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  1. aegean70

    disappointed... for what???
  2. aegean70

    I'm wondering if the 15 track cd will be back in stock at FNAC... I really would like to avoid any buying at unjustified increased prices! It's very disappointing that an "exclusive" version that should only be sold by FNAC is instead on sale elsewhere i.e. eBay and even through their affiliated retailers!!! This latest option really make me mad... it's a huge crap
  3. aegean70

    Embarassing ... considering that, here in EU, Fnac and Amazon already delivered all stuff
  4. aegean70

    I'm very disappointed by the official store... like many of you I'm waiting for my stuff... clear vinyl... box set... two vers of cassette... and the bundle with litho... I really expected shipments to be made in advance so that it would arrive around the 14th... not shipped after the release date!!!
  5. About iTunes download... did you get the digital booklet? I can't find it anywhere... not on the music folder... is missing from download?
  6. aegean70

    still waiting... sloooow shipping from official store
  7. aegean70

    Really hope so... I didn't buy before the 15tracks "blonde" single CD because didn't know it was the Fnac exclusive only and I expected it will be on all stores... previous details were not so accurate...
  8. aegean70

    I agree with you... it's very little time and I prefer to listen from CD
  9. aegean70

    Guys I will propably have two code not used. Anyone interested pm
  10. aegean70

    Anyone knows if sales are still open? Fans on waiting list like me need to attend more time or everything is already done ?
  11. aegean70

    Super grazie! ...vado subito a vedere
  12. aegean70

    Even more better! Fortunately it works differently than for US !
  13. aegean70

    Wow great that it's possible to choose both prices and stalls... at the end it works like an usual ticket sale... excepting the waiting for the final confirmation... I was really afraid that the choice was more vague and undefined... many many thanks for your help
  14. aegean70

    Thanks Enrico! So it's possible to check tickets availabilty for each date (same city) re-entering the same code before make final choice?