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  1. The met gala seemed bland this year (not only because Madonna wasn't there)
  2. Apparently Lourdes is on her way to the gala
  3. I'm thinking about doing the same She's always in the last ones
  4. You can see the red carpet live on Vogue's twitter account ? She hasn't arrived yet
  5. I'm glad to be fan of someone who can raise thousands of dollars with 3 polaroids (that she shared before selling them) to help the gay community and associations AND who has done 3 videos in our honor
  6. Maybe she finally made a video for rescue me ?
  7. BOOM is a brand new song BOOM = Bitch Oh Orgasm Madonna
  8. Imagine her being on an anniversary album of another artist when she has no interest in her own anniversaries
  9. Wow this is so beautiful I'm glad they are finally doing something good
  10. Wow this one seems really HD I've rediscovered the video
  11. Am I the only one to not know who Dira Straits is ?
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