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  1. Emily choosing the Bedtime Stories font while editing the promo vids.
  2. Why the hell would they upload Cherish in the middle of the True Blue anniversary release It looks pretty good anyways!
  3. Madonna's team to Where's the Party and Love Makes the World Go Round when they updated the album
  4. I still have to wait like 11 hours to stream this. That Open Your Heart (Extended Version) better be ready cause i'm coming for it
  5. Exactly. The True Blue version had like +45 million streams and the Celebration version had like +21 million streams. Both versions were merged and now it's one track with over 66 million streams in total.
  6. I don't think it updated itself, I mean I don't think it's possible, someone has to do it. They probably are fixing duplicated songs because it makes no sense having the streams splitted all over the place (finally).
  7. Yeah probably. The anniversary excuse seems to be the logic behind but it's still so random. Who knows, maybe they're just doing what they can with what they find in the process.
  8. I can't understand the logic behind the videos upscale. La Isla Bonita is her most watched video and a huge classic and they go and upscale Get Together... literally one of her most forgettable videos ever...
  9. It's been more than a year since this reissue campaign started and we're still trying to figure how it works.
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