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  1. hastobe_frozen

  2. hastobe_frozen

    With this many people now, I'm definitely a "yes" instead of a "maybe" as long as we're using PayPal.
  3. hastobe_frozen

    I'm VERY leery of this sort of thing, but depending on cost and safe transfer of funds, I may be in as well...
  4. hastobe_frozen

    I wish this was M, but it's not. It is Marilyn Monroe for sure. Shot by Milton Greene in 1956, as stated by Maddyone above. The back mole flagged me too initially and made me take a second look. (Glad I'm not the only one who's overly observant and knows that about M. Ha.) Here is a page with photos from the entire Marilyn Monroe shoot: http://divinemarilyn.canalblog.com/archives/2011/12/02/22869762.html
  5. hastobe_frozen

    She looks absolutely gorgeous in all of these photos. Everything about her. This was the first thing I thought of:
  6. I put today's MDNA Skin Instagram story videos together. I really do love listening to her calmly chat about things, even if it is still a bit of a sales pitch. I also want to know what she says before she smiles in the last clip that was posted without sound.
  7. hastobe_frozen

    I love it.
  8. hastobe_frozen

    Thank you for the upload!
  9. hastobe_frozen

    I'm on the West Coast, and I have it on right now. While the guide says M should be on, it's definitely a different episode they're airing here. I was still looking forward to catching the repeat, but alas, Ben Stiller is on my TV instead. It sounds like the Madonna rerun did air in other parts of the country?
  10. hastobe_frozen

    So cool. I'm looking forward to this. Especially glad to see "Frozen" and "Oh Father" on the list. And "Live To Tell." And all of it, really.
  11. hastobe_frozen

    She's completely lovely. It makes my day so much when she does things like this; what a fun surprise for the week. We're very lucky to have her. Never forget that.
  12. hastobe_frozen

    I was at that MDNA show for the 30th anniversary. It was such a fun, special moment. I can't believe it's been another 5 years already.
  13. hastobe_frozen

    I still think Nothing Really Matters should've been the interlude between Like A Virgin and Living For Love on RHT. That was the only thing I would have realistically changed about the setlist. As for my choices... Sanctuary Secret Garden (I picture a gorgeous, reworked breakbeat interlude of sorts) Swim Nothing Really Matters Skin To Have And Not To Hold Falling Free I'll Remember Inside Out Ghosttown Time Stood Still Rain Over And Over Causting A Commotion And I'd probably fly straight up off of this planet and into a black hole if she ever sang Has To Be.
  14. hastobe_frozen

    I'd love to hear the whole thing as well. If anyone finds it, please share!
  15. hastobe_frozen

    For me, seeing the "Frozen" video upon its original release, in conjunction with the song, was when it all really clicked over into something deep, meaningful, and lifelong.