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  1. null

    Oh that's awesome!
  2. null

    How nice of your friend to do that for you! I never have had friends like that lol.
  3. null

    She looks GORGEOUS! I hope this is a teaser for the new album's looks.
  4. Majority of Madonna's older videos (from the first album up until Hard Candy) were filmed on SD 480p/480i cameras,so it'd probably be a lot of work to restore those videos from those original resolutions up to a standard of today. That's probably why it's never been properly done for her since several videos involve intricate details and effects to be present and it usually takes a lot of time to enhance old effects. They've done it in the past so it is possible,but the real question would be is Madonna's team or Madonna herself willing to go through with such an extensive restoration process? My answer is no,but who knows? Maybe one day Madonna or her team will want to take the task on.
  5. null

    It's a dream for me to have Madonna do that. I'd especially love if she did a full two hour version of TOAC and was able to add in a lot more deep album cuts and do it intimately like she did with that Australian show.
  6. null

    Ray Of Light and Music for sure IMO. The caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis for these two eras was unlike anything she'd done to those points and they both worked so cohesively adjacent to each other.
  7. I have a feeling this B-roll is on the horizon. These clips just can't be coming out of seemingly nowhere. Somebody has to share it.
  8. There's no factual receipt to prove it's a B-roll screencap but it looks exactly like the way it does on the music video camera,so there's a good chance it might be.
  9. That's the rumor I've heard,but I'm not a member of the trading circles so I'm not 100% sure. That's why I tagged it as an unconfirmed rumor since there's never been unedited footage leaked from that backdrop beyond what was posted through Veneno.
  10. null

    This show seemed a lot different compared to her previous shows though. In rehearsal footage I'd seen,she seemed to really be enjoying what they were crafting this time around and really looked energetic and fierce,which had been lacking for a very long time in her live performing. It is very disappointing to have her come to that decision considering how amazing the rehearsal footage was,but I understand her decision to cancel it,no matter what I feel about her dad.
  11. It's not out there at all. Dan-O-Rama never used B-roll from this video in any of his videos,so the chances of there being any footage of that video is highly unlikely. At best,any footage he used would be what would leak if the stars are aligned.
  12. Absolutely agree. It was interesting to see a new interpretation of Frozen and a fantastically genius one at that.
  13. I never thought any other B-roll clips would surface and the fact that the ROL B-roll snippets came out from Tag Police gives me some sort of hope (a Ray Of Light if you will huehuehuehuehuehue) that some more footage will leak.

    1. The Ghost

      The Ghost

      He's put clips on before hasn't he,  and nothing came from them :(


    2. Fighter


      at least theyre long clips so Im happy with what we get

  14. It's one whole clip of the end of the song. My wig is snatched so far back and I'm hoping this means that the full B-roll is on the horizon.
  15. null

    With all the rehearsal footage I had seen this show looked so promising. Very sad news.