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  1. Talent delivered all over 57 minutes and 14 seconds
  2. I was there yesterday afternoon around 6pm and they did an instrumental rehearsal, no vocals, and I think with someone who was not M. Open Your Heart and Holiday were there. They went from NRM to Hung Up, all complete songs from the setlist, and then there was a cut and I think they came back later but I had to leave before that.
  3. Do we know if she's doing rehearsals today? I'm in Rio today
  4. Me in Rio if someone ask me if I'm Argentinian: I'm Madame X
  5. So cool! Misiones is such a beautiful place, I have to go there too!
  6. Well it's over for my bank account I need to get some flights and some place to stay in Rio I can't believe I'm seeing her for a second time
  7. It's strange that there hasn't been an official announcement yet, considering this is happening in less than 2 months. What are they waiting for
  8. Take a Bow it's the most streamed track (56.3 million) followed by Secret (20.2 million).
  9. BITCH I better start looking at flights Anyone from Buenos Aires planning to go?
  10. Every time a part of me wishes for a Reissue announcement my logical part is like
  11. actually png is better than jpg, png has lossless compression (no data is lost when the image is compressed)
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