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  1. madenis

    I hope it will be filmed and be at least posted on her vevo channel !
  2. madenis

    Madame X has given us great videos
  3. madenis

    thie video is EPIC It's gorgeous
  4. madenis

    Wasn't it supposed to drop at midnight ECT ?
  5. madenis

    THIS is fucking true ! and they say she hasn't aged gracefully because she is still young in her mind and they have a boring and classical life
  6. madenis

    Hurry up, I just can't wait
  7. madenis

    God control is a fucking BOOOP I'm dancing everytime I hear it
  8. english people. you have to wake up !
  9. I feel sad to see how few views got Crave and Dark Ballet
  10. I think she'll release it next the 21st or the 28th june. to keep some interest on the album and reboost sales
  11. madenis

    Fortunatly not !
  12. madenis

    So beautiful they just could put her new "official" logo instead of the M they put on the pride vinyl edition
  13. madenis

    Respect is enough for it BTW I don't see where you find high horse.