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  1. Sounds exiting, though I'm still very much hoping the movie will be about Madonna conducting her career and life in the limelight. Hers is the most interesting story where it comes to how the public shreds fame and popularity which is still so true today. Her formative years and becoming succesful are not what set her apart from the crowd, her ability to stay relevant, talked about, getting back up time and again because there is sincerity to what she does is where I believe the true magic of her story is in my opinion
  2. This was truely Madonna pro forma, what a delightful appearance, good humored, genually funny, and I loved her comments on the movie project. Also here for M reinventing history again and not remembereing the T about vogue lol
  3. Actually I think the kid's theatre is a bit of a reach for M, in the hands of, let's say Tom Hanks it is hilarious, but it only works with actors that can, well, act. However i'm all for it and for Fallon, they always have a nice rapport and here's to the performance of crave/rescue me mash up!
  4. I have no clue what it means but I love Funana (the song, not the genre) it lifts me up every time I hear it. At face value it seems to be about being light hearted and positive and promotes dancing, feeling good and being in the moment, something all the artists she names would make you feel. It also raises the idea that too often we only appreciate something when it's gone whilst we should celebrate it (them) in life. As for the nao nao part, maybe she added it once she realised that the song has nothing to do with Funana... And yes, the last Funanaahhhrhhhr is EVERYTHING!
  5. note: with great succes I mean not a major hit like vogue or JML, it was I think in the top 10 in US
  6. As a single it wasn't a great success back in 91, however it is on her biggest selling record, so it's safe to assume everyone in the crowd knows it from the immculate collection
  7. With x's do you mean the marks on contact sheets? In the days of analogue photography it was customary to print contact sheets of a film roll and mark the selected images with an X to order bigger proof prints of that negative, so on those sheets the ones that are crossed out are the photographer's selection, hence they also include the well known images. So it probably wasn't rude ;-) There are many contact sheets of Madonna shoots out there where you can see which pics were in the final selection. I always find it very interesting to see what makes the cut and what doesn't. But yes also Marilyn's pictures were probably retouched, it's been around almost as long as photography itself. But it is also good to remember that a picture is never a "real" representation, it is already manipulated by lighting, posing, angles, lenses etc. then furthermore in developing and printing there used to be real artistry with contrasts etc. very much reminiscent of photoshop. It's been around forever, we are just more aware of it now
  8. Be Carefull was part of Ray Of Light (on the demo assembly 6-6-97 from before Orbit was involved) As for the others, Beautiful Stranger felt like a one off but closely linked to the ROL era. Given the time frame TST and AP probably stem from music sessions
  9. The most shocking thing she could do is release an album written and recorded by herself at home (and have Mercy bang out some piano on a few tracks) just acoustic guitar, her lyrics and her untouched voice. There's room for guest appearances but only if they are family visits and have the namen Joe
  10. I like your fix, personally I took LFM out as it is more a RH song imo, and like most starrah songs the chorus is sooo repetitve (also the reason why I don't really love Crazy or Come Alive, but the latter has good lyrics and message so it can stay) And of course I added Funana.....
  11. I don't know about this new look, she looks like Janice from The Electric Mayhem... which kinda makes sense as she appeared to be spaced out all of the time
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