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  1. cedric

  2. cedric

    "Promise To Try", definitively!
  3. cedric

    Anytime, baby!
  4. cedric

    Wait, I'll take my boxing gloves ...
  5. cedric

    Yeah, close it! It's crazy how some people make a mess on a Topic! Unbearable!!!
  6. cedric

    @TonyMontana I don't know what EgoRod is talking about ... I have never been insulted by you or others ... on this topic!
  7. cedric

    It is true! Anne Winters is too fixed on the "wannabe" thing outrageously and it's a little bit too much! it's almost scary ... the chosen actress will have to look like her but that's not really the point...
  8. cedric

    No... still NO...
  9. cedric

    Eyes: NOT! Nose: NOT! Lips: NOT! Teeth: NOT! Face shape: Maybe...
  10. cedric

    Did you see her nose? She is dressed like M, she takes the "pose" like M but ... that skews your opinion ... No she's doesn't look like Madonna! Really? Hello ???!!!
  11. cedric

    I'm not convinced...
  12. cedric

    Too much weed... and champagne rosé...
  13. cedric

    Ok, we parla english porque is mieux for entiendo what we say!