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  1. lucasciccone

    Ugh it's so hard to pick one... I love them all. I'll pick Confessions, besides loving it for it's music and everything about that era, it has a special place in my heart because it was the album that introduce Madonna to me. I was just a child when I saw Hung Up on tv and fall in love with her But anyways, the three albums are all time favourites along with Erotica.
  2. lucasciccone

    So does anyone knows exactly when the second part of the remixes are coming to streaming platforms?
  3. lucasciccone

    So i've googled Sebastian Manuel and found his soundcloud, where it says: "...As a producer, Sebastian has worked with great partners such as Honey Dijon, DJ Vibe, Chus & Ceballos and Danny Tenaglia, among others..." So I guessed they have worked together on I Don't Search I Find...
  4. lucasciccone

    I don't understand the idea of releasing the remixes this way... But at least they released a bunch of remixes for each song, many artists just release one remix as a single and that's it. I hope we have more for I Don't Search I Find!
  5. I haven't been listening the album that much these last couple of weeks. I still like it btw, and still think it's the best she has done in years. But I agree that now I found it very incohesive, I don't know why I didn't have this problem when the album came out lol. But there are so much variety of sounds... The "global album" idea, ok... But I don't know if it worked that much. Some tracks falls so out of place: Dark Ballet after Medellín, Future after God Control, Batuka after Future, Crave after Killers, Faz Gostoso after Come Alive, I Don't Search... after Bitch I'm Loca. But anyways, the tracks are good and I appreciate that. I still see and feel this album as an album, not yet as a playlist for some reason. My faves after these months: Batuka, Killers, Extreme Occident
  6. lucasciccone

    That madonnabible stream is working so bad I hope someone will upload the full performance later on YouTube!
  7. lucasciccone

    I completely agree with you about the message. But if we are going to be objective, the edition of the video is bad. Anyways, i'm trying to not be bothered about this since she's been doing this type of edition for years now. I just don't know why they do this! The material is so good and they go and ruined it. The video could improve a 100% if they had edited it properly. Anyways... The message is the most important part of it, and it works perfectly. I'm in love with her in the video. And i'm in love with the political Madonna
  8. lucasciccone

    I only saw Monét X Change for like a second at one of the club scenes. I didn't recognise any other drag queen.
  9. lucasciccone

    Well... I'm shocked. Very well made video! I felt it becomes a little bit repetitive on her writing scenes, but it's okay anyways. Definitely it's a video i'm gonna watch again and again. She looks incredible beautiful. The message is perfectly understandable.
  10. lucasciccone

    Is MTV even relevant nowadays? Come on Madame X slay the media once again
  11. 9th #1 album on the Billboard 200 after almost 40 years of career.
  12. lucasciccone

    That outfit! I'm dead. She looks incredibly beautiful
  13. Well apparently Anitta was having a show tonight in Brazil, so I really don't know what does she mean with that #waitingforanitta Maybe she's coming later this week to shoot the music video?
  14. So it's really happening?