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  1. How nice of your friend to do that for you! I never have had friends like that lol.
  2. Ray Of Light and Music for sure IMO. The caterpillar to butterfly metamorphosis for these two eras was unlike anything she'd done to those points and they both worked so cohesively adjacent to each other.
  3. I never thought any other B-roll clips would surface and the fact that the ROL B-roll snippets came out from Tag Police gives me some sort of hope (a Ray Of Light if you will huehuehuehuehuehue) that some more footage will leak.

    1. The Ghost

      The Ghost

      He's put clips on before hasn't he,  and nothing came from them :(


    2. Fighter


      at least theyre long clips so Im happy with what we get

  4. Went back to my old username because I didn't like the name I had before.

  5. Oh shit. That's crazy. On topic: I think the final version is beautiful the way it was released. I couldn't imagine anyone else singing the song except Liz,including Madonna. I just don't think her voice would have worked well with the orchestration or sound of the song.
  6. I don't think y'all realize how happy I am for Janet. It's truly been her year and this induction into the R&RHOF has capped it off. Plus these multitrack leaks are snatching me bald.

    1. poserdemadonna


      Janet Jackson has also been nominated to the very first Janet Jackson awards, to which she won in the category Best Janet Jackson. When asked about it, Janet Jackson declared "Janet Jackson".

    2. karlafalves


      It took more than 10 years for people to leave in the past that s*** Super Bowl controversy and finally realize how huge she was, is and will always be in and for the music industry. I'm extremely happy for her and I hope that she is feeling all the joy we her fans are sending to her in this moment :heart:

  7. There's no way to tell when you can't see her face lol. If Madonna herself posted it then it might be?
  8. I think Falling Free should have gotten more love over Love Spent (the album version). FF is such a beautiful song and it's sad that she was considering it for the MDNA Tour but cast it away.
  9. I just did an opinion thread about this last year.
  10. The forum is quiet...too quiet. :Madonna032:

  11. I think it'd benefit Madonna the best if she made the biopic herself. She'd have full control over everything told in the story versus an outside source who doesn't have knowledge of what went down when. But I highly doubt Madonna would want to delve back into her past and dig up those older memories to write into a movie. Maybe she'll become nostalgic about it someday. God forbid we have to wait until she dies to get a proper biopic.
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