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  1. Wow how you know that <3 ? Edit: Ok i saw your response now :D
  2. Kuba Pondel

    What backdrops <3 ?
  3. Kuba Pondel

    My sugar is raw :D
  4. Kuba Pondel

    cuz its just flat image from camera , ricardo just had fun and made sth like this i gues
  5. Kuba Pondel

    i know that you meant different but.......... i dont see madonna on her laptop editing her dvd, she got people like ricardo to do that, i can bet she is writing more depressive diaries and healing her leg with her bf ! :D
  6. Kuba Pondel

    i mean confession on the dancefloor is not optimistic album i think :D its quite depressive and poety with super disco music to contrast. Thats my opinion ;)
  7. Kuba Pondel

    Poland As i know she only said "Przepraszam" in Sorry song.
  8. Kuba Pondel

    how do you know its documentary ?
  9. Kuba Pondel

    I mean its shot so editing take place in home? People still have their jobs.
  10. Kuba Pondel

    I bet she is going to release it on my birthday for sure :D its 4 july and its independence day in america so mby... XD
  11. I wish Madonna would do collab and video with someone like ariana or some other pop girl.
  12. Kuba Pondel

    Many post ago and still not madame x tour dvd :D i dont understand ... mby my webstie is bugged but it says "Madame X Tour DVD By Monsieur Hugo X, March 9 in Madame X Tour" I mean 2 times Madame X Tour in Topic almost. Mby im wrong but arguing which tour is that or should not be in Madame X tour dvd in Madame x Tour section... but im not old weteran on this site so what i know. :D
  13. Kuba Pondel

    Wow this topic is no longer madame x tour dvd i gues :D
  14. Kuba Pondel

    So one of fan instagram profile said that this july date was leaked by madonna's dancer, but i dont know name.
  15. Kuba Pondel

    thank you <3 i was there also that day <3