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  1. aegean70

    Guys I will propably have two code not used. Anyone interested pm
  2. aegean70

    Anyone knows if sales are still open? Fans on waiting list like me need to attend more time or everything is already done ?
  3. aegean70

    Super grazie! ...vado subito a vedere
  4. aegean70

    Even more better! Fortunately it works differently than for US !
  5. aegean70

    Wow great that it's possible to choose both prices and stalls... at the end it works like an usual ticket sale... excepting the waiting for the final confirmation... I was really afraid that the choice was more vague and undefined... many many thanks for your help
  6. aegean70

    Thanks Enrico! So it's possible to check tickets availabilty for each date (same city) re-entering the same code before make final choice?
  7. aegean70

    Hi guys... I'm just a little confused about the possibility to choose the attending day for the show. It will be possible to select various dates, in order to have more chances to be reserve the tickets, even if I would like to buy one show only? Anyone that already purchased for London can explain how it's possible to choose dates? Maybe it's possible to select a first option and then select alternatives?
  8. aegean70

    That's what I was wondering too... from what I understood you will be charged for one show in a single city if you are a simply verified member. Even if you made multiple choises. Only Icon Legacy Fans will have the chance to choose 2 shows. However it's not clear for me if one sale for one show is applied for US leg only (livenation site advertises US dates only) or even of European leg... anyone knows?
  9. aegean70

    many thanks for the info! :wink:
  10. aegean70

    sorry for the stupid question... I still don't know if views counted on VEVO channel are the same views counted on YouTube MadonnaVevo... anyone knows?
  11. aegean70

    She can even decide not to release the video, it's up to her! But the fact remains that from an organizational point of view all these constant delays are ridiculous... my 2cents!
  12. aegean70

    I agree with you than 1 more day is not a big issue but... why they announce a premiere if they haven't the video already finished??? wtf are they doing in this very moment to the video... reassembling everything? re-recording some scene??? c'mon they are simply incapable to do something in the way that should be done
  13. aegean70

    may 12...... not tooooo early??????
  14. aegean70

    finally the credits! :cute: I noticed that Mike Dean appears in both Avicii and Diplo/Mozella sessions... This means that "Illuminati" and "SEX" was originally from Avicii sessions and then reworked by MoZella/S1?