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  1. GhosttownMDNA

    Did you find out at the end? @Angelo
  2. GhosttownMDNA

    @Monsieur Hugo X @scion is it the DWT in LA anywhere we can listen or download? Or is any collectors we can keep in touch to hear at least a couple of this tracks? I am just imagining Frozen 2009...we have Holidays 2009 and Dress you up 2009 rehearsals and I'm so happy about it, but I wish I could hear Intervention or Paradise from TOAC. Also, anyone got a good audio from TOAC in Miami? Can't find a good one, it's either too low or of a terrible quality...
  3. GhosttownMDNA

    @scionin this forum or in general, as far as you (or anyone else know), how many soundboard leaked online from the new tours? Let's say from 2001 to today. I've been following everything constantly for years and so far we have the RH from Tokyo (2 nights, great in-ear sound), a bit of the Lisbon and Athens show from the Sticky, 2-3 tracks from the second night of the RIT in Lisbon, 2 tracks from Rome from the CT and the rough audio from Miami, as well as 2-3 tracks from the MDNA in Argentina. I'm not counting the MDNA At Olympia special because I literally hate it. I love Masterpiece and Beautiful Killer live but the rest is not my favourite block from the MDNA haha
  4. GhosttownMDNA

    I researched days for this topic and it never appear, thanks a lot @Enrico I was not so wrong singing it live so hahaha I think is one of the greatest and meaningful songs ever, might be me but I am emotionally connected with Madame X, that album is just perfect in my opinion, it has the perfect balance that, for example, RH didn't really have, although I love RH.
  5. GhosttownMDNA

    As probably most of us know, M performed a incredibly great remix of Future in the Madame X Tour, this version got an extra part after the first chorus. I was wondering if any of you can understand the words because I was singing them totally wrong during all the shows I've seen hahaha "Double self, baby girl watch yourself, it's coming hear it, put your hands down, is it burning, are you boring oh yeah", something like that and I was all the time laughing at myself because the intonation was good but the words were SOOOO wrong hahaha Anyway, hope you can help me, because I love that part and I'm pretty curious
  6. GhosttownMDNA

    I think, as in UK, for the RH tour, MDNA tour etc. they are faking the sold out. This is not fair, at least make the price lower the day before the show, to make a real sold out. I don't understand why they do like this, it's nothing to do with Madonna, sold out shows etc. many people are not going because of the money issue so where is the sense in have empty sits instead of discounted ones?
  7. GhosttownMDNA

    I would like someone to leak all of them, it is maybe bad to say but shot of the surprise songs all over the world from the RH Tour. Holiday, Frozen & Dress You Up 2009 available. Confessions exclusives etc. really, I would die if something like this will happen! Better than leak albums earlier I would rather prefer unreleased concerts. Imagine have the full show filmed of the RIT in Paris or the 14th Lisbon show...what a dream...
  8. GhosttownMDNA

    @@OhMadonna where are all the pro-shot that you mentioned here? I know and I saw the 80% of your list but some like "Rebel Heart Tour London (Drowned World/Substitute For Love For World AIDS Day)" I never seen them...I am curious!