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  1. lucasciccone

    She really welcomed the new millennium with the sound of future. Amazing album, I love it
  2. lucasciccone

    Oh my god!!! This is so good, finally they are doing this I wonder why they uploaded separately when they could've replaced the sd version and get more views with this.
  3. lucasciccone

    As she said in the Hanky Panky maxi b-side: I want more!
  4. It's not a wise decision to direct the movie. There are a lot of amazing directors that could do this movie, and she can be involved as co director and producer of course. She doesn't have a good back history in cinema, not as an actress neither as a director. The critic will slay her no matter if the movie is good, just because it's her. I hope she change her opinion about the direction of the movie! And also I hope the script is good. It's great that she wants to tell her own story but I hope she will be able to see behind her... I mean, I hope it doesn't end up being a super narcissistic movie.
  5. lucasciccone

  6. lucasciccone

    I don't get why some of you keep thinking this is cancelled. The tour ended a few months ago, she literally said they're just back at the editing since the pandemic put that on hold. The previous tours dvds were released very late, so this situation is not different than what we are used to. She will release this dvd.
  7. lucasciccone

    Oh my god she looks so beautiful Live to Tell it's a perfect name for her own story. I would love to hear a new rendition of the song if the movie ends up called like that!
  8. lucasciccone

    Hanky Panky next is so random lol... But it's great to see them coming to streaming. I hope we get a lot more soon. I want Erotica Remixes, Bedtime Story, all the Ray of Light maxis, What It Feels Like for a Girl. Some of my faves remixes are there!
  9. I'm a little bit afraid since she seems to want to cover almost her whole career, or at least from the early days to Ray of Light (I think that's what I heard her saying lol) which it is A LOT for just one movie. I mean how could you fit all that in a 2 hour movie?
  10. lucasciccone

    I was about to write the same! She said they started editing but it was put on hold due to the quarantine, right? And just now they are resuming the edition.
  11. lucasciccone

    Madonna on her live IG reading all the questions regarding the Madame X DVD
  12. lucasciccone

  13. lucasciccone

    She will not miss the opportunity to tag "#soon" in a hundred post on instagram before the release!
  14. lucasciccone

    I just hope we have at least an announcement before the end of the year