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  1. In any case … This is not a second leg of the tour
  2. Perhaps she will extend the concert by including the part put aside following her infection. I hope she adds a final song
  3. Anitta will join her to sing Faz Gostoso … And Express Yourself/ i’ll will survive will be replace by Coppacabana (at the copa) by Barry Manilow ! ☀️ 🍸 🇧🇷
  4. where is the press conference where a journalist asked her if after showing off her naked body in "sex", she was now planning to make a photo book of her internal organs? she left the conference dismayed
  5. - Borderline -Like a virgin -Material Girl -Dress you up - Papa don't preach -True Blue - Where's the party -Causing a commotion -Who's that girl - Express yoursel - Cherich - Oh father - Rescue me - Deeper and deeper - Secret - Take a bow - Frozen - Drowned World - Beautiful stranger - American Pie - Music - American Life - Love Profusion - Hollywood - Sorry - Jump -4 Minutes - Give it to me - Girl gone wild - Turn up the radio - Living for love - Ghostown - Medelin Just with the 18 songs in bold + a few essentials already sung this year (Holiday- Vogue - La isla Bonita - Hung up) she can do a 4-star Best Of tour!
  6. the whole show is exceptional and breathtaking. I love it from start to finish. she succeeded in once again evolving the concept of the concert. it is a dark and luminous musical fresco that exudes art. a show that re-contaminated me with Madonna to the power of a thousand! difficult to reduce this trip to 5 particular moments but I try 1. Erotica 2. Justify my love (I got shivers of pleasure) 3. Live to tell 4. Die another day (breathtakingly beautiful) 5. Crazy for you (the weak and moving voice, the double with the latex mask, the match, the flames, the presence... magnificent just like on don't cry for me Argentina NRM - Holiday- Like a Prayer - Hung Up - Bad Girl - Mother and father - Ray of light are amazing moments too vogue was a great moment and an original and interesting way to include the song even if the performance does not highlight the song
  7. Oh yes nice evening for a célébration streaming !!
  8. Girlie Show - Paris DWT - Paris Up for Grabs - London RIT -Paris Confession x 2 - Paris Sticky & Sweat Promo tour Olympia Paris Sticky & Sweat x 2 - Paris MDNA - Paris Rebel Heart x 2 Paris Madame X Paris Celebration x 2 Paris As you can see, i'm american
  9. I saw the celebration tour twice in Paris. In a square or well placed tier. Now that it's over I'm a little depressed. even if I found Madonna less physically fit than in the past and she dances less and less well, I can't understand why I love this concert at this bridge. in terms of impact I think it's my favorite concert of all time. I found it exceptional. captivating. sexy. powerful. dazzling. the erotic part with justify my love went so far as to make me shudder because it was so beautiful and disturbing. the strangest moments of the concert which at first pleased me the least obsess me in the end. I would like to have your opinion on two points: - why sing don't cry for me to talk about the fight against homophobia? Is this to parody the activism of Eva Peron? -Why sing Crazy for you after human nature? what is the meaning of this sequence? it is perhaps the most powerful moment of the concert a mixture of fragility in the voice and the match and the flames at the conclusion. this concert is a work of art and Madonna a goddess of charisma and magnetism. I will never forget the splendor of this concert
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