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  1. english people. you have to wake up !
  2. I feel sad to see how few views got Crave and Dark Ballet
  3. I think she'll release it next the 21st or the 28th june. to keep some interest on the album and reboost sales
  4. madenis

    Fortunatly not !
  5. madenis

    So beautiful they just could put her new "official" logo instead of the M they put on the pride vinyl edition
  6. madenis

    Respect is enough for it BTW I don't see where you find high horse.
  7. madenis

    I am. thanks for being interested in We don't have to be disrespectful and to try to make fun from others to be fun
  8. madenis

    I wouldn't have purchased it I would have indicate him that it was not officially released
  9. madenis

    they bought it whereas they didn't have the right to do so. Not a hack but we are near.
  10. madenis

    Well you didn't buy what you have listened and what you have listened is not officially released so yes it is illegal. BTW you've got a disrescpectful conduct no matter if it's legal or illegal
  11. madenis

    So because we are in 2019, you have the right to do illegal things ? you're here because you are a fan of Madonna and you can't even respect her and her work
  12. madenis

    You could buy hundreds of copies, I'd still think that listening the leaks is a lack of respect for M and her work
  13. madenis

    It's crazy how unashamed you are to listen to the leaks