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  1. She's just sing like Marlene Dietrich (with german accent) Like a WIRGIN...
  2. Girlie Show... Like a Marlene...
  3. cedric

    Nice tip! Tnxx!
  4. I never thought it was Paula Abdul... But thanks for letting us know!
  5. cedric

    I love that forum! That's all! Thanks to @Fighterand all of us... We are the world, guys: different people, different nation, ... but we got this kinda "passion" (@ different level) "Madonna"! Some people are rude, some are so GENEROUS, some are unpatient... in short, some are a little too "Bitches I'm Madonna"... But, hey! that's the real world... Motherfucker!!! (Damn! Madonna get out of my body buuutch!!!) My two doctrines are "Sharing is the best quality of the human kind" and "Silence is gold..." Thanks you, all of you, for your contribution, even for all various topics and polls not only for "files" sharing! (I said, ONLY!) LUV THIS FORUM!
  6. Thank you Israel for your commit. Please, be safe!

    Guys like you are our guardian angel, our heroes!!! Thank you a million time!!!


  7. cedric

    WOW!! That's impressive! Good luck with dusting! LMAO!!!
  8. cedric

  9. MayB a long one... SEX...
  10. Thank you @Aiwa08for all this stuff! If you want to share more videos, you can do it! lol we love it!!! Thanks again!
  11. Yes, "Girl Gone Wild" will be fun and "Oh Father" too... and... and... ALL B&W Videos will be GREAT! pleazzzz....
  12. Can we get a download link, please?