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  1. They look good ! Modern … better than the Monroe look for me
  2. frankly the madame x tour in streaming or on dvd is a snack - we waited so long for this dvd that interest has weakened ... 3 years that she has not recorded a song not even a single, a movie soundtrack ... nothing and she doesn't seem to have a musical project for a long time (if she has to shoot her biopic first) - we are not in her head but what about if she does not intend to record any music anymore. May this deal with warner to bring out all his old stuff with bonus is a sign of the end of her musical days ? ... what if her musical career was over ?
  3. We would especially like her to become a singer again and make music. She has become a simple celebrity taking pictures of herself
  4. She is sublime ! but she spends her time doing photoshoots just for instagram? she has only that to do !? we can't imagine how long it takes to take all these photos ... but not a magazine article about her, not a cover for years . she's having a trip on her own !
  5. you speak and think on her behalf ? Oh ok … anyway…
  6. But wasn’t it a jock ?
  7. It’s just a question … since when is this hysterical to ask a question to the community about a piece of information that we have seen passing on Madonna’s Instagram ? your reaction is contemptuous for free
  8. Danton


    do we know if madonna has been vaccinated? I thought I saw that she had done Moderna ... because it sounded like madonna… is it true?
  9. hope gives life ... We are not at our first desilution
  10. I just want new Music !! .. no remix album, it’s so boring
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