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  1. What was the time, the song, the "moment" you knew you loved Madonna as an artist unconditionally!? Mine was when I saw the premiere of Frozen on the telly, I was entranced. I knew I liked Madonna before, but being a kid, I didn't pay much attention to her as an artist other than knowing my mom liked her. My mom has this wonderful pic of her holding me when I was a baby in 1986, and you can see on the telly that Madonna's Papa Don't Preach is playing??? it was a forecast of my admiration for her. She also helped me deal with growing up gay in the backwoods of Idaho. She again was my mascot for freedom and positivity while being in the Air Force from 2004-2013, a time when "Don't ask don't tell" was in high effect. Madonna, thank you. Love you always.
  2. They should have used the original or the Immaculate Collection versions.
  3. The only good thing is, Madonna has true fans that will love her forever no matter what! We prove it daily. We don’t care about her age and all that. We applaud her. She is a true artist. Let the haters hate and the younger artist do their thing at this moment, because all they have is “this moment”. ????????????
  4. I love “Express Yourself” on this version. It’s so good to gym to.
  5. We simply just need her to get played more. It will happen! She just needs to release this album and people will come... there is this anticipation that she has brewed up for this album that not only fans are waiting on- but many others now. Also, things like The Met Gala are coming, pride performances, a GLADD Vangaurd award, being represented in culture by POSE, Eurovision too maybe? She will be promoting herself wisely I believe under this new management compared to her last two albums. I also think a documentary will help her incredibly too- because now days everyone watches the documentaries on Netflix, even if they don’t know the artist so well.
  6. Well it happens so often I can understand why people are a bit scared. Most people in person even say negotiate stuff about her these days even when she is mentioned.
  7. It’s so sad that we have to brace ourselves on how people will portray Madonna as a legend in media. It shows how much society has gone backwards. This woman was and is a fucking trailblazer.
  8. Why so negative? All the queens on that show are bitchy at times, but we end up loving them all. Queens are bitches, it’s part of Queen DNA?? I don’t see this show casting her as evil, but maybe just as a bitch like the rest of them at times.
  9. Isn’t it a great show! I’m so happy they will draw Madonna’s music in. I don’t see them making her out to be evil, possibly a bit of a bitch, but hey- all queens can be bitches! Look at season one, we never hate anyone no matter how bitchy they get??
  10. Exciting times coming up! This could help people nowadays see how Madonna helped gay culture into the mainstream. https://www.queerty.com/madonna-patti-lupone-will-apparently-play-big-roles-pose-season-20190325
  11. I Know It Shoo Be Doo Love Makes The World Go Round Can’t Stop He’s a Man Bye Bye Baby Candy Shop Spanish Lesson Voices Bday Song Turn Up The Radio I Don’t Give a... Superstar Heartbreak City Joan of Arc Wont Listen to them⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
  12. So I think it would be super fun to see what everyone’s top personal Madonna video is, and why?! She is such a superb visual artist, so it would be fun to see what you say! My favorite video of all time that I believe showed her growth as an artist, would have to be “Bedtime Story”. I say this because It was so ahead of its time, and referenced some of my favorite surrealist like Leonara Carrington, Remedios Varo, Frida, and incorporated their art within her own dreamscape (which is what we do with art we love). It was like looking into Madonna’s head as she slept... to find the hidden messages in her subconscious mind- visions of her fears, her passions, and her yearnings. Clearly we can tell she wanted a baby, yet she was fearing her own morality through this video. We see her trying to make piece within herself, to find peace within her flaws, to look at the moon for the first time and feel born again under it (like Remedios Varo’s painting, “Born Again” pictured below). It was a video that showed us how Madonna was changing on the inside, a preview of her becoming a mother, a preview of becoming more enlightened, a preview into her Ray of Light era.
  13. Madonna fan since 1986. Ask me a question??

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    2. Régine Filange

      Régine Filange

      Oh wow.

      -How it was to be a fan of Madonna during the Like a Prayer era, the Erotica era, and the Ray of Light era?

      -How big she was compared to female artists today? How much obsessed was the world with her then?

    3. New_Boy


      Who's the hottie in your profile pic, and does he have an Instagram :D

    4. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      7 hours ago, Future Lover said:

      Who's the hottie in your profile pic, and does he have an Instagram :D

      He's a gentleman 'apparently' !
      Though honestly your like a younger Eddie Cahill...a bit. :lord:


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