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    I don't know, anyone notices that her skin is very white, way too much. And that they removed her skin texture. So people will think, "I've seen what Madonna really looks like, it's just filters here." Also because in other pop stars' videos there are always some filters, but less heavy than the ones Madonna uses. Unfortunately, whenever in the newspapers they talk about her, they put pictures where she looked swollen and with a weird face, like the one from the Grammys or others like that. And NEVER, I mean NEVER, do they put a picture of her on the Celebration Tour So people have this kind of perception of her. Anyway, who cares, hardly anyone watches music videos anymore (sadly)
  2. The DVD audio for the CT wasn't redone in the studio; they took the best parts from multiple shows and then slightly used autotune on the less precise notes. The same thing was done for the MDNA Tour and RHT. However, the S&S was heavily re-recorded in the studio. They will do the same for this DVD as well. As for the audio, I can't complain too much, only the MDNA Tour's was poorly done. My concern is with the video. I hope it maintains the level of filters on her face that we see in the concert screen images and that they don't use even heavier filters. And I hope it's not that for every song we will see 200 outfits, 200 different hairstyles, and editing that could trigger epilepsy, because this time I will sue for not having a warning at the start of the video... After all, they always put it in video games.
  3. FraP


    She looks amazing, but in real life she looks better than this. Too much filters
  4. I feel a little sad for the Argentinians and Brazilians. In South America Madonna is much loved and they haven't seen her in 12 years.
  5. @ArckangelI've seen "Leaving Neverland" and also watched the documentaries in response. I've read various things about it, but I'm not an expert on the subject. I couldn't say whether he's innocent or guilty; it's difficult. I remember after reading the arguments from both sides, I concluded that it's hard to be certain of his innocence or guilt, but doubts remain. My feeling is that he was attracted to young boys; there are many clues that make me think so. Additionally, MJ always seemed to me intelligent and manipulative. And I don't believe what he said about his sexuality, that he was attracted to adult women. But he might never have committed any violence towards the children around him. Or he might not even be a pedophile, who knows. I think we'll never have certain proof, also because he had alarms that warned him if someone approached, so if he was perpetrating some violence, he wouldn't have been caught (at least that's what I remember). Madonna said she hadn't even watched the documentary. Sure, I know she defended him in 2003. I defended him for years, too, but now I have doubts. Given the not so great relationship between M and MJ and that the tribute is a very forced interlude with a so-so mashup, I would have avoided it and done something else. Anyway, I love Michael Jackson's music and would continue to listen to it even if there was certain proof of his guilt. I separate Caravaggio's art from the crimes he committed.
  6. I've been looking up some videos of Dave Gahan, and it seems like he's still nailing live performances in 2023. I'm going to dig a bit deeper into this. I loved this tour as much as I hated the interlude with Michael Jackson. MJ spent a lifetime speaking poorly of her, and there are also many doubts about his being a child abuser, yet she defended him in a way he would never have done for her. Moreover, to say "he's the king and I'm the queen," she put together an extremely forced interlude, where the two tracks weren't even well mashed up. It felt forced. I thought the same thing. A rework of Love Song with a tribute to Prince would have been amazing.
  7. At the start of the tour, Madonna was doing alright with most of the songs in the tour (as you can notice in these videos). But as the tour went on, what seemed okay in London just started to sound mediocre elsewhere. I was actually there at the opening night in London. Her voice was audible, but in Lisbon and Milan, it was more audible. I think from the stands you can probably hear her voice more (I'll be watching the next show from the stands). The performances that were just passable in London? They turned into a bit of a disaster. But yeah, I'm on the same page about her vocal form not being great. It's been like that for a while. I guess she doesn't fuss over it too much, but it always makes me wonder, especially after those in-ear monitor audios leaked, how does a singer sing with all that background prompter? How do you really get into it? It seems to me she's only really into it when it's a TV performance (though, let's not forget the Eurovision debacle), otherwise her singing is lazy at best. Anyway, I'm planning to catch the Celebration Tour again, for the fourth time, in San Francisco. I'll be keeping an eye out for these things, but I'm there to enjoy myself, obviously.
