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  1. My least favorite era of her career by far. I stopped getting excited about ANYTHING Madonna related because of Madame X. She had a couple of really great videos from the album however
  2. The Brits wanted to give Madonna a special career achievement award back in 2001, 20 years ago She turned them down flat
  3. Madonna is famous for turning down these kind of special career awards too
  4. yes and TGS was the same thing. Arena's in the US, stadiums outside the US. TGS made way more money than BAT with fewer dates and at the time has the highest per show gross of any female tour in history People forget that. She was also expected to continue the tour in early 1994 with more US dates but Madonna opted not to because she wanted to record another album and concentrate on film roles, this would lead to her eventual fall out with manager Freddy DeMann who wanted her to continue her hugely successful GS tour in 1994
  5. Huh? She played arena's in the US, which is the norm for her and they sold out in record time, they had to add dates at MSG and Philadelphia. She played ALL arenas in the US for the Blond Ambition Tour too. Arena's are not "small venues".
  6. Her WTG tour was almost ALL stadium shows in the US. Not to sound rude but if you're gonna make a bold statement like that, you might want to have your "facts" right
  7. She played some stadiums in the US during the Who's That Girl Sticky and Sweet and MDNA tours I saw her at Yankee Stadium in 2012 during the MDNA Tour
  8. exactly. I work Target and my store has music and they play her probably the most ofany artist . I hear her 5 times on an 8-10 hour team lead manager shift. From Borderline to Ghost town
  9. Everyone over the age of 18 knows OF her, but unless they're a die hard fan, they're pretty clueless to her legacy and impact. However, she has the best streaming numbers, Youtube views and YouTube channel subscribers for an over 60 female artist. Cher and Dolly Parton have it much worse and they seem to get love. It's weird
  10. if it's promoted right, it'll at the very least HELP
  11. Exactly. Everyone over the age of 18 knows OF her but are pretty clueless to her overall legacy and impact The biopic will do wonders for her legacy
  12. As I stated it's been going on for HUNDREDS of years UNFORTUNATELY The media just decided to spotlight it when Trump was President, not that he was qualified to be President anyhow In fact, Obama locked up more illegal immigrants than any President
  13. Kids were cages for hundreds of years, unfortunately Yes during the Obama administration too
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