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  1. lucasciccone

    I don't understand how they let this happen... Is there anybody controlling these things?
  2. lucasciccone

    1 million already!
  3. lucasciccone

    I've been streaming non stop from Youtube and Spotify. It's almost at 1 million, exactly at 973k. Very good for just a few hours!
  4. lucasciccone

    Ok but can we talk about the fact that DITA IS BACK
  5. lucasciccone

    Ok I just re-watched it and I think the direction was really good. The color palette is very good, art and costumes design are amazing (it's what I like the most in the video, her dress in the wedding scene is really good!), I like almost every shot overall. My only problem (and the most important thing actually) is the edition. And guess what, Danny Tull is there. Some scenes have many camera changes that are very annoying, and also in all over the video are some very short shots exaggeratedly grainy, in my opinion they look very bad... I don't know. If the edition was properly made the video would be a million times better. She really really needs to change her editor. But anyways, I liked it. (I'm sorry if my english is too bad sometimes)
  6. lucasciccone

    Well I think I liked it... I need to see it in HD now. The edition was badly made in my opinion
  7. lucasciccone

    Oh my god she looks so good!! I love her
  8. lucasciccone

    Queen of live streaming, invented the internet
  9. lucasciccone

    Two hours!!! Stream Medellín on Spotify/Apple/Youtube in the meantime
  10. lucasciccone

    Almost but we're ready anyways
  11. lucasciccone

    I've found this live stream from MTV. Down below is the channel's programming, but it says nothing about Madonna. I guess it must be because it's a special. I don't know. Also if you have a TV provider, or someone you know have one and you can use it, you can watch it from MTV official site!
  12. lucasciccone

    I wonder where all these teaser she's uploading will end up. Maybe the documentary rumour was true, or maybe they'll be part of the videos? I don't know. But everything looks very interesting and good! Come for me Madame X i'm so ready
  13. lucasciccone

    She keeps spelling her own song wrong, I love her