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  1. The way they are keeping us entertained with this releases so we don't complain about the Madame X DVD coming in 84 months
  2. Poor M. Did she get coronavirus at the same time around? I don't remember exactly when she had fever and was so sick. God, this tour went through everything. It's so good to see her well now.
  3. Crying over the Edit One not making into the Fever EP but wow they are giving us a looot of remixes. I love it!!! Keep them coming
  4. Oh my godddd she is in another level of beauty
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CL2_qG0hcH0/?igshid=1k4010jatsfrh Already shooting?
  6. Mapping is like a projection onto a surface. Maybe if you see it you'll understand it better, I searched a random video on youtube:
  7. I wonder how long will she be rehearsing until the shoot, a few days I guess? I hope they don't take that much time editing all the new footage. If it's for giving us a perfect dvd then i'm okay waiting a little bit longer
  8. I wanna know what is happening hurry up girl
  9. Madonna: I'm doing some reeshots Literally all of us: Are you fucking insane?! Reshoots? Reshoots? Reshoots?
  10. Girl I- reshoots? What is it going onnn. I still want to believe this thing is done/almost done... I think she's maybe doing something for promo. There is no way they are reshooting something at this point. If close ups or something specific were needed they've done it before, right? The wait continuessss
  11. Why did I read the entire thing singing it
  12. So Fever wasn't released in the US right? That would mean this is going to be the first time we get a maxi single from another part of the world. Or maybe they're making a new ep with different versions? I don't know, but I hope they include the Edit One
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