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  1. People rave about Your Honesty but I can’t get past its shite mastering.
  2. Absolutely love Andre Betts’ production. Absolutely love Demarchelier’s photography here.
  3. I’d agree completely if it wasn’t for Don’t Stop… It was the first Madonna album I ever paid for myself. Every one of its music videos is a great work of art. I will always have Inside Of Me inside of me. I’ll never explain again.
  4. So true! Her air fans M’s flames too. Makes total sense.
  5. Interesting. Gemini was third on my list. Geminis love to be mentally stimulated. She probably loves the way M fooks with her mentally! M’s dad is a Gemini too.
  6. I couldn't find it or her day and month of birth online, but something tells me that she's a Taurus or a Libra.
  7. Is this their idea of a fun gathering? Lights on, sitting around posing stiffly like desperados?
  8. Bedtime Stories because it's what the podcast 'All I Want To Do Is Talk About Madonna' is up to.
  9. I think a lot of the music across the last three albums would be more enjoyable if her vocals were stronger. Something that no-one seems to mention is how vocal chords can degrade over time, and how her voice has possibly changed and weakened because of this too.
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