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  1. The Living for Love mix is soooo good. Love the vocal version! TIVING FOR LOVE
  2. Honey the woman is 63. People age and don't have the same energy they used to. We should be thankful she still wants to perform at all when she could be just enjoying life and her family.
  3. She looked great last night. Love to seeing her still performing! You can see her having a good time and enjoying herself
  4. The available songs are: the 3 singles (ITG, D&D and ROL) and the rest were already available from the maxi singles (LAP, Vogue, Secret > from the reissues / Hung Up, GGW, Medellín and IDSIF)
  5. Even tho I didn't like any of the Frozen remixes this has been great for her. A boost to her streams we love to see it! And she looked amazing in the video
  6. Does anyone remember what was her monthly listeners peak? I was wondering but I can't remember. I think she surpassed the 22 million right?
  7. This remix is everything. The video looks amazing! She was sooo beautiful during Ray of Light 🥺 I hope they remaster the original video #soon too
  8. So apparently we got the wrong date? Or Emily forgot to click the "Post" button last Friday Nice to have one more before the standard edition release next friday!
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