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  1. AceOfMadonna

    Box Set of all her singles please
  2. AceOfMadonna

    Such a lovely song. It always makes me smile when I hear it. According to the Brazilian 7" Single the song originally had a third verse that wasn't used in the final version.
  3. AceOfMadonna

    The show tonight is cancelled according to
  4. AceOfMadonna

    I would love to have a greatest hits album next, but with all the hits newly arranged and done in an acoustic style. And then she could do another theatre tour performing these songs very intimate and relaxed. So she could recover and yet being on stage.
  5. AceOfMadonna

    The black one was one of the best bargains I've ever made in my life. A few years ago someone sold a sealed copy on Ebay for 25 Euros. I've pushed the 'buy now' button immediately. I couldn't believe it. The seller must have been totally unaware of the value.
  6. AceOfMadonna

    Hi, unfortunately I have to sell my ticket for the Paris show on March 3rd. I cannot go on that day because of work (I will go one week prior) Categorie 1 Porte 4 Balcon bas, seat B 27 The face value is 221,50 Euros. PM me if interested!
  7. AceOfMadonna

    Album version for me. That xylophone sound is just awesome.
  8. AceOfMadonna

    My unpopular opinions: - I absolutely love Spanish lesson - I prefer the album version of Fever over the Edit one/Video version (Much more instruments, the xylophone is life)
  9. AceOfMadonna

    I don't find it too. I will have to wait til Friday
  10. AceOfMadonna

    Received an email today that the clear vinyl and the glitter cassette has been despatched!
  11. AceOfMadonna

    Her worst performance in her carreer. Boring and lifeless.