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  1. There are separate live mixes done for the venue sound system and the broadcast in any broadcast situation, even things like award shows. In this case the broadcast mix favored the pre-recorded vocals for whatever reason. If they decide to release this officially they will likely go back and remix it to be more balanced (or however Madonna wants it).
  2. it's just a different mix done live for the broadcast. The mix done live for the venue sound system wouldn't sound right for a home audio system so there would have been a completely different mixer for the broadcast feed. That is always the case. The broadcast mix was really good overall but favored the prerecorded vocals.
  3. Really appreciating Stuart's mixes even more now that I can hear them so clearly.
  4. She decided to make it even more abrupt
  5. I'm guessing they are playing it safe with the broadcast mix to help avoid lame tiktok videos afterwards trying to show how badly she sings. Of course now they'll just say she was lip synching lol.
  6. They are playing it. You need to sign up for an account and go to the free tv page and click on the title in the schedule. You need to be on a VPN set to a Brazilian server, but it's working perfectly. For now lol,. https://globoplay.globo.com/tv-globo/ao-vivo/6120663/
  7. I don't think it's "bad" just confusing in terms of structure. If there was more of a traditional encore (with a gap and audience cheering) it might work better. But the LAV/Billie Jean bit feels like the start of a new act to the show and the rather short performance of BIM and the very short bit of Celebration just doesn't quite work even though it looks great. I think another minute of Celebration and more of a visual conclusion to the biographical story of the show would work better. And more of a direct connection with the audience. As Vincent Patterson said in the interview someone posted earlier in the thread, it lacks an "exclamation point" at the end. It's such a great show overall that it feels a bit rough and rushed in comparison.
  8. I have to say after seeing it live Take a Bow really works much better at the end of the main show. I don't see why she'd change back to Rain or Frozen. The ending is still abrupt tho. People were standing around in Phoenix at the end looking confused and waiting for something else to happen. I'm really surprised she hasn't changed that.
  9. Just got home from the show in Phoenix. it was better live than the videos could ever convey and it really works overall. The crowd was very loud and enthusiastic and she commented on it early on and seemed to be enjoying herself. The only hitch was she was late coming out to start Bedtime Story and missed the first couple of lines
  10. Question for those who saw her in L.A., how late has she been coming on? Not trying to be negative, but seeing her in Phoenix on Saturday and curious.
  11. Again, I'm talking about the overall experience of seeing it live, not on video. This applies to all of her tours, which many people have only seen on video, not live. Her voice had a lot of power then, combined with an excellent band, Nikki and Donna, a very enthusiastic crowd and how innovative and different the tour was at the time. It was the whole experience, not just her voice. And she did get heavily criticized at the time for lip synching Now I'm Following You and using pre-recorded vocals mixed with her live voice on other songs.
  12. BAT will always reign supreme due to the absolute frenzy and energy around her at the time. She was at the peak of her peak and completely reset the bar for live concerts. She was in the news every day, on MTV and radio non-stop. It's hard to imagine if you weren't there. I saw BAT twice at the L.A Forum and it was pure lightening in a bottle (and floor tickets cost $30). The videos don't really come close to capturing it like it really was. It's mind boggling that it hasn't gotten a proper HD remaster and release.
  13. I think Take a Bow actually fits better in the show at this point but she sounds embarrassingly bad. So I hope she switches back to Rain or Frozen or does a lot of rehearsing.
  14. I agree she probably won't change it, but it is a weak ending, there's nothing to "accept" IMO. Certainly the weakest of any of her tours and surprising considering how great most of this show is overall.
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