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  1. Kuba Pondel

    what speach?
  2. Kuba Pondel

    Yeah 😂 i gues he annoyed her by failing saying his name , well..❤️😅
  3. Kuba Pondel

    Yeah i was there too. When he said argentina we all were shouting song dont cry for me argentina, but she said sth like i cant make show longer or curtain will behead me 😅 do you want me beheaded ? And yes he was boring and not speaking english with her so she ended fast 😂❤️
  4. Kuba Pondel

    Just came back ❤️ Full show today, she was Amazing and i touched her during i rise ❤️ I cant take it ❌❌🕺🏼❌
  5. Kuba Pondel

    I hope everyone will have today Best night ever with madame x ❤️
  6. Kuba Pondel

    Wow chill..
  7. Kuba Pondel

    Ok i am second day in London in travelled from Poland. I am going on concert toomorow and im so excited. Today i was in front of Madonna’s house and i saw her ! She was Rly short and wearning black hat, she walked from room witch had curtains closed to anither room. Then after few moments maid came and closed before myself another window 😂 guite awkward and funny i gues Madonna didnt wanted us 😅
  8. Kuba Pondel

    Do you know that stalls in london palladium are flat or some small slope like royal or grand circle?
  9. Kuba Pondel

    and what time does she leave too :D ?
  10. Kuba Pondel

    i have read on ticketmaster that refunds only go on credit card that was originaly purchased... ;/
  11. Kuba Pondel

    i have booked 12th too after my 11th was cenceled :D
  12. Kuba Pondel

    where did you seat ? and what alley she was walking <3 ?
  13. Kuba Pondel

    Do you know how refunds works? If my card that i payed is expired or i changed bank? Will they send me many on another?
  14. Kuba Pondel

    i was 11 :( bit i managed to buy for 12th and they are stall next to alley, and can you tell me what alley madonna walk <3 ?
  15. Kuba Pondel

    I love how she just added human nature performance on insta stories after yesterday :D joke.. but mby its one time thing