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  1. konfideinmenow

    Are they officially remastered?
  2. I really want her to do a tour that captures the free, fun, wild, and inimitable vibe of NYC in the 1980's. She should open with Spotlight She should close with Sidewalk Talk And for the "Ghosts of the city that never sleeps" section Supernatural
  3. konfideinmenow

    All About Eve Lust In The Dust Memoirs Of A Geisha (also a favorite book) The Birds Beaches Vibes Lord Of The Rings Universe The Conjuring Universe My House In Umbria 9 to 5
  4. konfideinmenow

    I’d suggest that she take some time to curate a record that showcases her beautiful natural voice and range. Then I’d want to watch some of her live performances and talk about her vocal delivery and pitch.
  5. konfideinmenow

    My general concern is that the content and assertions all seem to be escalating. To extrapolate on my deeper concerns: as I’ve perused these tweets I’ve wondered how the seeds of Qanon and/or the adrenochrome panic and it’s peripherals are planted and take root in the psyches of a vast amount and array of people. The easy answers are ignorance, or lack of quality education, or missing discernible critical thinking skills. Perhaps the people that latch on to such things are looking for an identity and are not capable enough of navigating the waters of culture and intellect and must relegate themselves to the fringe to find worth and significance. My concern is not some superficial worry, I’m interested in a deeper dive, peeling back the layers to collectively postulate what, ultimate is at the core of the madness. 🖤🖤🖤
  6. konfideinmenow

    Hello. Madonnas twitter posts seem to be the target of people who call themselves qanon and they accuse Madonna of taking Adrenochrome? What do you all think about this? I find it rather scary.
  7. konfideinmenow

    I’d like to see her just be herself for once. Let her body return to its natural state. No more facelifts and injections, no more auto tune. I’d like to see a record more in line with I’m Breathless! I’m bored of songs about politics, sex, love, or Kabbalah. Maybe something uplifting and positive about the beauty in life rather than forcing the “wake up” narrative, which seems kind of paranoid. She seems to spend so much time being a rebel and defying so many things that she ends up living for other people. I lived through the ray of light era where I feel like we got to see the real M.
  8. konfideinmenow

    I think this is her best work since ray of light!
  9. konfideinmenow

    I need this album to be vocally stunning. I can’t take another record that doesn’t showcase her instrument.