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  1. No matter what she do, people will be here looking for a reason to fight and bitch about it
  2. This Erotica remix by Honey Dijon is great. It sounds very similar to the original Underground Club Mix but more modern with a little of her touch. I wouldn't mind if she reworks some of the original remixes like this!
  3. Honey Dijon is also working on this with Madonna and Mike Dean. I'm officially excited! Honey this gonna be good
  4. I'm very excited for this release! I've always been a big fan of remixes. I really hope they do something more than just putting the remixes there in a compilation. Whether it's some kind of megamix or a continuous album or whatever, i'll be happy
  5. It's not a traditional compilation, it's exclusive for her 50 #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart so there is no relation to her previous greatest hits compilations.
  6. The way she reached her 50 #1 in 2020 and she decided to do something about it in 2022 *Time goes by so slowly intensifies*
  7. She's literally just quoting Into the Groove. I mean she's telling us she's giving us a compilation (or whatever it is) of her 50 #1s so we can dance. Nothing to do with You Can Dance the album.
  8. I'm here for a dance/remix compilation or whatever she's planning. It would be cool while we wait for the first reissue
  9. Give Me All Your Luvin' is one of the best videos she has done in the last decade, unfortunately we can't say the same about the song. Girl Gone Wild has a great video, she looks stunning in it and the choreography is amazing. Turn Up the Radio can choke. Living for Love was dissapointing, specially with that exaggerated red filter... Ghosttown was pretty good and Bitch I'm Madonna was fun. The only bad thing about that video is Nicki on the screen... Honey get the girl on a plane. The Madame X videos were all pretty good and a huge improvement. My only wish would've been that they didn't over edit everything so much, something less is more.
  10. Yes, that's exactly what I meant with "most streamed song at the moment". Hung Up was her #1 for a couple of months and now has been replaced by Frozen!
  11. The Frozen remix is now her most streamed song at the moment, surpassing Hung Up. Also, she has +17.3 million monthly listeners, if i'm correct, the most she ever had? I'm not really sure lol.
  12. Simply amazing. Your job is always stunning! This box set looks soooo good. Madonna's team should hire you for the reissue campaign
  13. So apparently she's re-recording Frozen... I love this Frozen revival! I can't wait to hear the new version
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