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  1. Danton

    "Come Alive" & "Killers" are the best for me But all the songs are interesting ... I just think that "extreme occident" that starts brilliant is altered by the uninteresting chorus with the "Life is a circle ..." "Crazy" is in my opinion the most banal song with the least melodic chorus except the charming accordion of the beginning And "I Rise" leaves me indifferent
  2. Danton

    I'm ok with that .. we are brothers
  3. Come Alive is the best song ! far away from Body shop ...
  4. Danton

    Medellin: 7/10 Dark ballet: 6/10 God control: 9/10 future: 9/10 batuka: 4/10 killers: 7/10 crave: 7/10 crazy: 3/10 come alive: 10/10 extreme occident: 8/10 faz gostoso: 6/10 bitch i'm loca: 8/10 i dont search i find: 9/10 looking for mercy: 9/10 i rise: 5/10
  5. Danton

    i think the opposite
  6. Danton

    Come Alive is the perfect song ! ❤️
  7. Danton

    Come Alive is THE good surprise
  8. Danton

    Except the part with "life is a circle X 10 " a little boring but the begining is great
  9. Danton

    Ami français ! 🇫🇷
  10. Danton

    she should release it today before the leak
  11. Danton

    is there a leak ?
  12. Danton

    Does someone can give me a code for the dates in Paris svp ?? Thanks
  13. Danton

    Don't be so German during the war ...
  14. Danton

    give it to us !