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  1. His reaction is evidence how these people start believing their own bs, that madonna? just no, not visually and most def. not her voice. Alanis though, she nailed, but in fairness to Alanis, she has such a typical way of singing that it is more of a parody
  2. This all feels a whole lot like yet another 5 color pack of Calvin Klein jockstraps
  3. Yes I agree, but stating it like that would have been so much stronger than inventing this she's a politician, she's a equestrian bs. Stating that you can be a 1 percenter and stand up for minorities, be provocative and sexually liberated and a romantic, and a whore to the dancefloor all at once is so much more interesting than this eyepatch girl, even though I love the eye patch. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, not more or less people would have tapped into the album had the promo been different. An all that really matters is that MX lovers, like myself, have the album FOREVER!!!!! LOL
  4. The irony is, is that for the era a true persona was missing. So yes there was Madame X, but even the promo couldn't get clear who she was, there was the "manifesto" which clearly didn't tap into the first session with Steven Klein with all it's Handmaid's tale vibes and is generally more dark and has nothing to do with the spy story. Then there is the Medellin 40's spy person, then (this is my favorite) the worldly, literature loving brunette of the vogue shoot and the special shot in Lisbon, but wait we also still have the Eurovision mess with the blond hair, big dress and crown which made the least sense to me. Then the videos introduced even more characters. So Madonna's role in all of this became a bit confusing. From a marketing point of view it could have been interesting to just see Madonna in natural brown hair and being a vehicle for all these colabs, and it would have been nice to mention the non signed artists too ;-) that way almost every song has a feature
  5. like all albums after HC it's a bit of a mess in terms of tracklist, but designed for streaming everyone can lift a perfect 10 track album, mine ommits FG, BIL, LFM and BTU. I hate Jeremy Scott for giving Madonna the idea of Madame X, I feel the character took so much attention away from the album and how it came to be. The few people that were interested knew she was a housekeeper and a whore and a moving target but few knew how she tried to embody a different persona for each song, sing in a different voice and be influenced by different parts of the world. In my opinion it is really the first real Madonna album since AL where she is interested in making music and makes the music she wants to make. In part it's super experimental, in others just daft. Is it all good? Hell no, but where it is it is great. No matter what some might think of the lyrics, Killers is soooo good, it's emotional, beautifully sung (yes you can still hear it through the autotune) and musically impressive. So are Batuka, GC, CB and more. I'm less of a fan of the non Mirwais tracks even though Crave is a jem! It does seem that moving further in the process the album was becoming more connected to everyday pop which I think is one of its few flaws. Adding too many guest vocalist and mediocre tracks/production, all still ok, but not always neccesary. And then the videos, God Control, Batuka, Dark Ballet, damn all so strong, when was the last time we got videos like that? I just hope that Madonna again will find the creative freedom and need to make another masterpiece like this, if not I can also live with MX being the total creative comeback after 15 years
  6. I know I should vote, but I just can't get myself to listen to this record. Funny really because it's not even that bad, it's just the first time I was underwhelmed with a Madonna record and ended up skipping through it mostly and not listening to it again for days. It has grown on me a little bit, but it's all a bit too Kylie for me, you know, everything you think you want but then when you get it it leaves you totally unsatisfied and bored lol
  7. I Know right!!! It's my number three, after XSP and MAF, In my parralel universe the record was called Hollywood and it's first single was Intervention, be it in a slightly different mix that has a continious beat from the start for the single version, the second single Hollywood would be released the same day as the record and would be the first track of the album followed by Nobody Knows Me...
  8. Nah, the artwork is in fact also important, I'm also guessing that most fans kind of were lured in by the visual aspect of Madonna, not just her pipes, and the iconic artwork that goes with each era is a big part of that. I'm mainly interested in what these re issues will bring musicly, but if they tamper with the original artwork or they are poorly designed (like the 3cd FEL box) I won't bother buying them I'll just download and add a nice picture to them in my itunes.
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