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  1. I just need her to use Secret Garden as a video interlude or something.
  2. I dunno about anyone else here but M taught me to challenge things, to think for myself, and to appreciate good art.
  3. It's extremely safe to say that Madonna fans are the least conservative of all the pop fandoms. The zealouts keep saying that it's the rest of us who are the problem - never Madonna, the untouchable.
  4. This is interesting. If this is going on it has to be mostly subconscious. I feel that she's felt the need to modernise her old hits as a way of balancing out the pure nostaligia she's embarking on. She may resent that it's been forced upon her (i.e. that music retrospectives are expected, or beating others to her biopic).
  5. Don't worry, she also laughs all the way to the bank every time we buy something from her.
  6. What is she pushing the boundaries of in this video? Taste?
  7. I bet that anyone's dislike for her latest style of music or videos is very Madonna-specific. Some fans are very 'go with her flow' and others hold her art to a certain standard. Both are OK. I like this song for what it is but I think the video is beneath her and what she is capable of.
  8. Some max resolution versions of the Express Yourself photos on her site: http://www.marlenestewart.com/wp-content/uploads/Madonna_-53.jpg http://www.marlenestewart.com/wp-content/uploads/Madonna_-54.jpg http://www.marlenestewart.com/wp-content/uploads/Madonna_-46.jpg http://www.marlenestewart.com/wp-content/uploads/Madonna_-55.jpg http://www.marlenestewart.com/wp-content/uploads/Madonna_-14.jpg http://www.marlenestewart.com/wp-content/uploads/Madonna_-15.jpg
  9. I'm guessing you're probably not gonna like to hear that Weinstein likely paid for M's 2012 Golden Globe... These kinds of deals go on all the time, and it's a little naive to think that they don't.
  10. Much better than insulting yassification. And yes, Madonna expresses self-hatred when she orders Ricardo to yassify her own posts.
  11. Your avatar, which is a yassified photo of her on the video's set, is also a form of hate towards Madonna.
  12. Have you ever watched a car crash happening right before your eyes, yet you can't seem to look away? But seriously, most of us have adored her for decades and, while frustrated at times, we're not prepared to break up.
  13. I just wish she'd stop exploiting queerness for controversy and edginess. No-one is getting fooled or aroused by it.
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