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  1. I did that a few times since yesterday morning. But no, it’s still not there. I‘m sorry to bother you. I thought it would be ok to ask a question or to ask for help on this forum.
  2. Hmmm, Maybe it depends on the country? Here in Germany it‘s not available. But only on Amazon music. All other streaming services have the EP
  3. I still cannot find the D&D EP on Amazon Music. Bad girl / Fever is the most recent one. 😤
  4. Link to a German store: https://www.jpc.de/jpcng/poprock/detail/-/art/madonna-erotica-12/hnum/11044126 It's 33,99 €
  5. Does the 3 CD set also has the liner notes with information about the songs in the booklet or is this exklusive to the 6 LP set? I'm just curious as I have to wait a few hours until I get a physical 3 CD set
  6. I haven't received any notification from DHL yet. In which country do you live? Here in Germany the exemption limits have changed last year. So you pay import taxes (19%) for every order from a non-EU country. If your order is above 150 Euros you will also have to pay import duties. Plus a fee to the forwarder.
  7. Just got the information that my order of the 6 LP set at Dig Store is on the way to me. Preparing my wallet now for paying the import fees
  8. Mine says "packing", too. Shipment to Germany. Maybe they ship outside of the UK first
  9. In the booklet of the 2-CD set, La isla bonita is produced by William Orbit.
  10. Such a lovely song. It always makes me smile when I hear it. According to the Brazilian 7" Single the song originally had a third verse that wasn't used in the final version.
  11. Album version for me. That xylophone sound is just awesome.
  12. My unpopular opinions: - I absolutely love Spanish lesson - I prefer the album version of Fever over the Edit one/Video version (Much more instruments, the xylophone is life)
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