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  1. Wow this is so beautiful I'm glad they are finally doing something good
  2. Wow this one seems really HD I've rediscovered the video
  3. Last night, I dreamed that the edit was mostly made from rehearsals with some real on-stage parts. It was the first rehearsals so she wasn't even wearing her costumes but simply sportswear, no make up etc.
  4. madenis


    You could find the original Skyward Sword in a retrogaming shop Maybe we will have the opportunity to choose the control mode
  5. madenis


    This nintendo direct was boring ahah
  6. Yeah it seems logic to release it around the SB performance if she's performing or in the occasion of the anniversary of the end of the tour
  7. The only tour she introduced her band lol
  8. Am I the only one to not know who Dira Straits is ?
  9. I'm sending you all my love, courage and prayers dear@Voguerista
  10. Imagine that this EP rumor is true. Imagine that some songs rejected for MX are included Imagine that her and Nicki Minaj really had a secret project together (as said by Nicki during the met ball) Imagine that this secret project is the song about sodomy Imagine she has had her butt surgery for this video clip Just kidding but imagine...
  11. MX is one of my favourite too. there's a lot of great songs Show the exemple
  12. I love that performance I've just realised that she was saying "Mesdames et messieurs, this is not a love song" at the beggining. Her "messieurs" sounds like "michious" LOL
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