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  1. I don't think she hates it but there is very little material for her to use in a live show. She's no fan of singing too many ballads so the only really suitable track here is HN, which she does a lot. I always think Secret is underperformed live, but energy wise it's a difficult song for big live shows. It's still unfortunate that that tour never happened, I can almost see the choreo for Survival, the drama of Sanctuary and the hand on hip funk of IRBYL
  2. The number of songs being performed of each album including multiples, TB ranks highest as LIB is her most performed song, MX rates as high because she played most of the album on its only tour.
  3. leaving during the encore is blasphemous!
  4. she looks stunning in these and seems to have a great time with the core group of the tour! Out of curiosity, do we think David also got to invite his own friends? Do we think this is also the goodbye party to the US for the next coming motnhs?
  5. I was obsessed with him!!! That scene where he and Michael and later Charles are making out during WISH won't play without distortion on my tape after all the rewinding and pauzing
  6. I saw Rebel heart from the boxes facing the stage, though the furthest away from the stage your still have a really good view. There is always a feeling of distance when you're seated, but that's the price we pay for convenience. But from your seat you are slightly closer to the main stage while still having quite a good view of the whole production, it is also much closer to the B stage. If you do decide to come early and buy merch before the show it might be good to know that the venue has lockers inside, so you could always go back to store your stuff safely during the concert. Lol, they've made these things so consumer friendly that sometimes I long for the days when you would cue up for over 12 hours, be totally sweaty and stinky at show time and had to fight through all the exhaustion and pain in your body when M is screaming in front of you and ordering you to dance. These days I can blowdry my hair, take the subway and look fabulous and still be fresh the next day
  7. It bears repeating, as much as I'm craving new Madonna music I only want her to make an album when she feels inspired and she does it on her terms. LAP, Erotica, ROL, Music, AL, MX all have that in common. An uninspired album would just add another meh addition to her fantastic catalogue. I love it for her that Popular is gaining some popularity and it's great for fans that still care about charts and stuff, but I really don't need an album's worth of it. Only colab I go back to repeatedly is the three tracks on Christine and the Queens new album. I hope she feels more inspired by that album's bravery paying off than tic toc length songs to get streams.
  8. Oh the alternative universe where that record is actually called Hollywood and starts with the birdsong intro, lead single would be Nothing Fails, Intervention would be one after a slight remix and AL would start with the synths instead of the acapella intro and would segue into nobody knows me, DAD would be the first track of the bonus disc which would include extended and alternative mixes of album tracks, I want to live in that world
  9. Exactly, and on ROL you can still hear the voice training she did for Evita. On some songs it really pays off but on others it’s a bit too technical for me.
  10. Yes I remember she promoted it in Europe, it was certainly a big single. Funny I haven't listened to it in years until just now, there is something off with a lot of the ROL tracks to me. There is still too much Evita lingering in her voice which is really annoying me in TPOG "so I must gooooOOOoo"
  11. I'm actually right accross from you, box 104 seat 94 and 95, but I will wave ;-) Maybe keep a look on what M's regular stage time will be this tour. With seated tickets there is really no need to be there early, I have done in the past and always regretted it as waiting is quite boring in your seat, it's a different energy than when you're on the floor. And M does have a tendency to be late... But of course you can walk around and look at the merch etc. By the way you have good seats to have a good overview of the show. last tip, I would focus on Madonna, these shows are sometimes super overwhelming with stuff going on everywhere, but as it's your first time to see her I would focus on M
  12. It depends really on what kind of ticket you have. In the olden days I would cue up at around 7 or 8 am to be sure to get into the golden circle. For Amsterdam (I am attending the same concert as you) there are only the different pits, so unless you have a GP standing ticket you are fairly sure of a good spot as the pits are not that big. If you have GP standing I would recommend being there several hours before the doors open. If you are seated (like me this time) there is really no need to come early, maybe an hour before the show starts "officially" just to be sure. It's best that the big crowds are already inside so you don't have to wait that long in line. Once inside there are ushers that can show you your exact seat. I was there this weekend for New Order and was once again amazed by how small the place actually is compared to stadiums. If by chance you find yourself waiting outside before the venue opens and you're all sittting down, my best advice to you is stay seated!!!! there is always a panic or uproar from time to time when people think something is happening and they all want to jump up and run to the front but nothing will happen before the official opening time so you can enjoy the company of fellow fans in line. During the concert I agree with the keep your phone in your pocket rule, you don't need pictures, you need to immerse yourself in the experience. Man I'm jealous that it's your first time, the level of anticipation is out of this world and then once the show starts but M isn't on stage yet it's just insane. Just let it all wash over you en enjoy! I'll be the one screaming "do the bus stop" during Holiday
  13. Hmmm that's not how I remember it at all. Most RH songs were close to the album version but songs like BU, TB, D&D, LAV, WTG, Music, CS, DYU, were all complete reinventions, I think True Blue on the ukelele is still one of my all time favorite live M moments. But I totally agree, give me new interpretations or reimaginings of remixes. The only thing I really would love to stay close to the album version is LAP, I hate almost every version since BA, bring back those synths and basslines!
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