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  1. norisk_noglory

  2. norisk_noglory

  3. norisk_noglory

    Anyone able to share some screenshots?
  4. norisk_noglory I've been told that he shared a soundcloud link on his stories
  5. norisk_noglory

    iTunes NZ says Expected 19 May 2019
  6. norisk_noglory

    Here's the direct link for the italian version: PDF 10MB
  7. norisk_noglory

    How much of a loser do you have to be to be so in denial?
  8. norisk_noglory

    @graffitiheart89 Screencap from audacity and wav clip with the click. Regards from my arsehole crave.wav
  9. norisk_noglory

    I hear the click too. When she sings "Ooh (Ooh), CLICK my cravings get dangerous "
  10. norisk_noglory

    British Vogue - June 2019 PDF 281.34 MB
  11. norisk_noglory

    Nothing to do with Madonna. Youtube "mysteries"
  12. norisk_noglory

    Is this new? It's not on her stories nor on her insta feed.
  13. All those "collectors" trying to sell me ROL demos


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    2. emanon


      who are they?
















    3. madgefan


      Sooner or later they will leak so why bother? Spend those bucks on good Madonna seats for her next tour!!

    4. professormouse


      Maybe they think you have a big, BIG, B I G  YACHT ?  :lol::lol:

  14. norisk_noglory

    I would love to hear the snippets too