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  1. lucasciccone

    I'm here for it
  2. lucasciccone

    After a million years, they replaced that horrible 480p version for a proper 1080p one! Can you believe
  3. lucasciccone

    At this point, to think that this was going to come out this year...
  4. lucasciccone

  5. lucasciccone

    I remember she teased a lot the MDNA Tour dvd on Instagram, I don't really remember what happened with the Rebel Heart Tour one, but with Madame X she literally said nothing about it. I wonder if she'll ever start with the #soon and then go and release the dvd in 46 months.
  6. lucasciccone

    What if they just put some remix compilation like the Like a Prayer (30th Anniversary) album?
  7. lucasciccone

    everytime we get excited about a maxi single on streaming @wtg1987 be like
  8. lucasciccone Umm... I don't know, maybe it's just something for Ahlamalik?
  9. lucasciccone

    Well it doesn't look great but at least looks better than before
  10. lucasciccone

    I think if there is one thing that this entire forum can agree on it's that we all hate Aldo Diaz
  11. lucasciccone

    I actually think it would be nice if they use a polaroid selfie for the cover... But maybe a more flattering one
  12. lucasciccone

    Omg this is amazing! I can't believe they are actually taking care of the catalogue it was time! It looks really good considering most of it was shot in 8mm. We can't expect an ultra hq definition. I think it would basically take all the essence and the spirit of the video out.
  13. lucasciccone

    Yessssss Miss Dita come take me and put me in a trance honey