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  1. Omg yes presented by Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova.
  2. Is there any hope for a Netflix premiere at this point?
  3. Yasss Express Yourself!!! Fingers crossed for something from Ray of Light or American Life next week 🤞 PS. Would it be possible to update the title of the thread with the new releases? Maybe something like "Single reissues campaign - General discussion - Express Yourself 05/07/21" so it would be more easy to catch up.
  4. When she says "what the hell is going on around here" we all really felt that.
  5. I just realized this thread was created on march 8, 2020 💀 little did we know... We've been here for over a year talking shit and still no dvd at sight
  6. Looking good and feeling fine! She's serving me MILF realness lately
  7. Madonna after posting a video smoking weed while editing the Madame X Tour.
  8. Could it be possible that she is faking her weed smoking phase? I've seen this on twitter, apparently said by Lola.
  9. Omg guys I went to genius.com to see if there was more specific information about the mixing and look at this 💀 Well it's over for us bitches
  10. Here are the credits. He was not involved, so I guess there's hope he can do a better job.
  11. It takes time going through the vaults of the old tours looking for vocals to recycle
  12. Seeing her media posts lately... Did we ever seen her wearing a mask? She's been hanging with a lot of people recently and she NEVER uses one. She should be more aware about it I think.
  13. PRAYING for a good audio treatment. We are going to pretend MDNA and Rebel Heart Tour fiascos never happened
  14. Nothing can go wrong when you have Madonna and Mirwais on it. From the music combining different styles and creating something new and interesting to the political and personal lyrics... It's a beautiful album. My faves are Nothing Fails, X-Static Process and Easy Ride
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