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  1. I find it hard to appreciate a face-tuned image.
  2. Oh, don't get me started on the NFT bullshit. Totally agree there.
  3. The small amount of people in the room were just props, essentially, imo. It was mainly for the global social media audience, I think.
  4. Good question. My guess is because M does what M wants (especially live) and she was being semi-spontaneous/fresh about it?
  5. It was clearly for FEL promo primarily, hence the name in lights and anything else associated with it. Secondarily, the event aimed to improve her image, showing her in a positive performative light, being her classic self. I like the idea of the remix getting added but she probably created it after the digital release was locked and loaded. Plus, don't the publishing terms of a new song have to be sorted between artists before it's uploaded?
  6. Love the remix but the primary objective of this performance was to promote the FEL compilation, and releasing a new remix not on the compilation at the same time would take away from it, I think.
  7. Look, as an ass-lover I can’t say I’m not fascinated by it. Smart costuming has toned it down lately but it’s hugely disproportionate to her frame. That Oprah interview quote about a big ass keeps echoing in my mind. I would love to know if she’s completely happy with it…
  8. Yep, she just needs to move less and be more measured and choreographed. Basically, to work within her new limitations (which are hard to observe but do exist now). Also, smarter styling this time around, beyond hair, overall look, etc. For instance, I noticed the way the chains fell towards the back to obscure her backside fold.
  9. Nah, the people in the room were just props. It was really for the social media audience and that FEL promo. It fulfilled its purpose!
  10. This looks promising. I appreciate the effort they've gone to.
  11. Could we please stay on topic and save the Japan chat for another thread? This thread is already a beast to stay on top of as is. And 'I have Japanitis'... Also, happy digital release day! Tomorrow's gym sesh is gonna be so solid.
  12. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll come out of the woodwork after the biopic is released. Oops, I mean the 'visual autobiography' (because that's not pretentious, right @VogueMusic?)
  13. Weren’t you saying something similar about Madonna a few threads ago?
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