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  1. Mp1992

    But you said her social media presence in "the last year" affected her airplay But Madonna hasn't even released any songs to radio in the last year
  2. Mp1992

    exactly, I was about to say the same thing unless she dates strictly billionaire white mem than there will always be that "imbalance" Aa a biracial, bisexual male, I would let Madonna do anything she wanted to with me. Problematic my ass.... You can always spot the white, virtue signaling, ultra liberals on here...
  3. Mp1992

    exactly and Cher gets even less radio play with her new stuff as Madonna aa does Streisand. They're all just considered too old for radio, her social media is irrelevan Like I previously stated, Madonna could release another Vogue and it would flop at radio
  4. Mp1992

    15 years is generous. Madonna always got some sort of radio play, first 25-26 years of her career, until she left Warner's. 4 Minutes was big at radio and Give it to Me and Celebration got moderate play, enough to chart. Compared to the practically non existent airplay her Interscope stuff has received Of course she's also older Even 30 something female pop stars like Britney, Beyonce, Miley and Katy has seen their airplay fall and they're only 30 something
  5. Mp1992

    it's the norm for a 50 and over, hell sometimes 40 and over, female artist, I EXPECT it Hell Madonna could release another Vogue and it'll be ignored at radio, that's just how it is I'm constantly surprised that fans are surprised at her lack of radio support and that they bring it up all the time The fact that only 4 singles from an over 50 female artist, one is GMAYL, has made the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 , of the THOUSANDS released since Billboard began, should tell you all you need to know. 99.999999% of the time a single from an over 50 female act gets ignored at radio It's the overwhelming norm
  6. Mp1992

    Yes there are, I agree, but there's way more women who are anti gay, especially gay/bisexual male, way more As a bi guy who dates women primiraily, everytime I've gotten into an argument with a girlfriend it's always "you're a faggot anyway because you like guys too" Women get very weird, emotional, scared at male bisexuality, I think it really pisses them off
  7. Mp1992

    What misogyny? Gay men are WAY more accepting.of powerful women than straight men and even other women If gay men are so misogynistic than why are all the murders rapes, kidnappings and beatings of women done by.... straight men? Hell, statistics show that women are more likely to assault a gay man (which is rare) than a gay man is to assault a woman (which is rarer)
  8. Mp1992

    It's is also very telling how liberal women hate male bisexuality and they'll experiment on their own and say they're pro gay rights and hang with the most flamboyant gay guys but are scared to death of male bisexuality Kind of makes a majority of them sound like hypocrites, doesn't it?
  9. Mp1992

    Yeah I'm a bisexual guy and actually get along better with straight men than gay guys or straight women. I tend to have predominantly straight men and lesbians as friends I'm very masculine, so I'm told, and unless I say something, I'm assummed to be straight all the time. I've also been in a relationship with a woman for almost 3 years now
  10. Mp1992

    Her intentions were good and she did have a point, however.... A heterosexual women, even if she experimented with the same sex at one time, can never understand the BS that gay and even bi (sometime it's worse ) MEN have to.put up with . Most of society is fine with, don't mind or fetishise female bisexuality or lesbian antics, most of that same society hates, is disgusted by or just barely "tolerates" gay/bi men Again, that double standard at play, funny how many "feminists" never want to talk about this and always want to play victim
  11. Mp1992

    She's straight but never cared if people thought she was bisexual or gay It's a million times easier for a female to be bisexual or gay in our culture than a male is, hell even some women who call themselves liberal, won't go anywhere near a bisexual male and won't date them And of course all straight guys love seeing women together Women, like Madonna, have benefited tremendously from the priveledge and double standard, let's be honest here
  12. Madonna is at least half Italian Italians were considered the original Latin's, read up on it Italians weren't even considered "white" by most people until about 100 years ago I'm half Italian and half Black and I STILL know people who tell me that "Italians aren't white" and because of that I'm not half white
  13. Mp1992

    Yes but they were bon the Hot 100 when she turned 50, their final weeks
  14. Mp1992

    And she STILL had the most Billboard Hot 100 songs from an over 50 year old female artist in music history 1. 4 Minutes 2. Give it to Me 3. Celebration 4. GMAYL 5. BIM
  15. I don't think ScottyX knows what the saying "household name" is? Household name means, in general, everyone in an average household knows who you are, they might not follow your career or be a big fan but they gave a general idea of who you are Madonna has been a household name since late 1984, although she's probably not talked about like she was on in the 80s, 90s parts of the 2000s, everyone, when you say "Madonna" knows who you're talking about Don't forget her 2012 Superbowl performance was watched by more people than any TV show in US history at that time and nearly half of the US population was watching