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  1. madenis

    Well, no matter what she'll do, she'll receive some backlash and there will be a drama here To be honest, I don't know what we can expect from her. Maybe she wants to try her new cartilage and will release a dance album Or she'll explore the road of experimental sound
  2. Nothing on spotify France :(
  3. Done :D I am intrigued by the results
  4. madenis

  5. madenis

    Well I voted for Medellin because it's actually an hologram (even though it would be better if the holograms could be seen on stage and not just on screens). there were interactions (kind of) between M and fake Ms BTW, Hung up wins for best performance
  6. Still it didn't top Billboard hot 100 :(
  7. Great achievement Next video to reach this number will be Hung up in january 2021. Keep it streaming so it could reach this milestone this year
  8. madenis

    I hope she'll be healed soon
  9. madenis

    Dita will punish you
  10. madenis

    Donna left after the confessions tour
  11. madenis

    I don't really understand your post lol
  12. madenis

    It didn't bothered me LDLHA's cut bothered me
  13. madenis

    Yeah, some prices are just horribly excessive. I wanted to buy those UK editions of Madame X (glitter and blue cassettes), since I couldn't buy it as I'm french. But those prices
  14. madenis

    Fnac editions are released half year after the Barnes and Noble edition traditionally It's not that late
  15. madenis

    Do you think that FNAC will sell it ? They did it with all the others Barnes and Noble editions