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  1. Danton

    where does the information that Rescue Me was removed from the song list come from?
  2. Danton

    If she does not sing Rescue Me after saying that she would sing it or at least let it be heard, then she would be heartbreaking of wickedness ... knowing it's THE song fans are waiting for! if she is not even able to have this generosity then it is really bad ... if the notes are too high she can sing the chorus in playback she is still a specialist in the matter! frankly if she does not sing Rescue Me, it's really not generous on his part
  3. Danton

    The beautiful and talented French singer and actress, Vanessa Paradis, ex-girlfriend of Johnny Deep and mother of Lily Rose Deep
  4. Danton

    super list ! my favorite songs of Madame X are there and I wanted her to sing her last album. Rescue me is the good surprise. Only downside at the end with Like a Prayer that I can not stand anymore and I Rise that is not terrible and unsightly enough for an end ... unless she remixed it
  5. Danton

    Am i the only one to hear in looking for mercy looking pharmacy ? I think of the song whenever I'm looking for one
  6. Danton

    when is the performance planned for family and friends ?
  7. Danton

    Not bad - but boring for human nature and the end seems boring ... Like a Prayer should have followed Come Alive with the choir and Futur should have been the last one
  8. tony ward and the young boy in open your heart !
  9. Danton

    - falling free - rebel heart - devil pray - Joan of arc - Iconic - veni vidi vici - masterpiece - i'm a sinner - Don't stop - pretender
  10. Danton

    Both are greats songs !
  11. Danton

    1. ROL 2. Madame X (Frida) 3. American Life 4. True Blue 5. Hard Candy ( i must be the only one lol)
  12. Danton

    Madonna depressive, realizing that the concert hall is empty because of ticket prices lol
  13. Danton

    super song ! 4/5
  14. Danton

    Come Alive is often cited. At the time of the release of the album the song was not hunanimité ... It is a little repetitive but the melody, the rhythm, the voice, the choirs and the beautiful strings make it, in my opinion, one of the best songs of her career