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  1. I would definitely say True Blue. It's her best-selling studio album, filled with hits, and features her most iconic and memorable cover. Like a Virgin and Like a Prayer are next.
  2. IMO I don't think they would promote the album reissue with the same typography from the tour, it could be confusing for the GP. They've been promoting the tour with the "four decades" line, it's just the same but a different way to say it. And what does Deeper and Deeper have to do with the Madonna album? Nothing. It's just another random thing Warner is doing.
  3. I don't think this indicates anything related to the Madonna album reissue, it's probably just promo for the tour since they are using the logo typography and it's two random songs.
  4. I'm so used to scroll down my library figuring out what I want to listen to but now everything is a mess Well it's over
  5. Right? I saw it this morning and it's a nightmare. The library moved to a sidebar is a mess, who the hell thought this was a good idea
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