  3. InfinityWithin

    Great news, both are fantastic albums!!!!! :heart: Thanks for letting us know!
  4. InfinityWithin

    One of my favourite hyper ballads... THANK YOU!!!
  5. InfinityWithin


  6. InfinityWithin

    Matt, fantastic! Thank you!!
  7. InfinityWithin

    Sweet 42
  8. InfinityWithin

    Come on. Madonna is a drama queen, and so are we!
  9. InfinityWithin

    I think the video was very lame, actually. A beauty with grillz parading around in a "ghosttown"? Wow, what a concept. The whole set looked very fake and cheap. And that long and boring break near the end... God, wasn't that pathetic?? With a video like Take A Bow, Frozen or Ray Of Light things could have been much better. Just my opinion.
  10. InfinityWithin

    1. Post 2. Homogenic 3. Debut 4. Vespertine Don't care about the rest...