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  1. vasili

    What is the appeal of buying the same music in a bunch of different formats? Madonna really has so many fans around her little finger.
  2. Hear, hear! Thank you for articulating everything I was thinking.
  3. But she is 60, and a pop survivor at that, as she likes to reminds us. Madonna, please get over yourself.
  4. vasili

    I bet she disapproved of the full version because of the unflattering lighting...
  5. vasili

    Okay, but if she never used the word 'painterly' to describe what she'd hoped for the video, I doubt it would've come to mind for any of us. Painterly is Ariana's God Is A Woman video. Heck, P!nk's Walk Me Home is more painterly than this. I think I'm just a little underwhelmed with this first single altogether.
  6. vasili

    The video was hardly 'painterly'?
  7. vasili

    Some of you throw the word 'love' around too easily.
  8. I thought I'd share this cute LAP tidbit. Check out the 6:40 mark for a video of P!nk performing Oh Father in 1989 at the age of 10. That's some great taste for a young kid.
  9. vasili

    I see what you mean. So much of what you described is Leo behaviour though haha - i.e. an arrogant approach, inclined to blame others rather than herself, unable to resist doing something on a large scale. Perhaps since she has the kind of access and network that non-famous directors do not, it was hard for her to resist thinking 'big'? Personally, I don't care much for her directing pursuits. Perhaps she could consider being more of a film producer, where she remains integral to having the stories she likes told but doesn't need to be the one behind the camera.
  10. vasili

    It's interesting to hear your perspective as a student. How would you describe her attitude to film-making?
  11. vasili

    Yeh, it's a cool song but it was mastered poorly for Remixed & Revisited, frustratingly.
  12. I think ROL set such a high bar? It really was magical how it came together - timing, personnel, energy. I happen to love Amazing, for instance, even if it is a little same-y... That bass slaps!
  13. Please refer to the following Orbit-produced songs for evidence to the contrary: All Saints - Black Coffee All Saints - Pure Shores William Orbit - Spiral Feat. Kenna & Sugababes And so much more. It's too easy to take Orbit for granted and discredit him after so many years of listening. Ray Of Light would not be the beloved album it is without him. It's as simple as that.
  14. I could've sworn that the WTF clip was also used to thwart downloads of her song Music in 2000?
  15. vasili

    When you say clipping, do you mean the quality of the fade-outs? I'll take a listen.