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  1. norisk_noglory

    you can contact them here
  2. It's a bootleg distribuited by a company named Zip City. You can buy it on amazon for $14.99 and it's incomplete. Holiday is missing.I doubt it was uploaded by Madonna's team.
  3. norisk_noglory

    from reddit: Dubplates were originally acetate pressings by studios as test records to see how the track would sound before the final pressing. In Jamaican soundclash culture, the term was adopted to refer to exclusive versions of big tracks by the original artist with the lyrics changed to big up the sound system that was performing. As vinyl culture has shifted to digital, the term still stuck. So in the context of getting Madonna to record new vocals bigging up major lazer, it's still the correct term in soundclash culture.
  4. norisk_noglory

    The height of the stage
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  6. norisk_noglory

  7. norisk_noglory

    Anyone able to share some screenshots?
  8. norisk_noglory I've been told that he shared a soundcloud link on his stories
  9. norisk_noglory

    iTunes NZ says Expected 19 May 2019
  10. norisk_noglory

    Here's the direct link for the italian version: PDF 10MB
  11. norisk_noglory

    How much of a loser do you have to be to be so in denial?
  12. norisk_noglory

    @graffitiheart89 Screencap from audacity and wav clip with the click. Regards from my arsehole crave.wav
  13. norisk_noglory

    I hear the click too. When she sings "Ooh (Ooh), CLICK my cravings get dangerous "