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  1. Mp1992

    Exactly and with ZERO radio play, the song still won't be a hit. So it's all kind of pointless right? FYI I like the song
  2. Mp1992

    EXACTLY. ROL, MUSIC and COADF all received multiple Grammy nominations and they all won at least 1 Grammy
  3. Mp1992

    She has 28 nominations and 7 wins, that's more wins than a lot of big female artists (Mariah, Whitney, Janet, Christina, JLO, Pink, Britney, Cher ) etc
  4. Mp1992

    That's because the rules used to be if you're not nominated you can't perform alone, they BENT the rules for Madonna because of her star power in 2006, Confessions wasn't nominated because it was released too late, it got 3 nominations and 1 win at the 2007 awards , and Madonna got the opening slot, the biggest name always does, this ENRAGED Mariah at the time The Grammy's changed the performance rules since then
  5. Mp1992

    Die Another Day from the American Life Album got 2 Grammy nominations in 2004
  6. Mp1992

    Ok so she had TWO big albums, one bigger than the other and that was it Didn't know, like much of the world, about her Tony award. The point is IF COURSE Cyndi and her management are gonna milk that iconic album for all it's worth, Madonna, in addition to havng like a DOZEN big albums, has a new album coming out just months from now, maybe if she didn't have a new release coming out?
  7. Mp1992

    Well that's Cyndi's only BIG Album. So... Milk it for all it's worth. LOL
  8. Mp1992

    I would say 25 from Madonna, 1984-2009 when she left Warner's Don't forget , Hard Candy was the 9th top selling Album Worldwide of 2008 Prince had only about 10 good years from 1982-1992, because of his debacle with Waners, he did have ONE post 1992 hit, but he was no longer a big selling act. At all...
  9. Mp1992

    Those albums sold that much AFTER MJ became a global superstar in the 80s. Music and Me peajed at #101 inb the US, YES #101 peak and you just contradicted yourself, first you claim that MJ didn't release any flop albums like Madonna and now you're pointing out 3 albums of his that sold less than Erotica, which you called a "flop". Interesting....
  10. Mp1992

    Well Prince hasn't had a top 10 hit in the US since 1994! And MJ since 2001 (barely) not counting the posthumous Justin song that went top 10 in 2013 Since 1994, in the US alone, Madonna had I'll Remember, Secret, Take a Bow, You'll See, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, Frozen, Ray of Light, Music, Don't Tell Me, Die Another Day,Hung Up, 4 Minutes, Give Me All Your Living Power of Goodbye just missed the top 10 peaking at #11 in 1998. Beautiful Stranger and American Pie peaked at #19 and #29 respectively on airplay alone and would of went top 10 if they had official singles releases in the US
  11. Mp1992

    MJ released 10 solo studio albums while alive and 2 more posthumously after his death. 12 in total His first 4 solo studio albums in the 70s were flops, only one got a sales certification, Ben (which makes Erotica look like a blockbuster) and one peaked at #101(!) on the BILLBOARD albums charts And yes they count, just like Janet's 2 pre Control flop albums count
  12. Mp1992

    Madonna had more top 10 hits in the US in the 90s and 2000s than MJ and Prince's COMBINED times two! Crazy isn't it?
  13. Mp1992

    Huh? MJ released a bunch of solo flop Albums in the 70s before Off The Wall and Invincible sold about the same as Erotica. So please stop
  14. Mp1992

    I think it should be by now,the funny thing is Madonna doesn't have an official million be seller single in the UK but she has the most 500,000 plus sellers so soon enough she'll have a bunch of million sellers in the UK
  15. I thought ALL 3 videos from RH were great, Ghossttown was up there with the Take a Bow video. Her videos from Confessions, although I love the Album, and HC were dissapointing and MDNA has 2 good videos, GMAYL and GGW and one CRAP one , TUTR