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  1. What's your favourite unofficial mix? Post all your faves!

    1. louis.exe


      This mix of holiday is freaking amazing I would love to see a live performance of it

    2. Shoful


      I really liked the Madame X remixes Dens54 has done so far! I believe he has IDSIF and KWAP ones! Hopefully there are more to come!

    3. EgoRod
  2. Was he? I mean he did fuck up Iraq, but Trump is fucking the US, and a lot more people are negatively affected by his "rule". But less than losing their homes to war indeed.
  3. He's cute, I'll give you that, but Jonas Åkerlund is her best music video director.
  4. People should study her in Riverdale as an example of bad acting. So no.
  5. I'd be annoyed too if I wanted to work while my coworker kept wanting to fool around.
  6. With only a quarter of the money raised, it was cancelled. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/830073315/patrick-leonards-new-album-bring-the-circus-home
  7. Any insiders have info about the catering situation?
  8. That's like saying Game of Thrones is 100% geek culture.
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