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  1. Jj Enrique

    #1 trending worldwide, #3 USA
  2. Jj Enrique

    She said in this interview that she was inspired by art, by artist like LEONORA CARRINGTON- who in which I talked about in the album forum time and again. I knew surrealism had a lot to do with this new ERA!!
  3. Jj Enrique

    Madonna is an artist, if she chooses auto tune, there is a reason. I don’t find anything wrong with Autotune, I think it’s the future of music for some performance artist, and will have its place with certain artist and songs. Madonna isn’t a soul singer, she is an artist first. Madonna is a visual artist, dancer, performer, and a “singer”, which is just a piece of who she is. Every instrament is an extension of our talent- so for those who want to use autotune, so be it. Lets all just enjoy this era as a whole, not throw it out the window because of one minor thing that is being used by Madonna. Plus, we’ve only heard just ONE song... let’s not be Judge Judys??
  4. What was the time, the song, the "moment" you knew you loved Madonna as an artist unconditionally!? Mine was when I saw the premiere of Frozen on the telly, I was entranced. I knew I liked Madonna before, but being a kid, I didn't pay much attention to her as an artist other than knowing my mom liked her. My mom has this wonderful pic of her holding me when I was a baby in 1986, and you can see on the telly that Madonna's Papa Don't Preach is playing??? it was a forecast of my admiration for her. She also helped me deal with growing up gay in the backwoods of Idaho. She again was my mascot for freedom and positivity while being in the Air Force from 2004-2013, a time when "Don't ask don't tell" was in high effect. Madonna, thank you. Love you always.
  5. Jj Enrique

    They should have used the original or the Immaculate Collection versions.
  6. Jj Enrique

    The only good thing is, Madonna has true fans that will love her forever no matter what! We prove it daily. We don’t care about her age and all that. We applaud her. She is a true artist. Let the haters hate and the younger artist do their thing at this moment, because all they have is “this moment”. ????????????
  7. Jj Enrique

    I love “Express Yourself” on this version. It’s so good to gym to.
  8. Jj Enrique

    I think a Netflix documentary, because everyone watches them- or hopefully POSE reflects her in good light! She is supposedly gonna be featured in some way.
  9. Jj Enrique

    No/ people are interested in her, they will be curious to hear her new sound. Even if they choose to listen to it to put her down, it will still boost her in the steaming and in charting.
  10. Jj Enrique

    We simply just need her to get played more. It will happen! She just needs to release this album and people will come... there is this anticipation that she has brewed up for this album that not only fans are waiting on- but many others now. Also, things like The Met Gala are coming, pride performances, a GLADD Vangaurd award, being represented in culture by POSE, Eurovision too maybe? She will be promoting herself wisely I believe under this new management compared to her last two albums. I also think a documentary will help her incredibly too- because now days everyone watches the documentaries on Netflix, even if they don’t know the artist so well.
  11. Jj Enrique

    It’s not so much about “sales” any longer- it’s about how many plays she gets on apps like Spotify. People are already paying subscriptions for these apps, hence where the money comes from. She just needs to focus on being played..... it could work in her favor too compared to before, songs had to be physically bought back them and people got lazy. Nobody buys singles anymore, or albums.... maybe just on iTunes.
  12. Well it happens so often I can understand why people are a bit scared. Most people in person even say negotiate stuff about her these days even when she is mentioned.
  13. Jj Enrique

    She will be part of pride... just in a very different way!
  14. It’s so sad that we have to brace ourselves on how people will portray Madonna as a legend in media. It shows how much society has gone backwards. This woman was and is a fucking trailblazer.
  15. Why so negative? All the queens on that show are bitchy at times, but we end up loving them all. Queens are bitches, it’s part of Queen DNA?? I don’t see this show casting her as evil, but maybe just as a bitch like the rest of them at times.