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  1. E' stato caricato da poco!
  2. A question. I have never used Paramount+ because it is not yet available in Italy, but the Madame X will be uploaded on the platform from midnight on October 8 or even there will be broadcast on a live channel?
  3. Can anyone explain why Madame X on MTV HD only lasts 50 minutes while on MTV Music it lasts 2 hours?
  4. I don't think I understand correctly, but the "polaroid" moment doesn't have professional footage, but is it the video that Madonna has already put on Instagram? So is the lower video quality very noticeable?
  5. Here in Italy, MTV hasn't sent the teaser even once and nobody talks about it.
  6. Thank you for your review. Your words give me hope, first of all because if the MTV logo was present, it means that it will certainly be broadcast by the channel, and secondly because, probably, you have seen the cut planned for airing on a television channel, therefore shortened for television times. I hope it's like that.
  7. I think it's still early. It doesn't give me all the programming until October 8th
  8. The second teaser covers VMA Teaser, but so was it aired in America? Can anyone confirm this?
  9. Madonna continues to post stories on Instagram, tagging Paramount+, but in all this, where is MTV? Here in Italy we don’t talk about it at all. Have any of you ever seen the Teaser on the MTV channel?
  10. Nothing was leaked about this tour, apart from a few seconds of the Backdrop of "The Coffin" and Frozen that Madonna herself posted. We have to wait for the official release, hoping that the audio and video will live up to expectations and repay this very long wait.
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