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    I love laughing, and listening to or talking about M... both are even better
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  1. Sat Oct 21 – Antwerp, BE – Sportpaleis Only doing one date (but with two family members and trying to overcome my social anxiety by fulfilling my biggest childhood dream 😍). Can't wait
  2. The great thing about M (and that's why she has a huge place in my heart) is that not only do I listen to her songs according to my feelings (sad, frustrated and other more "positive" emotions), but also because I literally relive all her eras (and therefore mine, with very precise moments) by listening to her different albums. It's my way to be in the mood I could elaborate but it won't interest anyone here lol
  3. Happy birthday to our beautiful and irreplaceable Queen ! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 (The midnight hour is close at hand in Europe)
  4. A little late, but happy 40th birthday to you!
  5. Hope to see McDonna traveling in a food truck, touring cities around the world with her "I'm Lovin It Tour". 🌎🌍🌏👀 McDonna.mp4
  6. "Music, go tell your sisters Madonna, Erotica, Confessions and Madame X that it's time to eat !! " "You'll be allowed to have lollipops and chocolate kisses for dessert"
  7. I've been playing this game for a long time, but I'm still looking forward to something like this happening. (if you want to find me, I'm the one listening to M non-stop with the mic open lol) MadonnaFT1.mp4
  8. Lucky you😊 ... Is Octavia available in Europe? (I'm asking for a friend... of course 👀)
  9. I showed her pics/story to my mum, and before I could say anything, she said : "I know you love M, but you're not going to use your money for that plushy, are you?!" 🤣 (...why not ? 👀)
  10. Super Pop Forbidden Love 1994 or Forbidden Love 2005?
  11. Intervention Mother and Father or She's Not Me?
  12. Don't forget the live version 😵🤤
  13. Her latest pics are so sweet, so tender ❤️🥺 As we say where I'm from, "After rain⛈️, comes the fine weather🌞"
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