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  1. James19709

    You've been the most pathetic person in this thread for about a week. You shut up.
  2. James19709

    The autotune ruins the entire album. Its not unlistenable but its hardly worth hearing.
  3. James19709

    k so i'm gonna listen to it like this MADAME X 1. Medellín 2. Dark Ballet 3. God Control 4. Killers Who Are Partying 5. Extreme Occident 6. Crave 7. Batuka 8. Crazy 9. Faz Gostoso 10. Bitch I'm Loca 11. I Don't Search I Find 12. Looking for Mercy 13. I Rise
  4. James19709

    "Do you want me to take down the stories as well?" "Just don't share the music. Thank you." lmao
  5. James19709

    I can feel the stress in your posts
  6. James19709

    It is what it is though. Its irritating but what are we gonna do about it? Screaming into the void lmao
  7. James19709

    Lmao if iTunes or Apple Music or whatever would put up the snippets like they used to nobody would be complaining
  8. James19709

    How are any of you enjoying the album campaign if you're constantly whining in an internet forum about snippets and detailed descriptions of songs you'll be hearing in a few days time at the most. Whats the point of any of this?
  9. James19709

    Watching The Confessions Tour while I hope/wait for the album to leak. Avoiding most snippets but I heard some of God Control. Sounded great. How many people have it now? Was it sold in one store or a few?
  10. James19709

    The video will probably stylistically fit Swae's image so its probably not going to be a huge dramatic video. It might be but its hard to imagine.
  11. James19709

    The collabs do seem pretty random, I didn't even know she'd met Swae Lee. She probably just likes their music from afar or her kids do or something. I hadn't heard of any of them either. Even with Swae, I only knew his name, I don't know any of his music. Isn't the Anitta collab a cover?
  12. James19709

    If you really just said "Bitch sit your ass down" to me you're a joke.
  13. James19709

    Yes, of course, but it shouldn't be and we all know that. This is why people should be more attentive to album credits, to see who writes their own music. If somebody was bad at their job, they'd get fired. Some of these people couldn't write a good song if their lives depended on it.
  14. James19709

    If I was to be angry on an internet forum I'd need to reevaluate my entire existence. I haven't been angry even once lmao
  15. James19709

    Yeah, on paper that sounds pretty nice. The music is still disappointing
  16. James19709

    The corniest most generic songs in the world reach high in the charts, but its only because children are the ones paying attention. Those "artists" don't grow, they just make money to continue acting dumb. They're just brands. @adamsapple
  17. James19709

    I didn't claim to be a musical expert, but I'm not 12 years old and I know that a song like Shake It Off is clearly trash. Clown music.
  18. James19709

    If this is Madonna when she's inspired, I don't know what to tell you. Disappointing at the very least
  19. James19709

    Haven't heard ME and probably never will but no... catchy doesn't mean its good. Children are into catchy songs, thats about it. Kids are the ones listening to the charts and knowing what is #1. Charts died years ago. No real music fan cares about any of that. I've never had a song stuck in my head in my entire life. Fuck "catchy"/filler material.
  20. James19709

    You can't give a song credit just because of the important speech in the beginning. If the song is about that, its pretty much insulting given the lack of thought put into the song.
  21. James19709

    Shut the fuck up with the passive aggressive bullshit and use the ignore feature. I can't stand any of the users on this forum who can't stand me. Its always mutual.
  22. James19709

    It doesn't matter what you like or dislike, Adam. lol
  23. James19709

    Some things aren't really debatable. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift went to #1. Is it good? No. Your opinion isn't the ultimate truth either. If this is how low the bar is for M in 2019 its the most shocking time in her career.
  24. James19709

    I don't think thats relevant, as there's no comparison. If you have to bring other artists into it it isn't worth discussing.