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  1. Kuba Pondel

    This video will be next week or sth else??
  2. Kuba Pondel

    How do you know <3 wowowow !
  3. Funana song that lists names of artists and lets go dancing lyrics :D And ciao bella with 90% same guy (btw who this is Dinod Santiago?). they are cool, not best.
  4. Kuba Pondel

    Wow you ale almost same as my gf :D she loves looking for mercy :D she doesnt like disco stuff somegow :( she says its sound like old madonna and the album is so fresh and new and awesome that she doesnt like it so much :D
  5. Kuba Pondel

    That would be amazing <3
  6. Kuba Pondel

    OK GUYS! WE got it <3 God control it controls my all sensens <3 its amazing <3 wake up wake up wake up
  7. Kuba Pondel

    Yes i need it <3 PM i beg you i want to dance dark ballet !