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  1. I'm not sure if she would but I see no reason why she couldn't squeeze in three or maybe four new tracks into a setlist otherwise filled with hit after hit. It probably would be the best promotion for it as I can totally see people picking up that album after the show is over (exclusive tour version merch team please) I think M touring on the back of a new album at this moment is quite unlikely but on the other hand a total surrender into being a legacy act like U2 doesn't seem to fit her MO either
  2. How is this higher than RHT, S&S didn't do it for me, that boring opening video and lame reveal into CS which was mediocre at best, the harsh sound of all the mashups (coming directly after the warm Confessions, which for all its flaws had impeccable music direction) I also thought the oputfits were awful. Whilst Rebel heart was maybe a bit disjointed and too 80's heavy, but it was also warm and funny and had TB on Ukelele
  3. I don't know, nothing will ever beat the JPG costumes for BA imho, they are flawless and iconic, even the odd Marlene Stewart costume for Holiday kind of fits in. Apart from the openening look for confessions (which is fantastic) I thought the confessions costumes were really kind of boring, apart from the white catsuit. As for tour endings again nothing can ever beat BA to me. I mean keep it together must be the single most fantatsic choreo of her career, and that outfit
  4. Welcome back! This one's tough making a honest difference between the ones I've seen live and those I have not. Also the first two will always be slightly less impressive, but I tried to be fair and rate them on where she was at the time. Funny as in the end my top three consist of the only ones that I feel are fantastic all throughout, all the others have great segments and awul ones in the same show. Though I'm quite sure mine won't be the final top three as usual
  5. I also always really appreciated Vogue as the closer of IB, even so after playing the single on repeat I was kind of puzzled when the album was released, but everytime NIFY stops and the intro synths kick in I feel magic. I'm not a fan of the TIC version, the acapella line as an intro is kind of a buzz kill for me, I had the same with RIT, it takes away the feeling you get when those strings kisck in and you know it's vogue, a little bit like how the bassline of Bjork's hyper-ballad gets every crowd roaring once it sets in. Also if Vogue belongs on TIC and is not at least a stand alone single, do we accept it not being pasrt of the BA setlist???
  6. I still dream of the "Hollywood" universe, where she cleared the rights with the boudain estate and the video wasn't taken out of rotation. That as a first track segueing into nobody knows me, followed by intervention would be my dream opening. The second part of the promotion was indeed horrible. It started with remixed and revisited and the stupid gap commercial. It was said by Caresse Henry at the time that the return to Blonde hair was a deliberate descision to remind people of the Madonna they know, guess that's also why the video for LP was so meh. Still it's funny there hasn't been any later praise for the album if you think it was written before the huge impact that social media has on our lives and it is really about that if you think about it. Also someone mentioned that it was universally panned but that really isn't the case, most media outlets gave it a positive, though not glowing review. Don't underestimate the huge negative impact of the so called "anti america" sentiment, here in Europe we were more on her page, even though on the album itself there is little to no anti america statement, hell the title track isn't even really about america but about capitalism. As for why she pulled the video, didn't she say herself that she got threats to her children and that that was where she drew the line? Anyway, I totally understand the record isn't for everyone, but for me it was the last time she was ahead of the curve, MX was a sort of return to form 15 years later
  7. Actually Madonna didn't really start to write on her own on guitar until the two musical projects. Demos "the game" and "miss you" are often credited to AL sessions but belong to the first musical project. Most AL tracks are written by M&M, assuming Mirwais wrote chords and M melody but noone knows. X-Static Process is written with Stuart, Easy Ride with Monte. Nothing Fails wasn't written by Joe Henry but by Guy Sigsworth (called "Silly Thing" Madonna's "additional lyrics" are limited to "I've climbed the tree of life" instead of "I've got my standing stone") Besides that, even if the songs were written by M on guitar, none of her guitar playing is on the record so it makes no sense for the reviewer to comment on it.
  8. LOL what a piece of bad and ill informed "journalism" Madonna did not touch a guitar while recording any of AL so if the guitar playing is rudimentary blame Mirwais who has played the thing his whole life Just as you can't talk about Erotica without taking about the sex book, you can't not mention the AL video and the major backlash she experienced. Also Americans should really stop talking about "the world" when they mean their own little narrow minded continent, Europe was in full electroclash and folktronica mode at that time. Still AL wasn't anywhere near as succesful as it should have been
  9. Back in 93 I was expecting Words to be a single. In an alternate universe AL was titled Hollywood and Intervention would be a single after a slight remix addidng a more fluent beat to the stop n go rhythm.
  10. There seems to be a new photoshop protocall, even though the pictures are still filtered to death I love that they seem to take Madonna's own face as a reference point, so we get her original chin instead of the pointy one and the beautiful shape of her lower lip. Nice
  11. It is somewhat dishearting that 40 years haven't changed the fear and insecurity of the masses. I remember the outrage about her belly button and her visible bra's, every era ever since has come with the tagline "she's gone too far" What I thought was especially telling was how (at least in the Dutch and Belgian media) the celebration tour was just mentioned through the press release and there were some articles on ticket prices, but nothing too weird or bad, then once the first nights were immediately sold out and extra shows were added the next day scathing articles appeared on how there was little left of the star of yesteryear. LOL the clownerie!!!! All it actually tells us is that Madonna is as provocative and relevant as she ever was. Remember the Girlie show interview when she says "If everything I do is so boring why do you keep paying attention" I'm looking forward to see her live and I'm gonna blow her a kiss, she's a hero
  12. It's nice to read there are still quite a few people who get that Madonna hasn't actually ever really changed and that she is always out to confront societ with it's own conservatism. I applaud her for it, while at the same time feel uncomfortable that sometimes I feel I don't develop as quick and as naturally anymore, though ultimately she keeps being a major inspiration when it comes to facing your own prejudices
  13. Yes please! Like a prayer With organ and bass and Without the trapbeat please. Although I'd die if we get a version that includes the backward singing of AOC like BAT
  14. My safest guess would be that we get muscial chapters during the tour that will accomodate the selection of songs for each segment and inspire some flourishes of instrumentation and the odd complete re-work (Like LAV usually gets) I can see the tiktok mixes, including featurings as short segues in between songs but I highly doubt we will get La Isla Bonita dubplate instaed of La Isla Bonita sing a long. A whole album of remixes doesn't sound likely either, I can imagine she's been cooking up a duets album given all her sightings with interesting artists the last year. In that case she'll probably throw in those tracks if any of those artists are nearby her venues
  15. By this point I think she just found a way of making money of her writing credits by allowing these remixes, it's a way for her to connect with different target groups on tiktok, and with a bit of succes too. I don't think she sees them as part of her canon
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