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  1. madenis

    Most of the time, I like them but sometimes it's really ugly BTW she seems to be done with them
  2. madenis

    Virgin Tour No discussion on it
  3. madenis

  4. madenis

    Have you searched on youporn ?
  5. I'm not sure if a website named "bitchyf" is a reliable source. We can't verify if Debi commented that, which is possible. BTW, I don't remember that M said Covid was beautiful
  6. There are a lot of old concerts audio added these last days on M's youtube channel. Is it her team at the origin of these uploads ? Looks like fan made but it appears on her channel

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    2. mevolution


      It is really amazing they are doing that! Finally some concert broadcast are being realeased in Full HQ <3

    3. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      the thing is they could upload live videos but they do it with audios instead...

    4. madenis


      @madgefanThere are also BAT Houston
      You can see them in her playlist

  7. madenis

    It's funny because it's like a circle. Each tour, some expects the show not being filmed Each tour, after being filmed, some expects the show not to be released because Madonna would not be satisfied
  8. madenis

    Yes Except papa don't preach, sodade and crave (Some will ask ahah) She has sold the polaroid 2.000 to Dorete ?! She spoke about Dora the explorator lol No beer with someone in the audience but la vie en rose
  9. madenis

    She sang la vie en rose with the help of David So cute
  10. madenis

    Ahah Hurry up darling
  11. madenis

    I'm guessing the same We will be there at 19h30 I think
  12. madenis

    Tonight is the niiiiight The show will end late since she'll sing all the songs I've requested
  13. madenis

    I do believe that Marvin is one of the few that could be honest with her. I hope he has told her his opinion
  14. madenis

    OK It was just for a selfie in the concert room AFTER the show with my buddies :( I'll survive if they discover my second phone lol
  15. madenis

    Do you know if they are checking if we have a second phone ?