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  1. Is anyone else finding the latest Dark Mode colour scheme a bit hard on the eyes?
  2. I was around the age of 15 when I watched it at the cinemas with an auntie of mine. I feel asleep at one point, but have come to appreciate it more with time.
  3. vasili

    Róisín Murphy

    Really enjoyed watching it last night. Genius move including Golden Era and Familiar Feeling in the setlist. There was a time and a place Now it's all been erased Is this the end of a golden era? Nothing can come close to this familiar feeling Such timely and poignant lyrics. Now, if someone could just manage to rip it please!
  4. https://twitter.com/evrybdygegeget/status/1304752260602195969?s=20
  5. I think it's the weakest song on the album. The rapping parts ("when it's hard for me to smile") are awkward. The track is stronger than the melody line, imo.
  6. Using https://www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/255680/robert-mapplethorpe-peter-reed-american-1979/ as an example, the URL of the highest res version I was able to find is https://media.getty.edu/museum/images/web/enlarge/33184501.jpg. When I inspect the 'zoom' code for the page it's embedded in, I get: <div id="object-image-display" class="zoom-image-object gallery-image-object hide-on-print" data-hash="9fa3c9c362f96e525339a5c3f80b9f2c1d34d366" data-dzi="{&quot;xmlns&quot;:&quot;http:\/\/schemas.microsoft.com\/deepzoom\/2008&quot;,&quot;Url&quot;:&quot;
  7. Thank you, @Levon! I do have that photo but I was after the others listed specifically. Because the hi-res images load within their iframe, I'm convinced they can be accessed some way.
  8. I'm trying to source the hi-res versions of the below that you can zoom into within the page, but not save. The highest resolution I've been able to source is 300kb-odd 1000x1000px versions. And if you are successful, can you tell me how you did it? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. https://www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/255680/robert-mapplethorpe-peter-reed-american-1979/?dz=0.5000,0.5013,0.56 https://www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/255678/robert-mapplethorpe-peter-reed-american-1979/ https://www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/255915/robert-mapplethorpe-
  9. That was one fleeting performance, not a recorded collaboration, and Taylor Swift is not a strong singer.
  10. She's too tall and beautiful for M. M wouldn't allow it.
  11. A weak, grating song with cringey lyrics.
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