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  1. I hope he is correct. I would like to have a physical release so we can own it forever.
  2. Plus the fact you don't depend on Internet conditions to watch it cause it least in Brazil, where I live, internet is slow and when you're watching something on Netflix or another platform, quality oscillates all the time
  3. That's true, streaming, bluray or dvd, it all looks the same for many people. Bluray should have come to us cheaper considering it became more "popular" when people already had easy access to stuff.
  4. I know a DVD quality isn't the best but I still think it's better than watching stuff on YouTube, which I really consider dreadful and owning them is still a good idea since videos like The Confessions Tour, The Girlie Show, etc, aren't legally available anywhere else and even though someone have uploaded them to YouTube the videos might disappear at any moment. I feel the same about streaming platforms like Netflix, whenever you want to watch something, the tittle was just removed. I just don't feel safe having these platforms as my main way of watching stuff. I feel sad that BD didn't g
  5. I didn't see the show live but I actually didn't like many of the pieces I saw/heard. I got mad at the fact she sang basically the whole concert using that annoying effect on her voice. Actually I don't even know how much of that is really live or pre-recorded. I have the same doubt about the MDNA Tour. Another thing I was disappointed with is that she didn't seem to be so creative with regard to the setlist and how the songs are put together. I mean, there's always a logic behind it but this time, according to what I heard (I might change my mind when I see the whole footage) it seems like a
  6. I'm still not sure whether this DVD is really coming. I'm afraid she gets too excited about the movie and forgets about the show
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