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  1. You're right. This is only my opinion, of course, but it is much healthier for me to focus only on the positive, to know that no matter what her "face" looks like, M is always and still here with us, ready to celebrate her (incredible) legacy with us, to have different projects again and again, to always make us dream a maximum, etc. That, instead of comparing two eras 30 years apart, it makes more sense (to me) to understand (and therefore accept), that her changes have been gradual, year after year, that she is also known as the Queen of "Reinvention". Since 40 years, one era has succeeded another, and she's opening a new one, with a new look (as every time, with transitions sometimes more impressive than others). This makes me so much happier, than seeing these negative or insulting remarks on social networks or "news" websites. Really happier (and I know what I'm talking about, even my relatives notice it). (this is my only message on this specific subject, btw)
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/08/opinion/madonna-grammys-2023.html
  3. I really agree. Of course, everyone has an album they like less (sometimes really less), but she doesn't have a "worst" album (at least, imo). They are all complementary to each other, thanks to their different ambiances, their different genres/styles, their different productions (as well as other factors)... but also and above all, thanks to M's talent of reinvention, over the years, the decades. It's a real chance to be a fan of an artist with such a longevity, synonymous with (re)discoveries.
  4. This kind of energy in these events is similar everywhere, I think. In France, for the Césars (equivalent to the Oscars), the organizers were forced to put comedians at the presentation (including a comedian known for having parodied M, but who loves her) to try to relax the atmosphere, because the public energy was always as warm as... the weather in Frozen.
  5. More seriously, Dress You Up was not sung for the first time on The Virgin Tour in 1985, but a year earlier, at a party for Keith Haring’s birthday.
  6. The baby's crying in Autotune Baby, is actually Elton John's modified crying right after Ricky Gervais' joke.
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