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  1. vasili

  2. vasili

    They are taking the piss, for sure. She makes me cringe.
  3. Madonna needs to choose her words more carefully, and keep her little camera minion 1.5m+ away.
  4. vasili

    Sorry, could you please explain your theory so that I can understand it better?
  5. vasili

    I was obsessed with Stuart's production in the early 2000s, no matter his moniker, so when I heard that he was coming to Australia for Good Vibrations I was so excited. I decided to just go to his DJ side-gig in Melbourne, and even designed a Thin White Duke tee to wear to the event. The DJ set itself was incredible. As the Scissor Sisters were playing the same festival, Baby Daddy and Ana Matronic were in the crowd, dancing along. At one point, Stuart dropped a track that included the Abba sample and I remember it sounding really souped-up and hot. During the song, I noticed that Stuart was taking a photo/filming us in the crowd, and even nudged my friend to take notice. "Haha, isn't that funny", I said to her. After the DJ set, Stuart left and we left too, and on the way out I noticed him and Ana walking off into the Melbourne CBD, hand-in-hand. Cut forward to October of that year while I was in NYC during an EU and US backpacking trip, and I am at The Roxy, watching Madonna dance to Stuart's remixes of Hung Up and other yet-to-be-heard tracks from COAD, while he is on the decks. For these reasons, COAD remains a very special and magical album era for me.
  6. vasili

    New management with fresh ideas. A better PR strategy, as her biggest problem is public perception. Release all her pre-Hung Up singles/remixes on all streaming services. Re-engage Stuart Price to make some music. Drop all hip-hop associations, including the grills.
  8. Thank you so much, @madleo How did you manage to do that?
  9. This image of Boy George at 5880 x 6864 pixels
  10. vasili

    Re the Secret video, as taken from this Facebook post: "Orlando Pita 18 January · #fbf #flashbackfriday This was the first video I did with @madonna thankfully the first of many🙌🏼 Repost from @webo1958 using @RepostRegramApp - Friday September 9th until Sunday September 11th 1994 Lenox Avenue Harlem NYC Director @melodiemcdaniel Stylist @brigittepavich Hair @orlandopita Make Up @lauramercier TBC Vintage coat - stylists assistants Shoes @versace The “Secret” video was filmed between Sept 9-11th 1994 at the Lenox Lounge and on location on Lenox Avenue in Harlem. The director Melodie McDaniel and her team scouted out low-rent, speak-easy locations and they did street-casting, assembling off-beat characters, from club queens to card tricksters and edgy Harlem teenagers. Before meeting with Madonna, McDaniel first listened to the song and found it inspiring. When asked by the singer about her references for the video, McDaniel presented her with pictures from her favorite 1970s photographer, Bill Burke, who took pictures of people considered as freaks or inbred. Another reference was the photography book, East 100 Street by Bruce Davidson, which showed pictures of people in Spanish Harlem. Madonna let the director live in her New York apartment to continue research and asked her to go through her book collections, including those by Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon. Madonna also started working with a stylist from McDaniel's team called Brigitte Echols, for the fashion and wardrobes in the video. Echols had gone to a low-rent mall called Crenshaw Swap Meet and bought a $180 gold necklace with the name "Madonna" in it, inside a jewelry box. Madonna liked it and together they decided on the wardrobe, including skirts and tops, vintage clothes from costume houses, La Perla bra, and two designs from Marc Jacobs. Echols described Madonna's approach to style as "collaborative". #madonna #secret #harlem #newyork #1994 @madonna @melodiemcdaniel @brigittepavich
  11. vasili

    Mark Romanek had a meeting with Madonna at a hotel in the early '90s, at which she was living while her home was being renovated. He noticed that the only piece of decor that Madonna had brought with her to the hotel was a surrealist painting to hang on her wall. He commented that it could be great to direct a video based on that painting one day... Flash forward to 1994 and Mark Romanek had the privilege of listening to the Bedtime Stories album before its commercial release, after which he told Madonna that he'd love to direct the video for Bedtime Story if it was to be released as a single, given this concept that he had in mind. Originally, the label wanted to finish the album promotion with Forbidden Love, however Madonna persuaded them to opt for Bedtime Story instead, not only because she had a spectacular video in the works for it, but to show her growth as an artist. Of course, Human Nature eventually became the official last single.
  12. vasili

    What is the appeal of buying the same music in a bunch of different formats? Madonna really has so many fans around her little finger.
  13. Hear, hear! Thank you for articulating everything I was thinking.
  14. But she is 60, and a pop survivor at that, as she likes to reminds us. Madonna, please get over yourself.