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  1. She looks sad but maybe it’s an attitude .. the gothic look / prettier than usual
  2. tattooed to excess, redone everywhere, the madonna of yesterday, the beautiful, the glorious would not believe it. Same for me
  3. I have no fan card and never will - I’m free and i won’t buy FEL … i’ve never buy a best of except Immaculate when i was à child ! Am i the only one who find FEL boring ? I can’t hear anymore the same old songs …
  4. Matérial gwworll is not a new song .. it’s a vomit 🤮
  5. Boring Boring Boring …. Waiting for new songs …
  6. Die another day / vogue or deeper and deeper ?
  7. 1º) What was your first contact with madonna's music? Primary school friend with poster of her everywhere in his bedroom … 2º) When did you start loving Madonna's music without being a fan? With La Isla Bonita … i buy « True Blue » in 1987 i was 10 / and i saw the WTG tour on Tv summer 1987 - then i decided to become a pop star ! 3º) What song / remix / video-clip made you a Madonna's fan? Vogue on the radio in 1990 and the Blond Ambition Tour on TV summer 1990 made me a fan … in bed with Madonna in 1991 made me a fan forever
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