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  1. I truly loved and enjoyed all the Madame X era, she was really inspired and deliver a very interesting concept/album/videos/tour. But honey it's been a loooong loooong ride, I'm glad we are finally over. She will be remembered with love. Goodbye Madame X Now I can't wait for the reissue campaign to begin. We have a very exciting 2022 coming!
  2. I just listened Sodade from a fan recording for the first time. Why the hell did she cut it from the film and live album It's great! Madame X better be a runner cause I'm coming for her
  3. I will never understand why they thought it was a good idea to put phone (or whatever device) footage in the speeches. The jumps in the audio, the terrible quality of the footage in the video... Couldn't they just stick to what she said in the nights the concert was filmed?
  4. She refuses to let the Madame X era be over The remix is great by the way!
  5. Let's go dancing, let's go dancing No more crying, no more yelling No more waiting (for Anitta)
  6. Literally any thread on this forum: *exists* You all: the fake ass, the surgery, the filters, she's lost, etc etc
  7. I know she's been singing Human Nature for ages now but this version is so good, it gets better with every listen! I also love the typewriter part in I Don't Search I Find. All the fado section is beautiful. Frozen rendition is perfect. Future is amazing, loved the new verse. It's a shame the live album was chopped and edited a little bit messy. The audio treatment for this tour was great!
  8. Emily after putting the Beautiful Stranger maxi single and Cherish video remaster out
  9. Thank you! I didn't know they shoot without audience, but yeah I was talking about moments were the camera is on stage. I'm gonna pay more attention on my next watch!
  10. I've only seen it once so I should watch again, but I'm pretty sure there are reshoots in Vogue and through all the fado act here and there
  11. Yup surely my devalued latin american money is crucial for them
  12. the way I subscribed to Paramount+, watched the Madame X Tour and hit the cancel subscription button right after
  13. Love the hair, she looks so beautiful!! I love she's doing this kind of performances, she really seems to enjoy this small things
  14. Well I finally watched it and I have to say, even tho I didn't like the editing (I have my reasons), the show itself was amazing. I didn't have any idea how this tour was and it really surprised me. The stage works really good and the visuals are amazing with all the projections and backdrops. I absolutely love the outfit she wears in the second act, that brunette hair ugh. She looks stunning. I feel like the show is pretty simple overall but it has her soul in it, it's special. She looks very happy through the entire thing and you can tell she's enjoying herself a lot, which it's really nice. The way she is so proud of her family, having her kids all over the place and the breathtaking Frozen performance with Lola in the back. That one was beautiful. Future and Come Alive were amazing too. I loved that she closed the show with the LGBT flag coming up in the back while singing I Rise (I have to admit I got a little bit emotional there)
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