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  1. Sure, if low-res album covers with a bung eye is your kink.
  2. You don't think she's still competitive? Interesting. It looks to me like she's holding onto that crown very, very tightly.
  3. The superior Madame X album cover. The headscarf one is such an obvious afterthought.
  4. That's cool. Thank you. There's another one too, however... a different pap shot of her at a different time holding a different cover. I wish we could find it.
  5. The delusion spewing from your mouth is laughable and disturbing. You're on this forum more than me and most, and you and your mate @adiro... are all over that Gaga thread with your hate. Could you please do something about this serial abuser, @Jackie @RUADJAI @Enrico @CicconeUK? They keep ignoring requests to stop posting unprovoked, disparaging remarks about members.
  6. We get that but M trying to hop on little transient trends is kind of desperate and below her queendom. Quality over quantity is a better approach. The people are getting fatigued. Keep it classic. Everything else is noise and a waste of her/her team's efforts.
  7. You could say the same about the bicycle pic, the lawn pics, the hitchhiking pic. They are all part of a loose narrative, I guess. I get what you mean though, and it's a good thing they took visual 'sex' breaks simply for art's sake because wow.
  8. Not that M doesn't come across a bit desperate these days, but Chris Brown has his own PR issues to overcome.
  9. Get real. It's hardly the same version as (the slowed down clip of) the demo that went 'viral'.
  10. I haven't read the thread. Just because a song is going viral on TikTok, doesn't mean that it's actually good. In a lot of cases, the bit of audio you hear on a viral TikTok is used for commical effect. And the repetition leads people to become curious about the original song. Did I say 'people'? I meant 'robots'. Don't release it, M. Stick to your original instincts that it wasn't a good enough song to begin with.
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