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  1. in 2023 1- Hard Candy / all ! But .. Devil 2- Rebel Heart / Living for Love 3- Like a Prayer / Keep it together 4- Madame X / God Control 5- Confession on a dancefloor / I Love NY 6- Erotica / Bad Girl 7- Music / Nobody’s Perfect 8- Ray of Light / Ray of Light 9- MDNA / Best Friend 10- Madonna / Physical Attraction 11- Bedtime stories / Survival 12- American Life / Die another day 13. True Blue / Papa don’t preach 14- Like a Virgin / Dress you up
  2. a singer who no longer creates new songs is a dead singer. difficult to do on stage at 65 what she excelled in the past, on the other hand, musical creation is not affected by age. she can still make the most beautiful album of her career whereas she will never be able to make a show better than those of the past.
  3. she's the beauty on this one
  4. a concert only brings happiness on the evening of the concert while a new album is weeks and weeks of pleasure
  5. Now that all the places are sold out ( (because of the promise of a best of show) she can release a new album and go on tour with 6-7 new songs and golds in medley so as not to completly deceive the world ! I love the idea ... It was a trap ! Bitch she's Madonna
  6. I don't think the general public would want to go see Madonna in concert, especially at the price of the tickets! there will only be hardcore fans who will do several dates right and left. so rather than trying to seduce the general public she better take care of her loyal fans despite all the unfortunate attitudes and disregard for their expectations / so as a good and loyal fan i want a new album and a hip style tour with lots of new songs
  7. How can « Girlie Show » do better than « Drowned World Tour » ? In 1993 tickets were cheaper and it was a short tour !? 🧐
  8. Holiday- Like a Virgin- Material Girl - Into the groove - Live to tell - Papa don't preach - Open your heart - La isla bonita - Like a Prayer - Express Yourself- Vogue - justify my love - Deeper and deeper - Secret- Take a bow - Don't cry for me argentina - Frozen- Music - Hung Up 4 minutes ( - back that up to the beat) ? and we have a good best of concert very boring for the old nostalgic I hope for something more surprising and stimulating
  9. All i want for 2023 is a New Good Album 💿
  10. He says she's impatient in the studio but she's funny. He says she is looking for something right now in her transformations on instagram and it is her space of freedom... she is looking for but we don't really know what..
  11. Finally some good news ! It should be moving music !
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