  8. We don't know the full story, but it's pretty clear there was some fallout after the DWT. There's chatter that Niki caught heat from Madonna for putting on weight, and others buzz about money issues, like Madonna not paying her fairly. We know Madonna can be a bitch sometimes, so I'm not quick to throw shade at Niki. But it's known that Niki was feeling salty during the Reinvention tour, quipping she would join Madonna again for a reinvention, not for a regurgitation. She might've thrown some not-so-kind words around then, she surely made a joke about Madonna's forced British accent and said that Kabbalah had brainwashed her. She also dished some gossip about Madonna's boyfriends from the 90s. All of this happened in 2004, around the time. Over the last 10/15 years, she's mostly spoken positively, although it's apparent that something broke along the way. That's all in the past. I've watched a bunch of Niki's recent clips, and these days, she's mostly singing Madonna's praises, reminiscing about the lessons learned and the good times. Yet, she can throw a bit of shade sometimes, always keeping it respectful, though. In my opinion, though, something happened that somewhat damaged their relationship. She's been a good friend of Madonna's for a long time. We don't know if she had a reason to be upset in 2004. I'm also really happy that Kelly got up there. She's a die-hard Madonna fan, always geeking out on her TV shows, showcasing videos of her at concerts (I remember when Madonna handed her the mic during GI2M at the S&S). Kelly truly deserves it. And I'd rather see her as a guest judge than N&D, because seeing them just as judges holding up scorecards (where guests typically just react without really bringing their own flair to the stage) would have been a letdown. What saddens me more, though, is if they were in the front row but didn't get to chat even a little with their old friend and colleague Madonna. That would be really disheartening and sad. Like, come on, move on and reconnect. Yes, but I think that happened because there was some unresolved issue we're not aware of. But that's water under the bridge now. Madonna reconciled with Elton John, who has been a total bitch for a decade and he definitely wasn't as close to her as N&D were. I don't see why she couldn't reconnect with them too.
  9. Let's keep hoping, but I think we will never see them together again, sadly 😭 It would be awesome, but impossible 🤣 Madonna could never sing unplugged again, she hasn't the voice she had during the American Life era. Now more than ever, her type of show needs to be theatrical. The last "unplugged" show with Jon Batiste (a well-known and highly valued musician) was a total mess. She sang terribly, even with autotune. It looked like an amateur karaoke night. It's better for her to stick to shows like the Celebration Tour. If she hadn't greeted them backstage, it would have been very, very sad. Donna was her backing vocalist until the end of the Confessions Tour. She sang and danced with her, and gave her vocal advice. And Niki, too, deserves a greeting after so many significant years together. I'm said if she never acknowledged the girls. And yet, we ended up with Toschifa on stage 🤮
  10. Does Madonna team know that they're going to her show? Donna always says good things about Madonna, Niki speaks well of her but is sometimes a bit critical. Let's say it's true that sometimes it seems Niki wants to distance herself from the mainstream pop world. In fact, I also knew that Nikki felt betrayed by Madonna over an incident I can't quite recall, which then led to some issues. We don't really know the details of their personal relationship.
  11. Wow! There's another video where you can hear Donna's voice better. Here audio quality is a bit worse... Anyway, finger crossed 🤞 Hope they're singing with Madonna tonight!
  12. I'd be absolutely ecstatic if they performed together with Madonna and I was there. Just seeing them back together in a video would totally make my day. They're a legendary trio! ♥️ I don't get why so many of you have such a strong dislike for N&D. First off, they're both rocking it health-wise, Donna moves are great... But hey, even if they were rolling in on wheelchairs, that wouldn't make the hate justified. You're no different from those who mock Madonna for not dancing like she used to and appearing stiffer in her movements. Niki might have had a bit of a spat with Madonna way back when, but Donna and Madonna are cool with each other. They're always singing her praises and showing mad respect. They're adored by loads of fans (me included), are genuinely awesome souls, and are powerhouse vocalists, with or without Madonna. And that's no shade on Madonna's legend status. They're not chasing the pop star title; they've carved out their solo gigs. Didn't hit Madonna-level fame? Well, duh, but that doesn't dim their artistic shine. They've made their mark, not just as backing vocals (for Madonna and others). With Madonna, they just had this special vibe. They made something magic. So, forgive us if a bunch of us are stoked at the thought of a reunion for a throwback tour like this! And yeah, like @Lorx I love their take on "Rain" over Madonna's version in the Celebration Tour (which, minus "Rain" and "BIM," is pretty much a flawless tour). Doesn't mean I'm not team Madonna; it's just that N&D hold a special place. Seeing the trio hit it again or just hearing from the duo would be epic. And for real, I doubt Madonna would let them belt out "Rain" before taking it on herself later. Totally agree with you ❤️
  13. Amy Schumer is really dull in addition to being racist. And she's never been a funny comedian. She has a tasteless, stupid, and ignorant comedic style. I've never understood why Madonna supports her, but I also think that Madonna has terrible comedic tastes
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